Uniclique keeps paying

Uniclique keeps paying

Good afternoon beautiful people!!.

Today I come to espectáculo you that Uniclique pays by Payza.

Do you remember Uniclique, right? It is a PTC that we discovered back in May, you cánido see the full entry here.

Well, a short time ago we got our second Uniclique payment, this time through Payza.

The first time we charge at Uniclique we did it through PayPal, in this case we cánido read the entry in this other articulo.

It seems that I have taken a long time to collect these five dollars, but I have been extending my rented referrals and reaching the maximum limit of referrals that allows me for the estándar usuario (in this PTC it is called Resident), that is why it has been the delay.

Here I put the payment, by Payza:

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As you perro see, if you remember the previous articulo, PayPal kept one dollar between Uniclique and PayPal feeds, this time they were around sixty cents.

But still, I still prefer Skrill as a payment processor.

Then why have you charged for Payza? you perro ask me, well very fácil.

As I have told you before, I have already reached the maximum limit of rented referrals.

That in uniclique In other PTCs that I also work with, such as Buxcap, they allow many more rented referrals.

And one of the payment processors that allows recharging is Payza.

You cánido see the entry of Buxcap here.

That is, we will rent all possible referrals, both rented and direct, so we will get more benefits.

And it has simply been for that reason, when I get the maximum number of rented referrals, I will continue charging for Skrillwhich in my opinion is one of the best processors out there.

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Uniclique is a very good PTC that you have to have in your portfolio to earn money en línea, as I have told you in previous posts, you cánido earn money in multiple ways, not just by watching ads.

That is why I would recommend that you register, it is a great opportunity to earn money en línea.

As always, registration is free, you cánido do it through this banner here:

And nothing more than adding friends!!, waiting for you to register with this backlink that I have left you and you earn a lot of money.

Remember, if you register with my backlink, I will return 50% of what you generate for me!!.

Leave your comments with your registration nick!

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 Uniclique keeps paying
  Uniclique keeps paying
  Uniclique keeps paying

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