Uniclique and Cliquesteria do not pay

Uniclique and Cliquesteria do not pay

Good morning, just to say something friends.

Today I see myself in the obligation to make a articulo of those that I do not like at all.

Uniclique and Cliquesteria do not pay.

I am obliged to declare them as scam pages.

The truth is that I am quite upset.

Especially with the administrator.

He took working more than a year with the two pages.

Exactly with Uniclique since May 2017 and with Cliquesteria since November 2016.

A lot of time worked, money from that work invested.

It must also be said that I have received money from those two pages.

But I’ve been trying to continue charging from those two pages for more than a week and they will not let me.

If you are one of those who usually follow I get out of the crisis, you will know what Uniclique and Cliquesteria are.

If not, there is not problem, I remind you. Are two PTC pages that I have been working for more than a year and so far they have paid regularly.

The truth is that he trusted them.

Since the administrator, a Bulgarian named Hristo, he seemed pretty trustworthy.

Does few months, made changes to the PTCs, proposed a ROI system (Return Of Investment) in which you should invest some money to be able to collect from these pages.

The thing seemed interesting, since in this way it was ensured (and the users made sure) that there would always be a circulation of active money and we could not get more of the money we invested.

With which the page would have more benefits than expenses and could continue paying all users.

It was understandable that the investments could be as much money passed from any payment processor used by the platform.

As well as money from our purchase cómputo.

The thing stayed like this:

➡ If the ROI is less than 120%could you receive 100% of your withdrawal request

➡ Between 120% and 150%, you would receive 60% of what was requested as withdrawal and 40% remaining will go to purchase cómputo

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➡ With a ROI between 150% and 180% you would receive 50% of what you requested as withdrawal and the 50% will go to my purchase cómputo

➡ If the ROI is between 180% and 220%, I will receive 40% of what is requested and 60% upon purchase

➡ With ROI greater than 220% I will receive 20% of what I requested as a withdrawal and 80% will go to the purchase

So far so good until just over a week ago I was charging every week.

The quantities were not very large, indeed.

But only It took me 15 minutes a day to do the two PTCsand even I could do both at the same time.

Until last week.

First I began to fail Uniclique, in this PTC I had a little more than $15 in the Account Cómputo (to collect), with which I asked for $2, like every week.

Well nothing.

The page told me that the minimum charge was $1 and I didn’t have enough to charge (when I started I would charge $1.86).

Like this for several days, until I sent a ticket to the admin and he answered me after several days.

Here you have the conversation

I tell him that my ROI is 109% and that I cannot collect.

The administrator tells me that payments are made with “pure” income (ie, not from the purchase cómputo) of the previous day.

That he try it right at 00.00, in order to be able to collect.

He also tells me that this will not continue continuously and to be patient.

Yesterday, the 28th, I will tell you that if it continues like this, I will declare it as SCAM and I will stop recommending the two pages.

He took less than half an hour to answer.

Exactly with the same message that he had answered me on the 24th.

Here I leave it for you.

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Angry enough, I answer him in Spanish instead of English.

The guy answers me 28 minutes later with the exact same message.


With Cliquesteria had a afín thing. At Cliquesteria I had less Account Cómputo, and my ROI was lower.

So, on this page I was charging around $1.22 per week.

But charged.

Until the same fateful day came when, thanks to ROI, he could not collect more than 40% of what he was asking for.

Therefore my withdrawal cómputo was less than $1 (the minimum).

I thought that going from the Account Cómputo to the Pourchase Cómputo, the ROI would decrease and therefore, it would reach the minimum charge.

That, even though it was little money, it was something.

Well no, it seems that the cómputo has to come from other processors.

And the truth is that I am not willing to invest in a page that is giving me unequivocal signs that it is going to become a SCAM shortly.

In this case I did not bother to send a ticket to support.


The truth is that I feel a little sorry to end these two pages.

Has been almost a year every day clicking on all your ads.

Although it is true that I have received good money from both, honestly, I would have liked them to have lasted longer.

Now I am forced to abandon them.

I have put my entire Account Cómputo in the Purchase Cómputo for promote other pages like Payzabux, a PTC that I told you about recently and that I hope will work.

But the PTCs are like that, and I am one of those who think that, much to our regret, you have to have them yes or yes.

Therefore, I recommend you not to continue working on these pages since Uniclique and Cliquesteria do not pay and focus on other PTCs such as GPTPlanet either Optimalbux. Either one looks good.

I leave you the registration banners.

Surely with these two PTC we are doing much better.

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 Uniclique and Cliquesteria do not pay
  Uniclique and Cliquesteria do not pay
  Uniclique and Cliquesteria do not pay

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