Univox Community | PAID Surveys for

Univox Community | PAID Surveys for

Univox It is a web of paid surveys in which we cánido earn money and receive it in Paypal. With Univox I have not discovered anything unusual, as we have seen many other times in DineroWorld, that answering paid surveys is one of the simplest free methods that exist to get plus money. In this sense, I must say that Univox Community has a much more modern and pleasant design, and its operation is very fácil. In addition, it also has bonuses for activity, contests, quick polls… And the best thing is that Univox pay directly by Paypal. As we will see throughout this tutorial, Univox is 100% reliable and works for everyone. Let’s go mess!

What is Univox Community?

Univox Community is a paid survey panel which has been en línea since 2011. It is managed by the renowned marketing agency Market Cube LLC, specialized in market research and studies with the use of advanced technology. As you cánido see on their website. The mission of Market Cube, and therefore the Univox panel, is to provide users with survey opportunities that provide retroalimentación to companies. And in return, receive an incentive.

There is paid survey panels They pay by Paypal. Like in this case. But there are others who pay through Skrill, in cryptocurrencies or in Amazon Gift Certificates.

From my point of view, Univox asks us opinion on certain topics in exchange for a monetary reward. It’s that fácil and completely free. It should be noted that this panel works for everyone. The surveys you send out often offer incentives from $0.30 to $2.50. Which is the largest number I have ever seen. As is usual in this type of platform, the reward we receive when answering a survey will depend on the theme and duration. But hey, let’s see how it works and so I explain all the features in as much detail as possible.

Update – I stop recommending Univox for different reasons, but the main one is that in many completed surveys do not award points. Besides, they have removed Paypal as a method of payment and that is never a good sign.

Register at Univox

To start answering surveys in Univox it is essential have a usuario account. So the first thing we are going to do is create one for ourselves. If you want, you perro access the registration form by clicking on the button below. Once there we select a language, provide our personal data and solve the captcha. Finally, we accept the TOS and clic on “Sign me up!”.

As soon as we send the completed form, an correo electrónico will arrive in our inbox. To validate the registration in Univox, all you have to do is open that correo electrónico and follow the backlink that you find inside. By clicking on that backlink, we will return to the survey portal and our account will be activated. Now we perro answer profile questions for qualify for paid surveys.

After answering all the questions of the profile we will receive $2 as a reward. And at the same time, the option to receive surveys will be unlocked.

How Univox Community works

In order to situate ourselves a little better within the Univox portal, I am going to make a brief description of all the sections that compose it. In this way, when we go to the detailed explanation of how to earn money or how to request a payment, we will already know in advance which section we should go to.

Dashboard » Main view of our account and access to part of the surveys that we have pending.

My Surveys » List of all the paid surveys that we perro carry out. They also detail the estimated time to answer them and the amount of money they pay us. Every 100 points equals $1.

Profile surveys » Answering the profile questions is essential for survey invitations to reach us. For this reason, my advice is that answer all these questions as soon as possible. And by the way, you will earn your first 200 points.

My points “ Breakdown of all transactions in points that we have received.

My account “ In this section we cánido editar our personal data, change the password, modify the avatar…

Redemption Points » The section that we like the most since it is from where payments are requested. As we will see later, in Univox there are four levels of users. For the usuario “BASIC” the minimum payout is $25.

Recommend friend » If we want to recommend the portal here we have all the necessary material.

My polls » Extract and results of all the daily surveys carried out by the portal to its panelists. It’s another way to earn points (or money) that I’ll talk about later.

wall of fame » Displays the top of the most active users in the panel.

Contact “ In case of doubt or need help, we cánido always contact support so that they perro give us a cable.

Privacy Policy “ Terms of use and privacy policies.

Univox Community Paid Surveys

To earn money in Univox the main way is to answer paid surveys. As we have just seen, to enable the reception of surveys we will have to complete all profile questions. In this way, all the invitations to surveys that we receive will be in accordance with the answers that we have previously provided. Data such as if we have children, a mortgage, if we are smokers, if we have a permanent job, if we go to the movies, etcétera. they serve so that the panel invites us to certain surveys that fit our interests. And to discard those that do not fit.

As soon as we unlock the option to receive surveys, we will be able to see the invitations that are coming to us from two sections. Or from the “Dashboard” or from «My Surveys».

The invitations espectáculo us the duration, the reward and the devices supported in each survey.

To access a survey we will only have to clic on “Take survey” and the system will redirect us automatically. We answer it and, at the end, they will give us the corresponding reward. It is possible that in some surveys we will not qualify. The good thing in this case is that Univox will reward us with plus points for the time we have spent in answering the previous or qualifying questions.

Other ways to earn money at Univox

In addition to surveys, at Univox we have three other ways to earn money. What attracts the most attention is the “Wheel of Fortune”that’s why it’s in the “Dashboard” and we see it constantly. But there are two other options worth mentioning. Let’s see.


The Wheel of Fortune is a way fun and free to earn money in Univox. We have the possibility of making a spin every 24 hours and we cánido win up to $10 if we are lucky. In my case, the biggest win I’ve gotten to date is 100 points ($1), but I’ll keep trying to see if I ever get a bigger pinch.

The points that we get as a prize in the Wheel of Fortune are not immediately added to the cómputo. But there is a condition. For those points to be added to us we will have to answer a survey within 24 hours. No matter neither the duration nor the reward of the survey we answer.

As soon as we finish the survey after taking out the prize, the points will be added together to the cómputo. Those of the survey and those of the Roulette prize.

daily polls

Apart from surveys, we perro also earn money daily with polls. This is a question with several possible answers that Univox sends to its users. We will see these polls in the “Dashboard”at the bottom by hand right.

To get points with the Polls we will only have to select the answer that we like the most and clic on “vote now”. The rewards we get for answering a Survey are variable and They cánido go from 1 point to 5.

invite friends

In the section of «Recommend friend» We have our referral backlink available or the option to invite other people vía dirección de correo electrónico. Once we have tested the page and we know that it works, it is a perfect moment, payment in hand, to invite other people to earn money the same way we do. He or she will earn money. And by the way, we will get plus points.

For each friend who registers in Univox and answers a survey, they will give us 100 points. And from then on, another 10 points for each survey you answer.

Univox Community Aplicación

Univox Community is available in web version and mobile version. If we want, we perro use the Univox application to answer surveys when we are away from home. As far as I’m concerned, I usually use the web version of Univox 95% of the time. Basically because I am almost always glued to the computer and it is much more practical for me. However, the times that I have entered the panel from my mobile it has been so as not to miss the daily poll. Or even sometime to spin the wheel of fortune.

When downloading the Univox aplicación for the first time, they will give us 100 plus points in the cómputo.

Univox pays by Paypal

At Univox we perro request a payment in various ways, either by Paypal, Tango Card, Amazon, Nike, Zalando, iTunes… The only condition involved is the minimum payment required. AND This depends on the level of usuario we are. In my case, I registered recently and had never withdrawn until now, I am a usuario “BASIC”. And the minimum payment is 2,500 points. The equivalent of $25. However, by being active, answering surveys and withdrawing more times, we perro become users “Ambassador” and request payments from only $10. Let’s see it in detail.

Usuario levels in Univox

In Univox there are four usuario levels. When we register to the portal, we are all users “BASIC”. But as we work the site by answering paid surveys and polls, we have the possibility of climb to a higher level.

To move from one usuario level to another, a series of requirements must be met. Below I detalla the requirements to access each level:

Basic » Being new users in Univox They will closely follow our activity and they require a minimum of 2,500 points to request a payout.

Verified » As soon as we make two withdrawals of $25 we will become level users “Verified”. Regarding the minimum payment, we perro already charge from $20.

Cousin “ if being users “BASIC”Univox was constantly watching us, now that we have already charged twice They only need to verify that we comply with “their parameters”. Once they verify it, we will be Premium users and we will be able to request payments from $15.

Ambassador » After making several withdrawals, inviting friends and verifying that “we are a legit account”, they will grant us the category “Ambassador” and we perro withdraw from $10.

How to request a charge

To withdraw at Univox we will have to follow three fácil steps:

» First of all we go to the side menu section “Refund Points”. There they will tell us what level of users we are and what is the minimum number of points What do we need to collect?

» Next, we write our password and clic on “Send”. In the new window, we go to the yellow button where our cómputo in points appears and the rewards catalog will open.

» To request payments by Paypal we will only have to entrar the prize, write down the number of points that we want to exchange for money and confirm our Paypal correo electrónico. Once this is done, it’s a matter of wait for the money to arrive.

Univox perro take up to 30 days to pay out, but usually within 2-3 days.

Main features of Univox Community

We have already seen how Univox works and how you perro earn money, so the time has come to assess and analyze the main characteristics of the portal. In my opinion, the most outstanding are these:

✅ The essential and basic thing is that Univox Community It is completely reliable and 100% free.. The volume of surveys that you usually send every day is high, which allows us to score points faster. And therefore, improve our usuario level and receive payments more regularly.

As soon as you register, the best thing to do is complete profile questions. On the one hand, it’s not bad to start on a page and without having answered a survey, have $2 in your cómputo. And on the other, we have already seen that it is necessary to answer these questions to receive surveys, which is our main source of profit.

That Univox pays by Paypal seems to me to be a success. And in fact, it is a aspecto that I usually value a lot. If I consider sites like ysense either Mobrog as two of the best paid survey panels is, among other things, because pay through this processor. It is a handicap that the usuario “BASIC” need $25 to ask for a payment, but in the end It is solved by being a worker and raising the usuario level little by little.

Univox reviews

With Univox they are already about thirty paid survey panels reliable that I use. Some, the vast majority, send payments by Paypal. But there are others that allow us to save money on Amazon or in the best-known en línea stores in the world. For having, there are even survey panels such as Idle Empire that pay out in several different cryptocurrencies directly to our wallets on Coinbase.

Earn money by answering surveys is one of the most widespread free methods on the net. And one of the ones that work best for me on a personal level.

What else cánido I say about Univox Community? Well, it’s a veteran paid survey panel and the truth is that it works very well. In fact, it has become one of the ten best I know without a doubt. In short, the best thing is that you check it yourself. Don’t you think? If you need anything or have any questions, I’ll be here, as always. Until next time!.

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea. All freecompletely reliable and for everyone. Do you want to know me better? Here you perro see more about me.

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 Univox Community |  PAID Surveys for
  Univox Community |  PAID Surveys for
  Univox Community |  PAID Surveys for

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