Uniclique pays

Uniclique pays

Do you remember Uniclique right? a PTC that we were going to test some time ago.

Well, it hasn’t failed us.

Uniclique pays.

This is good news, after several setbacks with various PTCs that became SCAMs (remember Isobux and some others).

But Uniclique is different.

Uniclique pays as it is the twin sister of other PTCs like Cliquesteria and Cliquebook.

And carried out by a great professional in the world, the Bulgarian Hristo Prodanov.

This first charge, of 4 dollars (the minimum that could be requested) I have done through PayPal.

Here you cánido see the proof:

As you perro see, I have told you that the minimum to be reimbursed was $4, and the amount that I have charged was $2.99.

A dollar has been lost along the way.

And with the work that earns a dollar, I have not liked the experience.

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To request the charge, the same Uniclique page has taken $0.56, and then, our dearest PayPal has taken another $0.45, with which, as I say bear, we lose more than a dollar along the way.

But hey, I guess I’ve paid for the hazing.

In future charges (because I hope to have many more), I will request the charge for other payment processors, since we have some others available on this page:

  • Payza
  • SolidTrustPaid
  • PerfectMoney
  • coinbase
  • Skrill
  • okpay
  • paytoo

Really, they all serve the same purpose: pass (for this reason they are called payment gateways) the benefits of our work to our bank, or in some cases, we perro request a prepaid card.

The fact is that I don’t think I’ll ask for any payment vía PayPal again, due to the “blow” they’ve given me.

It would be interesting to see what commissions each of them will generate, and consequently, ask for the one that generates the least commissions.

We must not forget reliability either, since we are really playing with our money and with our effort.

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Very good PTCit has quite a few ads to view every day, it also has several ways to earn money:

  • View Advertisement (see ads)
  • Surf & Earn (visit other pages)
  • Paid to Signup Offers (register in other pages)
  • Uniclique Grid (Grid of a lifetime)

What makes us that we cánido earn good money, as you have seen.

Your registration is totally free, you cánido do it here or on this banner.

Greetings and until next time friends!

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 Uniclique pays
  Uniclique pays
  Uniclique pays

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