UserLytics/UserTesting: Generate income with

UserLytics/UserTesting: Generate income with

When you become a tester, from time to time, you will be invited to participate in tests.

These tests will ask you to test a certain website or mobile aplicación and then provide retroalimentación.

When you finish registering on the site, you perro log in to the member panel to check if there are any tests available for you to take.

An correo electrónico will also be sent to you if evidence is available.

Therefore, be sure to check your dirección de correo electrónico regularly.

Now, before we continue, it’s important to note that in order to participate in a test, you must have a cámara web and microphone installed on your computer.

You will also need to install your screen recording programa.

There will be two types of tests you perro take.

One is where you will be invited to participate immediately.

The other guy will have to verify if he is qualified to take the test.

With the latter, before you perro take the test, you’ll need to answer a fácil survey.

Each test will have a equipo of instructions that you must follow.

So be sure to read the instructions carefully.

As a general guideline, each test will be aimed at testing the usability of a site or an application.

Now, when taking the test, it is important that you express your thoughts loud and clear.

You should also make sure that you test in a quiet, well-lit room.

This is important because the owner of the usability test will appreciate it more when he perro clearly see your facial expressions.

When you’re done with your proof, you’ll need to submit it for review.

If you log in to the member panel, you will see the status of the test you submitted.

You cánido see which ones are under review and which ones are still pending or approved.

When your trial is approved, you will receive the compensation promised in the trial invitation.

However, one thing to remember is that each test has a limited number of participants .

So if you really want to win, make sure you get to the trials as quickly as possible.

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 UserLytics/UserTesting: Generate income with
  UserLytics/UserTesting: Generate income with
  UserLytics/UserTesting: Generate income with

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