Univox: Take surveys and earn money (2$

Univox: Take surveys and earn money (2$

Learn how to earn money en línea as part of the Univox Community. A survey panel to redeem points for real money. Find out where it is available, how it works, what to do to receive the rewards, opinions and how safe it is.

Univox Community is a digital platform with which you perro earn money from home, answering surveys and interacting with others.

It was born in the United States, but has currently expanded to different countries. If you are interested in knowing what it is about, how it works and what to do to get paid, you should read this article.

Univox is a digital platform where you get paid to answer surveys. Each completed section is rewarded with points that perro be fully exchanged for Amazon Gift Cards, virtual master cards, tango cards or PayPal deposits.

Joining the community is completely free. Agregado, you add $2 to your account just by completing the starter profile. To do this, the system requests a series of very basic data that will give you access to the survey panel. It is necessary to keep the profile updated, so that Univox cánido assign you topics that best suit your interests.

How does Univox work?

The operation of Univox starts with the usuario registration. You just have to fill out a form with basic information (name, surname, year of birth, country of origin and dirección de correo electrónico); then, activate the account from the associated correo electrónico, complete the personality survey in order to create a profile.

Once the entire registration process has been completed, Univox rewards you with 200 points, which represents $2. In other words, for every 100 points received, one dollar is added to your account.

It is also important that you complete your profile information. Only in this way will you begin to receive surveys frequently.

How to earn money in Univox?

exist different ways to earn money in Univox and then we mention them:

  • Conducting surveys. Every time an available survey appears, adjusted to your interests, you will receive a notification by correo electrónico. You perro entrar from there or by accessing your Univox account. The system tells you how long it lasts, how many points you have accumulated and on which device you cánido carry out the activity.
  • Wheel of Fortune. Earn up to 1,000 points ($10) just by answering surveys in less than 24 hours.
  • referrals. Bring users to the Univox Community and earn points for referring them. Among the benefits to generate this, one dollar for each new usuario on your part and 10 points for each survey they complete.
  • Engagement Score. Earn points based on your commitment, work and daily activity on the platform. They perro be daily or monthly prizes, all redeemable for real money.

How cánido you redeem the prizes?

Redeeming the prizes in Univox is done through a relationship of points for real money. Policies require the minimum exchange value to be 2,500 points, which will convert to $25. However, as you develop in the community and gain levels, the minimum withdrawal will be much lower.

When you have reached the minimum in your account, you perro exchange for Amazon Gift Cards, send them to PayPal, Tango Card and MasterCard virtual cards. However, you have 72 hours to receive the change on business days.

Is Univox safe?

Univox is considered one of the most secure survey panels today. With 10 years in the market, starting in the United States; It is currently available in different Spanish-speaking countries. However, there may be variations in payment methods.

On the other hand, they have a very attentive and up-to-date technical support team in case something happens. In this way, you further increase reliability and security by being part of the Univox Community.

How are they going to pay us?

Depending on the level of usuario you have, Univox makes payments based on the points collected. For example, if you are just starting out and the profile is basic, 2,500 points are required to start your first redemption.

When you become a verified usuario, the redemption minimum drops to 2,000 points. But, if you have a Premium profile or are already an ambassador, you perro exchange points for money at 1,500 and 1,000 points respectively.

Being a Univox ambassador, the refund of the money is made immediately if the usuario requests it. However, getting to this level requires a high commitment to the platform, being up-to-date with it, being a good promoter and having the willingness to grow.

Aplicación for Android and iOS

Univox has a presence on Android and iOS mobile devices. Entrar the authorized stores of both houses and look for Univox Community. It is an own development, which provides greater security. Not only when it comes to participating in surveys and getting paid; Also, for the privacy of the data provided.

Univox Alternatives

Univox isn’t the only panel that pays you to fill out surveys. In the market there are other platforms that you cánido use as alternatives to this one. Here we will mention some of them:


Ysense is one of the best platforms today to earn money en línea. It offers us paid surveys, mini-jobs and monthly offers. In addition, it has a considerably good referral system, if we know how to take advantage of it.

It perro be used in any country in the world, it does not have any type of geographical limitation. The payment processors available on this platform are Paypal, Payoneer, Skrill and Amazon checks. You cánido request your payment from $10.

View Ysense Guide


Loopster Panel is a platform where we cánido earn for taking paid surveys. Surveys perro vary in time and remuneration on this platform. But usually you perro win €1 to €2 by survey.

Payments are made by Paypal and Amazon checks. The minimum withdrawal is €10. The platform is mainly available to users in Spain.

See LoopsterPanel guide


Mobrog is a paid survey platform that offers us the possibility of earning up to €5 a week, when there is a good flow of surveys. It also has a referral system that offers us €0.80 for each person we invite as our referral.

We perro request our payment with just €5 through Paypal or Skrill. Mobrog is available for all countries in the world. As a agregado, it has a mobile application to carry out paid surveys in a fácil way.

View Mobrog Guide

Opinion about Univox

Univox has been on the market for 10 years and during this time it has managed to add, only in the United States, more than three million users. In addition, with its expansion in the world, it already has more than a million new profiles on the platform.

Most of those who are already in the Univox community confirm that it is a reliable aplicación. With high levels of reward, for minimal effort. In addition, it is part of the “European Society for Opinion and Market Research” (ESOMAR); a world organization called that is characterized by preserving values, ethics and the protection of the data of its associates.

On the other hand, Univox payment methods are varied, with a welcome plus, available in Spanish and excellent referral and loyalty programs. Each with highly valued rewards. At the moment, the negative aspecto of the platform is that it cannot be downloaded in all countries.

Univox perro be a new way to generate plus income for your business portfolio. I recommend you try it, either from the web or downloading the aplicación on your mobile. Consider this option now and instantly enjoy its economic benefits.

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 Univox: Take surveys and earn money (2$
  Univox: Take surveys and earn money (2$
  Univox: Take surveys and earn money (2$

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