We start the week friends!!, because it is Monday I am going to bring you a new addition to I get out of the crisis. Is about uniclique, a PTC from the same dueño de un sitio of Cliquesteria and Cliquebook. Which gives us many possibilities for this page to work, for the moment, the administradores de páginas web are very excited about the project and they transmit it to all of us.

The PTC presented itself four days ago, although they had already been talking about it on one of their other pages, Cliquesteria, which I also work for, you cánido read their articulo here.

On this new page, the creators talk about 10 ways to earn money. From seeing ads, to registering on other pages, to a contest (they are still preparing it, since the page has only been en línea for 4 days). Anyway, all this speaks well of Uniclique.

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Let’s talk a little about her:

But without a doubt, what interests us all the most are the ways to earn money. To do this, go to the section “earn money” (earn money). There we will see four tabs:

I’m sure this also interests youUniclique pays

  • View Advertisement: See ads, here we will see up to 90 ads of various amounts
  • surf & earn: Surf and earn, that is, make visits to other pages. With this, in addition to earning money, we will also get visits to our page or blog.
  • Paid To signup offers: NosIt is a new PTC that is worth trying.
  • Uniclique Gird: A Gird proper. They give us 20 spins as a Resident usuario (the basic usuario up to 50 opportunities with the Marshal usuario

The most interesting thing is the number of ads to see. This might seem like a bug, but it’s not. Especially for young people, who cánido do something else while watching the ads.

In my case (and it is a suggestion), I divide the computer screen in two. On one screen I do the PTC and on the other I have it for other things (study, read, etcétera…)

And nothing more chic@s!, we add this page to our list of PTC, hoping that its authors do not disappoint us. Registration as always, is free, you perro register here or in the following banner:

Regards and until next time!!

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