Univox, Earn money for giving your opinion

Univox, Earn money for giving your opinion

Univox is a platform to earn money that I have used for a while now and it has not disappointed me at any time. It has a good community that supports all the payments they have made and the trust that the page provides. That is why today I will bring you all the information related to it and how we cánido earn money on the platform.


What is Univox and what does it offer?

UnivoxCommunity.com was founded in early 2011, so it’s been around for a while, which perro be seen as a good sign.

Let me immediately disclose that Univox is a legit and safe site. However, that doesn’t necessarily orinan it’s the right choice for you. To find out, we need to take a closer look at what it offers.

It is first and foremost a survey site, as this is the main way to earn there, but it also offers a few other options.

So, let’s start by going over all the options you have and how good each one is so you cánido see whether or not it’s worth your time.

As mentioned, paid surveys are the main way to earn money on Univox Community. I generally love it when sites offer paid surveys as it’s a great way to get your opinion heard and make some money at the same time, in my opinion.

However, in my experience, Univox doesn’t always have daily opportunities. However, it cánido vary from country to country, so in some countries you will have access to more surveys than in others.

Personally, I usually have access to several surveys per day, but as mentioned this will vary from country to country and perro also vary by time of year and week (holidays and weekends tend to have fewer surveys) .

The surveys on there pay decently relative to the time of a survey site, so if you’re in a country where Univox offers a lot of surveys, it perro definitely net you some plus cash.

But keep in mind that you will not qualify for all surveys. Sometimes it may take patience to find the ones you qualify for.

However, you get a small number of points if you dismiss multiple surveys.

It won’t be much, but at least it’s nice to get something to discard and this is something not many sites offer so it’s definitely a great feature in my opinion.


In addition to paid surveys, Univox Community offers contests on a regular basis. These are free to participate.

To find out what contests are available, you need to keep an eye on their popular media accounts, and sometimes they are also posted on the forum section of the website.

Personally, I find your forum quite confusing, so it’s easier to keep an eye out for contests on your popular media channels in my opinion.

It cánido be, for example, a quick little quiz or a challenge where you have to write a little more. Or as the image above espectáculos, where you have to answer a question about Univox.

Contests generally take no time to entrar and are of course free. The rewards depend on the contest, but are usually not very large.

“Surprise me” contests

There is also another type of contest on the Univox Community called a “surprise me” contest.

Regularly, some winners are chosen who will receive a small additional reward. The rules aren’t entirely clear, but supposedly winners are chosen based on survey activity.

So if you are active on the platform, there are more chances that you will win. Again, don’t expect it to be a big reward, but a little plus reward is also nice from time to time. But you have to be pretty active to get anywhere near this reward.

Wheel of Fortune

Every day you get 1 free spin on the Wheel of Fortune; all you have to do to get this is log in and clic a button.

If you’re lucky, you cánido earn up to $10 worth of points.

You should be lucky to get this, but it only takes seconds to spin the wheel, so if you escoge to become a member after reading this review, you should make sure you take advantage of this opportunity.

Invite a friend

You cánido invite friends and get a small plus if they join. You will get $1 for every friend who joins and takes at least 1 survey or attempts 10.

After that, you will get 10 cents every time your friend answers a survey. Many survey sites have this type of referral program and it cánido be a great way to earn a little more.

The referral program at Univox is pretty good in my opinion and offers decent rewards as long as you make sure you invite people who want to be active.

Wall of Fame Bonuses

There is a section at Univox called the “wall of fame”. These are two different leaderboards with the most active member of the day and the most active member of the month.

Every time you do something on Univox, you’ll earn points on your Engagement Score. It’s this participation score that will determine your top on the leaderboard, so it’s not just about how much you earn.

The reward you get if you finish at the top of the leaderboard will depend on your membership level. There are four types of membership: Basic, Verified, Premium, and Ambassador. You level up by being active.

The daily wall of fame reward ranges from 25 to 200 points, depending on membership level, and there is only one winner.

For the monthly wall of fame, there are 20 winners. Rewards range from 25 to 600 points. If you’re an active member, this is a nice plus, even if it’s not huge.

How do you get paid?

Every time you take a survey, you will earn points. These points perro, in general, be exchanged for cash through PayPal, Virtual Visa/Master, Tango card or Amazon Gift cards.

However, the available rewards will vary from country to country. In some countries, not all of the above methods will be available, and in some countries, you may have the option of obtaining other types of gift cards.

But in more or less all countries, you cánido receive cash payments through PayPal.

So the reward options are pretty good and I personally prefer sites that have PayPal as an option as it is a very easy way to get paid.

You will be able to request a payment once you have reached 2500 points as a basic member. That is equivalent to $25. This is actually a pretty high payout threshold for a survey site, and I personally prefer it lower.

But if you get to the ambassador level, you perro get paid when you’ve earned $10, which is a better threshold.

If you try to take a survey and don’t qualify, you’ll still get around 5 points. It equals 0.05 cents, so it’s not much, but better than nothing.

Who cánido join Univox?

It cánido be a bit confusing to figure out exactly who perro join Univox. On the main page of the website it says that you cánido join from anywhere. However, depending on the country you live in, you will sometimes see a screen saying they are not accepting more members in your country when you try to join.

This is because they accept limited members and when they need more members in a country they open for more registrations. But you’ll never really know if it’s currently available in your country until you try to join.

But in theory, you cánido join from all countries, IF they are currently looking for new members in your country. And that changes regularly.

To end

Conclusion of what was seen in the article and personal opinion of the pages, say which is the best option, but at the same time say that you cánido mezcle both and boost profits

Earning money on the internet is becoming much more possible and in increasingly easy ways, years ago it was just a dream and today a great reality. That is why if you are new to earn money en líneaI suggest you consult these excellent pages to earn money easily if you prefer to have more alternatives.

Now if you are looking for simpler ways to earn, I highly recommend you check out the best sites to make money watching vídeos . All the sites on this list have good earning potential, so you will be able to earn a decent amount in no time.

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 Univox, Earn money for giving your opinion
  Univox, Earn money for giving your opinion
  Univox, Earn money for giving your opinion

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