Uploadify Pay [Gana Dinero] Going up

Uploadify Pay [Gana Dinero] Going up

If you were looking for a server with which to earn money by uploading your archivos, this company Uploadify Pay By performing this task, you cánido start today to upload your resources and generate income from now on.

Main Features of Uploadify

  • Assessment: Regular
  • Activity: Archivo Hosting Hosting
  • Payment Methods: not specified
  • Paydays: Undefined
  • Minimum charge: $7 dollars
  • Languages: English
  • Referral system: No
  • Pay rate: $9, $4.50, $2.25 and $0.90
  • It works for everyone: Yes, anyone cánido participate

What is Uploadify and how does it work?

uploadify it is a archivo hosting server. If you have a download website, either for programs, courses, largos, series or any type of resources, you are going to need a server to host all those resources, there are many free servers as Mega either Google plus Drivebut they do not pay you for the downloads made by the users.

That is where Uploadify comes in, a server that will pay for the downloads made by the users, the amount to be earned will depend on the origin of the visits, the highest payments are from users from USA and Canada.

Earn Money with Uploadify

You need to be registered to be able to earn money with Uploadify, if you are not, you perro go to its official page and register in the following backlinkregistration is very fácil and will not take you more than 1 minute.

Uploadify Membership

On this platform you perro upload archivos even without registering, but it is not recommended, you must create your Uploadify account and, if possible, purchase a 1-year membership that costs about $80 dollars.

The advantage of being a usuario with a paid membership is that the storage space It is unlimited and the archivos that we upload to the server are not deleted, the archivos of the free users have a period of 60 days to be deleted if they are not downloaded.

Are there any restrictions on the size of my uploaded archivos?

Each archivo you upload must be less than 25.00 GB in size for free/non-free accounts or less than 25.00 GB in size for premium accounts. If it is greater than that amount, your archivo will be rejected.

Uploadify Pay

This company, despite the fact that it is not so well known, we perro say that uploadify paysUntil now there are no complaints that it is a scam or anything like that, later I will be uploading proof of payments.

Uploadify Proof of Payment

Although the company does not have a stub of the payments it has made, if there is payment voucherseven on YouTube you will find some proofs of payments uploaded by users.

Uploadify Reviews

This company, like many others, has its positive side and its negative side, the minimum payment is very low, just $7 dollars, but something I don’t like is that the payment rate is a bit low.

For the United States, the rate is only $9 dollars for every 1,000 visits and although it accepts many countries, not all of them are valid for the monetization of downloads, a point against it.

Uploadify Recommendations

I recommend this company only if you have a lot of traffic on your blog or website, since if you are just starting out, I better recommend you UploadOceansince this server pays $2 dollars for the whole world and $21 for the United States and Canada.

That is why I do not recommend it for new sites, since you should take advantage of all the visits that come to your website to generate money without problems.

Uploadify Vídeo Tutorial

Register in the following backlink.

Alternatives to Uploadify

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 Uploadify Pay [Gana Dinero] Going up
  Uploadify Pay [Gana Dinero] Going up
  Uploadify Pay [Gana Dinero] Going up

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