Usability testing to earn money

Usability testing to earn money

Would you like to earn money doing usability tests on web pages or applications? Then you will like today’s article.

What is a usability test?

Well, basically you will have to test the application, the web page or the programa that they tell you and from that, you will have to establish how easy it is to use the application or what problems you have been able to perceive about the application. In a nutshell, you will have to share your experience and opinion about the page or application.

Of course, many times (depending on the page to which you register), you will have to answer questions about the application or web page that you had to test and in this way, the developers will be able to Solve the problems and make pages or applications more efficient.

Do you need previous knowledge to be able to do usability tests?

No, really, it is not necessary (most of the time) that you have previous knowledge on any subject, so the only thing that separates you from starting to earn money through usability testing is the fact that you entrar and register at a page dedicated to it.

Perro you earn money for usability testing from any country?

Yes, of course, most of the pages work in all countries, however, I must say that most of the pages ask you to express yourself in English. So, if you have a good command of English, then you will have access to many pages that will pay you quite well for usability testing.

Of course, among the pages that I am going to recommend later, there is a page in which you perro use Spanish and that pays quite well. I’m talking about $8 dollars investing about 10 or 20 minutes.

Technical requirements that most pages ask of you

Most pages ask you to have the following so that you perro carry out your analysis:

  • A computer.
  • Have a stable internet connection of at least 2MBps.
  • Being able to access the microphone in case you have to record audio.

Of course, depending on the page, they may add more requirements.

What is the minimum age you need to carry out a usability test?

Most pages ask that you be at least 18 years old to be allowed to carry out usability tests.

How much money cánido you make doing usability testing?

Well, the amount of money you are going to earn will vary depending on the page you sign up for and depending on the task you carry out.

However, you cánido earn from $2 to $20 per usability test and in fact, you perro do them in less than 20 minutes. Of course, there are no infinite usability tests, so I recommend that you sign up on different platforms so that you cánido earn money from all of them.

By the way, IntelliZoom is the website with which you cánido carry out usability tests in Spanish.

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 Usability testing to earn money
  Usability testing to earn money
  Usability testing to earn money

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