urbanites | The best alternative for

urbanites | The best alternative for

Urbanites is a new real estate crowdfunding platform, which will allow us to entrar a business until now reserved for the great fortunes.

And it is that small and medium investors also have the right to a small part of the cake.

The site was born with the enormous mission of being a great alternative to other important sites in the campo, such as Housers or StockCrowd IN, businesses that already have thousands of investors and a large number of projects behind them.

Of course, the most important thing before putting our money in the hands of any business is to know if it is legal.

Urbanitae is a Spanish platform that was founded in 2017 and is registered with the CNMV, with registration number 29so we are facing a site that has everything in order.

How to open an account

We will not have to make any type of investment to open an account in Urbanitae, the entire process is en línea and it will take less than 5 minutes.

We are only going to have to meet a few minimum requirements to open the account, among which are being over 18 years of age, having a bank account or card and, of course, an Internet connection.


Urbanitae is probably the leading platform in Spain to invest in real estate crowdfunding.

Currently you cánido start investing from 500 euros in projects that perro return up to 18% profitability.

If you have a MyInvestor account you cánido invest in Urbanitae by associating both platforms.

When you clic on the registration button, the first form will open, there you will have to clic on the type of account you are going to open.

There are 2 different ones; Especial and Company.

Unless you are a company and want to present your project to obtain financing, we will choose the private account option, since what we want is to invest and earn a return for it.

Then in the following form we have to fill in the corresponding fields, among which are our name, password, dirección de correo electrónico and telephone number.

The next step will be to verify the identity, for this we have two different forms.

In the first one we are asked for our identity number (DNI), date of birth and nationality, in the other an image of our card on both sides.

When sending the documents we will have to wait around 24 hours to receive the response, which will arrive in the form of an dirección de correo electrónico.

Once your account is approved, you perro entrar and invest in Urbanitae.

How to earn money in Urbanitae

Urbanitae’s function is to be the intermediary that puts developers and investors in contact through the financing of the real estate projects that the former offer.

Any investor perro start investing in a project from 500 euros and receive dividends that at the end of it perro reach up to 18%.

Some investment opportunities

The moment you escoge to invest in a project, you are buying a portion of said property that becomes yours.

For that portion you will receive a monthly commission in your account until the project is finally delivered to investors, always within the period stipulated therein.

Of course, it goes without saying that before being able to invest in any project present in the marketplace, we will have to deposit money into our account.

In our investor area, we find the address to which we will have to send our money by transfer.

The projects are separated into two different strategies, referred to as development projects. rental income and capital gainsin the card of each project we perro see what each one is intended for.

RENTAL INCOME The project goes through a purchase, a reform and its subsequent rental.

It works with both vacation rentals and industrial ones.

CAPITAL VALUES They are the most common projects, the property is bought and sold, this allows for faster income since expenses are usually considerably lower.

Perro the money be recovered before the investment closes?

Negative, in Urbanitae we cannot withdraw the money until the project is not fully completed, so if you invest you must wait the time stipulated in it, in some cases up to 36 months.

This is very common in most platforms, unless they have a secondary market where you perro sell your shares, and this is not the case with Urbanitae.

The commissions within the real estate market are very attractive, but it is something that we have to keep in mind when investing in these sites, our money will be frozen for a good number of months and of course, as in any investment, it will not be without risk .

What advantages does Urbanitae offer us?

As there are several platforms that allow us to invest in the real estate market, we have to prioritize among them, which is why Urbanitae offers us some notable advantages that we are going to review.

Leverage: It is one of the keys to why these types of investments are usually so lucrative.

In each project there is usually a part of bank financing that means that its value cánido double.

Easy to use: One of the things I like the most about this platform is that it has no unnecessary frills.

We save a lot of time because we get to the point from the beginning and the information for each project is quite clear.

Professional and experienced team: People with extensive experience in the ámbito work at Urbanitae, something that always brings peace of mind to investors.

At all times we perro see who is behind the project.

Opinion about Urbanitae

Diversification, whether of platforms or sectors, is the smartest way to move our money.

It is true that we always tend to have a few favorite platforms when it comes to putting our money to work, it is something natural, but diversification is undoubtedly the best way to minimize risks, which always exist.

These types of websites are ideal for users with small portfolios, since they allow us to start with a fairly modest capital, something that other types of investments do not allow us, so the range of possibilities skyrockets.

Urbanitae is highly valued by users and companies, however it has a score of 4.6 /5.0 in trustpilot Therefore, it makes us think that we are dealing with a professional site that is liked by the majority of investors, this always generates an additional point of confidence.

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 urbanites |  The best alternative for
  urbanites |  The best alternative for
  urbanites |  The best alternative for

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