Univox is a market research platform belonging to the North American MarketCube LLC, with tax headquarters in the United States.

It has been working perfectly in the USA since 2011 and has recently wanted to give the salt to Hispanic countries.

Good news for lovers of make money with surveys and the followers of I get out of the crisis what do they want earn money on internet.

One very interesting thing is that users from all over the world perro register, including users of Venezuela.

And another good news is that on the occasion of its launch in Spanish-speaking countries, new users are rewarded with $2 (200 points).

To get them you just have to fill in the profile.

It will not take more than 5 minutes and in this way you will get many more surveys that fit your profile to be sent to you.

You want to know more? Well keep reading.

Registration and first steps to register with Univox

Create an account on Univox It is extremely easy and fácil, as well as totally free.

just clic on this backlink and fill in your personal data with real data.

It is always recommended to use an correo electrónico that you use frequently and that you do not have problems receiving correos electrónicos.

After filling in the data they will send you a confirmation dirección de correo electrónico, it takes a little while, it took me almost an hour.

If you don’t see it, you cánido return to exchange it.

If you cánido’t find it, look in the contenido publicitario folder, because sometimes they go there.

The following, and necessary step to receive the $2 reward is to fill out the profile completely.

It is information about health, sports, work, etcétera…

When you have completed all the sections you will receive the 200 points automatically, those 200 points are equivalent to the $2 we are talking about.

How does Univox work?

Complete paid surveys on Univox It is one of the easiest ways to earn money en línea.

We perro fill out the surveys in two ways: either by waiting for them to arrive in our dirección de correo electrónico or by entering the panel every day Univox.

This will not be the only way to earn money in Univoxyou perro also earn points (which will be converted into dollars) by answering short questions or participating in contests.

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The dashboard is the main part of our account, right there we will find the available surveys, the accumulated points, the engagement score and the Degree of Fame, all this influences to earn more points.

engagement points

This platform rewards the active usuario above anything else.

That is why commitment points will be awarded to the most active and participatory users.

The usuario who gets the most engagement points each day will earn plus points.

Also the 20 users who get the most points monthly will be rewarded.

Commitment points cánido be obtained with the following actions:

  • Every 10 surveys you attempt (completed or not) you will get two points
  • Successfully completed survey will earn you 20
  • Refund approval, 10 points.
  • Download mobile aplicación (one time only) 100 points.
  • Each survey that you try to carry out with the application is 0.5 points.

usuario levels

Univox It has a system of usuario levels whose difference lies only in the number of points that must be accumulated to request a reward.

There are several types of usuario.

Here I explain one by one:

Basic usuario.

You need to accumulate at least 2,500 points to be able to claim a reward.

verified usuario.

They will need to accumulate at least 2,000 points in order to claim a reward.

premium usuario.

You will need to accumulate 1,500 points to claim a reward.


You will need a minimum of 1,000 points to be able to claim a reward.

As you cánido see, the higher our usuario level, the sooner it will take us to be able to claim a reward.

Univox Mobile Aplicación

This page has an application for mobile devices through which we cánido carry out the surveys.

It cánido be downloaded through the main page of the website Univox.

In this way we cánido begin to complete surveys in a fácil and comfortable way wherever you are, be it on the autobús, at home on the sofa, etcétera…

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Referral system in Univox

Univox Community It has a very interesting referral system. they will reward us with $1 for each person who registers with Univox and complete your first survey.

Similarly, every time a referral of yours completes a survey, you will earn 10 points.

These plus points cánido help you level up.

All promotion tools and also your unique and exclusive invite backlink perro be found in the menu “Refer this item to a friend

How to redeem my rewards at Univox

Once you have reached the necessary points according to your level, you must go to the menu “redemption points” and choose the type of reward you prefer.

Currently for Spain (country from which I am writing) there are two different types of rewards: Paypal and Tango Card.

Final conclusions on Univox

Definitely make money with surveys It is one of the best ways to earn money on the internet that exists.

If you’ve made it this far, you’ll agree with me that Univox It seems like a really interesting community to make money en línea.

Your website is translated into several languages ​​(including Spanish) and is valid for Spain and Latin America.

It has a good referral system, and they also give us $2 just by completing our profile.

It must be remembered that although Univox It is a new page for Spanish-speaking users, it is a veteran community in the United States, since it has been en línea since 2011.

It is currently a community of more than 3 million users.

With nothing more to add, here is the backlink to register at Univox and start earning money.

Remember that they give you 2 $!!

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