Uniclique and Cliquesteria

Uniclique and Cliquesteria

Uniclique and Cliquesteria There are two PTCs that I work for, which continue to pay religiously.

This week I have achieved two payments from them, one of almost 12 dollars (Uniclique) and another of 2 dollars (Cliquesteria).

Both payments have been by Payza, since in relation to quality-commission it has won.

Although in Uniclique it was possible to charge by Paypal, I decided to charge by Payza, since charged 50 cents more than Payza.

I suppose you will remember these two PTC, They belong to the same administrator and today they continue to pay.

You cánido read the articulo I made of clic here and here the one from Cliquesteria.

Although in Cliquesteria the admin has imposed an ROI to collect (% investment in the PTC), my ROI is still positive to collect 100% of what I ask for.

I also made a articulo about it, which you perro read here.

If you are not yet registered in Uniclique or Cliquesteria, you cánido do so in these banners:

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You have a choice, right? In addition, in any of the two PTC I will refund you 0.50 dollars when you generate me 1 dollar (payable by Paypal).

Only TYou have to put a comment on any of the posts saying so.

As the two PTCs belong to the same admin, the charge is the same.

Although I have received 12 dollars from Uniclique, that has been for being a Volunteer (superior) usuario, so I have been able to receive the full amount.

However, the time from requesting the payment to being reflected in my Payza account has been the same on both pages, 7 days.

But as this goes to prove things, I put the two payment receipts:

I’m sure this also interests youpayzabux


As you perro see, in payments they have taken away some of our feedsbut that is something we know, they have taken a week as I said before.

My intention is to collect every week from these two PTC.

From what I see they are quite stable and durable.

And nothing more to tell you friends.

Simply Put your banner back on, in case someone is not registered, do it.

Remind you of the 50% retroalimentación on each of the pages.

Regards and until next time!! many successes!

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 Uniclique and Cliquesteria
  Uniclique and Cliquesteria
  Uniclique and Cliquesteria

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