Ultimate Guide to Twitter Tools

Ultimate Guide to Twitter Tools

Today, Twitter tools have become essential elements for any professional or company that needs to effectively manage their professional or personal profile.

since i started my Training as Community Manager For some years now, this popular network has not ceased to amaze me due to the number of utilities it presents.

From job search through the different hashtags, to creating your own list of references within your professional ámbito.

All this through messages limited to 140 characters. The most critical say that it is a rather short limitation. Maybe so, but in any case and trying to see its positive side, this allows us to enhance the capacity for synthesis with which we were crushed so much at school as children.


The asymmetrical advantage of Twitter

A concept that perfectly defines and differentiates Twitter from the other most used popular networks, such as Fb or LinkedIn, is that it is a platform where communication is two-way and the relationship between people is asymmetric. This means that Twitter distinguishes between profiles “followed” or followed and followers and the extraordinary thing about this network is that it is not necessary to follow someone who follows me. However, it is obvious that the coincidence that both follow each other perro occur, which is called “co-followers”.

For a few years, when the fame and relevance of Twitter grew to become the great platform it is today, there has been talk that it is a popular network with a multitude of junk messages (with insults, without valuable content, annoying ,…).

Regarding these concepts, I think it’s great to add that, in my opinion, this is flatly incorrect, since thanks to this asymmetric aspecto, in your own «timeline» Only the messages and publications of the profiles you follow will appear.

Even if at a specific moment, you want segment your objetivo audience Even more and only see publications related to a theme, you perro go to the possibility of creating lists.

[Tweet «Nuestra relación en #Twitter es Asimétrica. ¿Aún no sabes de qué se trata esta peculiaridad?»]

Later you will see that you cánido manage these lists through the different Twitter tools, including deleting or including new users.

And regarding your followers, if you have just started and you still do not have too many followersThrough these Twitter tools you cánido get hundreds of quality followers if you learn to use them quickly.

The tools for Twitter that will change the way you interact with your ‘followers’

That being said, here is a complete list of tools that you cánido use with your Twitter accountwhich I am sure will surprise you and will make your life much easier, especially if you dedicate yourself to En línea Marketing and Popular Media, they will be very useful for you.

Its functions include analyzing all aspects of your Twitter account, discovering new users and topics, fully managing your followers and lists where you are included, or finding fake profiles on this popular network.

Definitive Guide to Tools to manage your Twitter account

Discover Users, Content and tópicos de tenedencia


Do you want to know the type of content that works at the moment and where to find it? Are they the main references in your professional campo?

Find out with this tool. In its free version you won’t be able to filter by country or language, but we already suspected this type of functionality would be in the pro version, where you’re invited to checkout.


Allows you to search among million images that are uploaded daily to Twitter. Just type in a keyword to start your search, or follow @twipho’s profile to see what photos are trending right now.

A fácil tool that espectáculos what was the hot topic on an hour-by-hour breakdown over the last 24 hours.

The only drawback is that the trends shown are worldwide, so you will also see the trends in the Arabic and Chinese nomenclatures, which are difficult for Spanish-speakers to understand.


It displays trending hashtags based on its interactive geographic map. All you have to do is zoom in on the map to get the most detailed publicaciones de Twitter based on the location that interests you.


With this tool, you’ll be able to get detailed reports on some of the biggest trends on Twitter in a date range of your choosing.

Are included heat maps, in which you cánido find out where the topic you have chosen was discussed the most. The first report is free. Then, you know.


Allows us create a summary or chronicle of a conversation that has developed around a certain hashtag.

Storify is one of the best tools for Twitter that cánido be used to cover a live event or interviews with a well-known character.

[Tweet «Si tienes que cubrir un evento de #SocialMedia, Storify te permite resumirlo de manera visual»]


You cánido find out what your friends have shared on Fb and Twitter in the last 24 hours.

This information cánido be found from the application or from a newsletter that you cánido order to be sent to your correo electrónico.

tag the bird:

With this aplicación you cánido find out what’s trending today, this week, month, year or even what’s been trending on Twitter forever.

You cánido filter by country, in order to go specifically to the area of ​​the world where you are interested in knowing the trends.

Mensaje de Twitter Schedule

hoot suite:

Is one of the most used Twitter tools in the world and in addition to the most powerful that exist today.

Hootsuite allows you to monitor and articulo live or schedule posts. With its control panel or “dashboard” you perro control Twitter and several other popular networks in a very intuitive way.

Also, if you use the browser Google plus Google chromeHootsuite has an extension that allows you to share everything where you pass the mouse while browsing.


It works afín to Hootsuite and also has a google chrome extensionso that you cánido also use it as a shortcut while browsing.

From my point of view, it is somewhat easier to use, ideal for beginners.

Like the previous tool, you perro customize the day and time you want your content to be published.

Mensaje de Twitter4me:

Functioning afín to the one described above, it’s a good alternative to Hootsuite and Buffer if you want to use a different tool to schedule and monitor your publicaciones de Twitter and posts on other popular networks.

Future Publicaciones de Twitter:

This is another of the tools for Twitter that is capable of scheduling messages and publications for a day and time determined by you.

Of afín operation to the previous ones. The particularity is added that when we are just going to clic on sending our Twitter message, it gives us the possibility of adding one or more smileys to the articulo. This, as you already know, will make your content much more visual and attractive to your audience.


In this case, you cánido also schedule your ‘publicaciones de Twitter’ in a fácil and intuitive way, establishing publication patterns, being able to schedule in addition to your personal Fb profileyour Seguidor Page and LinkedIn.

To this, its main function, is added the possibility of knowing what is being said about the hashtag that you entrar in your seeker.

Manage Followers and Lists


Previously called “Unfollowers”, this is one of the most used tools for Twitter to analyze my community, both from this network and from Instagram, and it tells us if we are following the right people, which will help increase our influence.

It allows know which people and/or profiles have stopped following us; who we follow and do not correspond to the “follow”; with which profiles the follow-up is reciprocal and also, to know which are the ones that have been following us recently.

In case of not having anyone who has unfollowed you, a message like the following will appear:

The latter is very useful for companies, to segment the type of marketing that is done, according to the type of follower (or not) that is the profile or person who is within their environment.

Manage Flitter:

We perro order our followers according to the aforementioned criteria, but perhaps this tool is more complete than statusbrewsince it also allows you to know inactive followers, spammers or apply optimized search filters.

[Tweet «Con esta poderosa herramienta podrás saber cuál es el horario de máxima audiencia en Twitter»]

The fact of being able to stop following those meaningless “egg” profiles is especially anecdotal and useful. You know who I orinan, right?

I orinan those profiles that have the egg that default Twitter puts you as a profile picture, which invites you to think that they are fetish or inactive users.

These are obviously not worth following, since they will not provide you with valuable content. Manager Flitter also has a star feature called Power Articulo.

This application allows you to publish the content you want in the same way that you do with Hootsuite or Buffer, with the difference that you indicates what is the prime time of audience on Twitter.

Ideal for that articulo you just wrote and so many weeks of work it has cost you.

election HQ:

It allows you to create, manage and browse Twitter lists for the topics and people that interest you. Among all the profiles you follow, you perro organize them according to your interest.

I find it ideal for companies that want to boost their conversions, segmenting their audience according to the criteria they wish to establish.


This aplicación is great for identify your most influential followers and analyze the strengths of your competition. You perro also take a look at the followers of this influencer, to see the type of audience that follows you.

[Tweet «Investiga qué tipo de público sigue en Twitter a tus seguidores más influyentes.»]


Afín to Manage Flitter, it allows you to distinguish between those who do not follow you, spammers and inactive users, as well as sort users and get suggestions on who to follow within your industry.

It is somewhat smaller and its platform is more limited, since they have recently eliminated the possibility of knowing the users who follow you and you still do not follow.


This is a very fácil tool that quickly informs you if one Twitter usuario is following another. As fácil as that.


Maybe is the most widely used worldwide of all the tools for Twitter at the follower management level.

With it, you will be able to know and manage these functions: who does not correspond to the follow; know your fanes, who follow you and you have not realized that you still do not follow them; check two Twitter accounts and measure the relationship between them.

In addition, it allows customize a direct message To anyone who, for example, has recently followed you, to thank them or invite them to visit your website.

[Tweet «Con esta sencilla herramienta, podrás conocer quién no te sigue el ‘follow’ en Twitter»]


One of the main functions of Tuitutil is to offer us very detailed data from our community on Twitter, it gives information about who has unfollowed us and to know the reciprocity of the following.



Finds the 10 most habitual publicaciones de Twitter for any Twitter account. It gives you information on the ‘likes’ it has received and the number of times people have ‘retweeted’ this articulo. From a business point of view, it is very interesting to see what kind of posts are most successful among your followers. Of course, If you are working on your Personal BrandIt will also be very important, since you will also know which posts are most successful on your blog.


Before called «twtrlandIt is a powerful tool for analyze the popularity and activity that your publications have had. You cánido also find the elderly influencers, within a wide range of themes that is offered to you. If you prefer, you cánido choose the theme in which you prefer to find those influencers, from whom you perro see what works for them to go to the next level.

[Tweet «Descubre cómo mejorar la popularidad de tus publicaciones en Twitter con esta herramienta.»]


this is maybe another of the most used tools for Twitter by users of this network. It is the formerly called «popular bro«. With Audiense, you will be able to find the followers that interest you, but best of all, it offers exact statistics on what is the best time to articuloin which language it is more convenient to do it, how many of your followers are influential, inactive users or with a low number of followers.


Sort followers, find influencers, analyze data, get interactive graphs on followers and unfollowsare some of the functions that this tool has.


Great help in finding the best period to mensaje de Twitter to your audience. When you log in with your Twitter usuario, you must wait a few minutes for them to send a confirmation correo electrónico, to be able to entrar your dashboard and see the statistics panel. In the free version, offer the exact days and times when most of your audience connects.


You get detailed analysis and the most relevant data on publicaciones de Twitter, RTs, replies, mentions, hashtags, palabras clave and followers. It also offers a geographical map of the areas of the world where you have been mentioned the most times. I really think it is one of the most complete Twitter tools in its version freeas far as statistics are concerned.


With this tool you get the statistics of your Twitter profile in summary mode and you cánido view them to be able to analyze what you are doing right or wrong. Apart from for analysis of your Twitter account, SumAll also does data analysis for y también-commerce companiescorreo electrónico accounts and traffic to your website or blog.


Fantastic tool for the comprehensive management of your Twitter account, both personal and business. It strikes me that it has a section where suggests you answer some messages that have been sent to you, both private and mentions that have been made to you. You will no longer be able to say that you have missed replying to any of the Twitter messages!

This tool orders and segments our followers by their location, interests, specific criteria, or by the feeling or affinity they have with you.


You cánido build communities around the right influencers and keep track of events as they happen.

It returns a cloud of words, in which you perro check the words that you have repeated the most during your activity on Twitter, as well as the degree of sentimentality that you have put in all your publications (curious to know the algorithm with which they remove it…), the type of articulo (mensaje de Twitter, RT, or reply) and from the device with which you have published more. All this in caminando slice type graph.

Track #Hashtags and @Mentions


This tool is a hashtag search engine, where they indicate the best hashtag to use to reach your followers more efficiently. To start using it, it asks you to register, which I have been able to verify is obviously intended to send you correos electrónicos so that you cánido upgrade to the PRO version. For my taste, they are a bit spammers sending you correos electrónicos. The most convenient thing is to order all correos electrónicos from them to be sent directly to the Contenido publicitario folder.


Surely, although not in all, but in most Twitter posts, you use hashtags. But have you ever wondered if they are effective? With this tool you perro find out how effective the hashtags you use are to make your content go viral in terms of: number of RTs they get, number of likes, ‘publicaciones de Twitter’ that have been written with this same hashtag, etcétera. It is also available as chrome extension.


This is undoubtedly one of the best tools for Twitter, in terms of hashtag search engines. It allows you to find viral messages, photos and backlinks with a lot of interaction in real time. After carrying out your search, wait a few seconds without clicking on anything… you will see how the ‘publicaciones de Twitter’ that contain this hashtag are automatically updated.


It offers us a very visual interactive map, on who interacts with you the most. It is very curious, because in addition to this, in gray and moving with the mouse around the profile photo of our contact, it allows you to know the users and hashtags with which this contact has interacted the most lately.

Mensaje de Twitter Binder:

Gives the possibility of analyze palabras clave and follow hashtags on Twitter. Its operation is fácil, just writing the hashtags or keyword helps us to classify the hashtags publicaciones de Twitter into categories: positive, negative or any other category that we want to create. It offers us statistics on the impact produced, the reach that the hashtags had and by category.

[Tweet «¿Quieres conocer el ránking de los usuarios más activos en Twitter cuando asistes a un evento?»]

It creates a certain atmosphere of competitiveness, since offers the results in a top of users with the most ‘publicaciones de Twitter’, images with the most interaction and users with the most followers, among those who have used that hashtag.


With twilert, we cánido carry out a detailed monitoring of the hashtags or Twitter palabras clave that interest us. The most attractive thing is that we perro add an alert, through which, Through our correo electrónico we will receive a report of the most relevant messages published with the chosen hashtag. We perro give the alert the periodicity we choose: in real time, hourly, daily or weekly.

One Million Mensaje de Twitter Map:

Surely you have always wondered if among all the tools for Twitter that exist, there was one where find out in which areas of the world there is more talk about a topic of your interest. With this tool, you will be able to find out, not only where there is more talk about what interests you so much, but also who is writing it. Only by entering a hashtag or keyword, these publications will light up on the map.


Order what people say through the hashtags you choose and espectáculo them on the screen in chronological order. We cánido espectáculo this related content on all the popular networks for which information is available (Fb, Twitter, Instagram, Google plus+, Vine and Flikr) or espectáculo it on all of them in general.

Private Publicaciones de Twitter:

This tool allows us to send a Twitter articulo, but only the person you mention cánido see it (remember to mention with @ followed by the Twitter usuario).

Group Chats & Conversations


Of all the tools for Twitter of the chat type that I present to you in this articulo, this is the one that seems most comfortable and intuitive to me. We cánido view in real time everything that is commented on Twitter around a hashtag that we choose. In fact, you are seeing how this ‘timeline’ is updated in real time. Right above the chat window, you cánido also write your related message.


It works like a live blog, where we are shown the latest news on the topic chosen by you.


In this application where the famous Martian is the protagonist, we cánido perform the complete and real-time tracking of a hashtag and everything that is being said around him. Among other utilities that it has, it is worth noting the possibility of being able to confirm attendance at a specific event. For those of us dedicated to En línea Marketing, it could be very useful, given the number of events that are organized in our professional ámbito. See examples like #futurizz, #AgencyMeeting either #QuondosRecord.

[Tweet «Realiza un completo seguimiento en tiempo real sobre lo que ocurre en cualquier evento #SocialMedia»]


Very afín to Twubs and Beatstrap, this is another of the tools for Twitter where you cánido unify everything commented and published around a hashtag and where you perro also participate in it. Likewise, it is updated practically in real time. It should be noted that in its paid version, it has an anti-trolls option for Twitter. Interesting, right?

Group Managers for Twitter


With this tool, we perro make more efficient use of collaborative Twitter accounts. If you are the Community Manager of a company or brand, and in your company there are several Community Managers besides you and you want to differentiate between which Community Manager publishes what, with GroupTweet you cánido do it. Through the typical “… vía @nombre de usuario”, we cánido already publish in the name of the brand, but signed by the natural person who has published it.


If you are a usuario of any apple device and you are also present in Twitter groups, you are in luck, since Pluggio presents an interfaz that is very afín in its aesthetics to that used by the apple brand. With it you will be able to manage your groups, as well as having a complete and intuitive control panel or ‘dashboard’ available at all times, from which you perro monitor all your activity on Twitter. You cánido also connect the application with your Fb and LinkedIn accounts.

Twitter clients

Kiwi Aplicación.net:

Kiwi is an application that we perro download for Mac and iPhones, although they have recently released a version for Android devices as well. It is an original alternative to Twitter, where its operation is simulated and is based on the interaction between users based on questions and answers of all kinds. It has been awarded the ‘sanbenito’ of being too childish, due to the simplicity of its interfaz and its majority use among the youngest who start in this of popular networks.


With Tweetdeck we will be able to carry out a complete monitoring of everything that happens in your Twitter account. It has an interfaz where you perro divide your control panel into columns, which you cánido organize in the order you want so that you don’t miss out on anything you consider most important in terms of followers, hashtags, events, etcétera. In these columns you perro activate the display of mentions, notifications, ‘likes’, ‘retweets’, lists, private messages or personalized searches, among others.

[Tweet «Monitoriza y organiza en columnas las menciones, ‘likes’, ‘retweets’ o mensajes privados con esta fantástica herramienta.»]

This is one of my favorite twitter tools and also the second most used Twitter tool by users of this popular network, behind only the Twitter’s official website. With Tweedeck we cánido manage several accounts, going from one account to another from its control panel left.

Yoru Fukurou (Night Owl):

A Twitter client for Mac computers, which allows us to manage several accounts and also generate a complete report on the search we want to carry out.


This Twitter client allows us something that none of the Twitter tools allowed us, such as the eternal handicap of limiting our posts to 140 characters. With UberSocial you cánido write ‘publicaciones de Twitter’ of more than 140 characters, mixing hashtags, backlinks and text. It is currently available for iOS and Android devices.


Janetter is another application that supports multiple accounts and manages more than one real-time conversation at the same time, in addition to modifying the design according to the consumer’s taste. Supports the contraction of URLsso that your posts fit within the character limit allowed by Twitter.


Plume is presented as an application where we cánido make a visual color management of publications, as well as the template or topic in which you are tweeting with your followers. It has widgets, from where it is easier for you to interact with your objetivo audience. The downside is that it is only available for Android devices.


Another Twitter client, in this case for Windows, where synchronization between various devices and Twitter accounts is allowed. It may be less effective than the previous ones and in my experience, it is a bit slow for my liking.


Just indicating our Twitter usuario, we cánido generate a historical appeal of our activity on Twitterby way of infographic. If a company wants to hire us to exclusively manage its Twitter account or requires our services for a function related in a very specific way to this popular network, we cánido perfectly espectáculo you this report, instead of the classic Curriculum Vitae of a lifetime and that way you cánido personally check our activity trends on Twitter.

[Tweet «Ahora podrás crear tu #CV en modo #Infografía en un sólo click con esta herramienta para Twitter.»]

Tw Birthday:

If you want to know from what date a usuario or company emplees Twitter, this is the right application for it. It is evident that we cánido obtain this information by entering the profile of each account and we cánido find it just below its description, but if we want to carry out a report or statistical study on this subject and we have the Twitter usernames at hand, we will save time with T w Birthday.


Are you ready to put on the “Old Woman with the Curtain” outfit for a moment? This may be one of the Twitter tools that cánido arouse the most curiosity in you.

With it you will know what was the first mensaje de Twitter from any person or organization, just by typing in their Twitter nombre de usuario.

[Tweet «¿Eres un poco…»Vieja del visillo»? Entérate de cuál fue el primer ‘tuit’ de cualquier persona.»]

After this complete list of tools for Twitter, surely it has become a little clearer for you how this very complete and useful popular network works.

Do you know of any other tools for Twitter that have not been mentioned in this article?

Share them with me and my entire community by leaving me a comment.

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 Ultimate Guide to Twitter Tools
  Ultimate Guide to Twitter Tools
  Ultimate Guide to Twitter Tools

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