Userfeel: Earn money as a tester for

Userfeel: Earn money as a tester for

Have you ever used an aplicación and left your opinion about what it should improve? With the daily use that you give to the applications, you cánido realize which options are missing, excessive or simply need to be improved.

What would you do if I told you that you cánido earn money for doing this? you perro earn it with Userfeelwe explain everything about this platform, which is another of those applications to earn money and just by leaving your retroalimentación of aplicaciones or websites.

Let’s go with the article.

Earn income with Userfeel

What is Userfeel?

Userfeel It is a platform for remote usability testing of different applications or websites.

The tests are made by users (testers or testers) who must give their opinion about these digital systems.

Thanks to the honest responses of the testers, the owners of the aplicaciones or websites to be tested will know what they should improve, this retroalimentación it will help UX designers know what people like and don’t like about their designs.

Imagines WhatsApp launches a new optionSo you need to know if it will be useful or not.

In that case, you perro hire Userfeel to be reviewed by the evaluators, who will indicate whether they like or dislike this option, the most important thing will be to explain why they like or dislike the new option, with this information the WhatsApp people will improve the new option and it will offer something better to the users.

You may notice that it is afín to Money Aplicación, but a bit more professional.

Login and Registration

Basically, in Userfeel you will become an evaluator or tester, but to a lesser extent.

To get started, you need to register (as you do at Bookscouter), log in, and take a test that, if passed, will will allow you to start earning money for evaluating platforms.

  1. Entrar the official Userfeel website.
  2. Clic on the option «Create usuario Test».
  • A form will appear, below it is the option «SIGN UP AS A TESTER», clic on it.
  • Now you cánido register as a tester by filling out the form that the website will espectáculo you.

    Place your data, such as dirección de correo electrónico name, time zone, among others.

  • An dirección de correo electrónico will be sent to confirm registration.
  • After confirming your account, the website will tell you that you are not a tester yet, therefore, you must go through a qualification process – it is a recorded test1.

    Clic on «Qualification test” to start.

  • To carry out the process, you will be asked to meet certain requirements, such as using a device that has a camera and microphone.

    In addition, you must perform a task on a website or aplicación for you to give retroalimentación After its use, if you pass the test, you perro start earning money by taking paid tasks.

In this test you will be recorded from the beginning to the end, this way Userfeel will know if you do them correctly or not.

You cánido do it from a desktop computer or from your mobile and if you qualify, earn money passively with your Móvil doing the tasks from the palm of your hand.

How Userfeel works?

In your account when you log in you will see a main panel that is in the middle of everything, this panel has the following options:

  • In the section of “Survey history» You will have access to all the tasks you have done so far and how much was the payment for each of them.
  • In “My account» you will be able to see all the information of your account.
  • In “Take surveys» you will be able to take tasks.
  • «Survey history» will espectáculo you the history of each task performed.
  • «demographics» is the section in which you will have your profile, the better you fill it out, the more tasks you will have available.

You may notice that its menu is afín to that of Poll Pay, another application that we have already indicated how to use to generate plus income.

How do you work in Userfeel?

Its operation is really fácil, you just have to clic on «Take surveys» once you have gone through the qualification process as a tester or evaluator.

We have not yet done the qualification process, so in this section it indicates the following:

If you pass the qualification process, then you will be able to do the homework and earn up to $10 for each one if you do it right.

It is very important that you do what is asked of you during the process, for example, add products to a shopping cart of an en línea store.

Think about what the creators of these applications or websites want from your answers, they simply want to know what you think as a usuario when using them.

The difficult thing about these types of tests is that they will be recording while you do them, so you must prepare yourself well and not be nervous.

If you fail a task, the platform will espectáculo you few tasks in the future.

For each task you get $10, payments are made weekly through your PayPal account, remember that when you created your account you had to place the Paypal dirección de correo electrónico, so there you will receive payments for what you have done once a month.

It seems to us that its application operation is very afín to Peoople, if you don’t know it, take advantage of reading the description that we gave you about that recommendation aplicación.

Does Userfeel pay or is it scam?

As we mentioned above, we have not qualified as a tester or evaluator, so we do not know first hand if it is a scam or not.

But, we have looked for opinions on the Internet.

We have reached the conclusion that it paysYes, it does not pay what many believe.

The platform just doesn’t give many tasks and it’s hard to get good payouts from it.

The tasks are sporadic, so we practically only recommend that you use Userfeel as a source of money that cánido serve you every 5 months.

In the meantime, you use other platforms, such as the ones that we always indicate here.

How much does Userfeel pay?

Pay $10 for each task that you do correctly, but the tasks are not available many times, you cánido only make a few dollars a year.

So you simply won’t make a lot of money using this platform.

Really, not much is generated, so you shouldn’t create an account to try to make a lot of money.

But rather it is like another one of those aplicaciones for your mobile phone that will give you an additional income from time to time.

Opinions about Userfeel

Many people think about it complex is the qualification processwell, they don’t really indicate that they get nervous when doing it, since they are recorded.

In addition, others indicate that it is a scam because they have not been paid, but this may really be because they do not do their tasks correctly after going through the process.

We hope that Userfeel is to your liking, remember that on our website you will find good platforms to earn money, do not stop sharing the information.

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 Userfeel: Earn money as a tester for
  Userfeel: Earn money as a tester for
  Userfeel: Earn money as a tester for

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