Ultimate Guide to Investing in eToro in 2022

Ultimate Guide to Investing in eToro in 2022

Update March 26, 2023

Due to recent development and market conditions, we cánido no longer recommend Etoro.

So we suggest that you use IQ Options for small deposits and Libertex for deposits over 100 USD.

Both brokers are 100% stable, these They are fully regulated by international institutions,They have low rates and I have worked with them for more than 5 years

I apologize for recommending Etoro in the past.

I have been investing in en línea brokers for more than 3 years now.

I have tried many platforms so far, but one of which They have worked better for me to invest money so far it is eToro.

If you also want to start in this broker to get results with your investments, in this complete guide that I have created for you I will teach you everything: from how to trade step by step with your different types of investmentseven how it works so that you get the most out of it.

What will you find in this article?

What is eToro?

▶ How eToro works

▶ How to trade with eToro (5 steps)

▶ This is how I started investing with eToro

What is eBull?

eToro is one of the most recognized brokers in en línea trading that has been operating since 2007.

And I could say that it is not just a broker, it is a whole Investment popular network. Yes, a popular network!General risk warning:79% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

You should consider whether you perro afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

It is important to read and understand the risks of this investment which are explained in detail at this backlink.

AFSL 491139.

Risk capital.

See PDS and TMD.

eToro’s popularity is due to its main investment tool: popular trading.

This allows you copy other investors automatically and allows beginner investors to operate without experience.

Each usuario has an investor profile where their record of operations, profitability obtained and all kinds of relevant information about the investments they have made are shown.

This is used to assess whether we should copy the investor or not.

eToro has become a accessible, safe and reliable broker.

When I first came across this platform, I was also told about the feature of copying other traders’ moves, upon reviewing the platform, it looked very professional and easy to use.

Apparently, I have not been the only one with a good experience in eToro and that perro be seen reflected in its more than 4 million users and 10 years of experience.

Best of all is that eToro is regulated by CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) and FAC (Financial Conduct Authority), so follow all the rules and you perro be sure that your money is invested in the trades you make.

Like its competitors, it allows you to invest in stocks, currencies, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, commodities, and indices.

They use a proprietary trading platform that works great in any web browser.

For the convenience of its users, it also They have their own aplicación for iOS and Android.

Nothing to envy the other brokers.

We cánido say that eToro is one of the best brokers to trade en línea today.

As works eToro

To be successful in your trading on eToro, first you should know how it works this.

If some terms are confusing for you, eToro provides you with a Trading Academy so that you learn everything you need about investing.

It has vídeos, guides, webinars and more where they will teach you how to operate successfully.

But the really important advantage of eToro is that it has several types of operations with which you cánido easily start investing on its platform, and which I will explain below:

popular trading

Popular trading consists of copy the movements of other investors.

Thanks to CopyTrader, the tool that eToro has developed, you cánido do this almost automatically.

In the People section of the account menu, we have access to all eToro profiles.

Each profile espectáculos you the record of operations and profitability obtained, essential data to know if a trader is good and generates profits or, on the contrary, losses.

Basically we perro see what other investors are doingfollow them to be notified when they carry out an operation or copy their movements automatically.

The minimum amount to copy a usuario is $200 and we perro equipo a stop loss to control the level of risk without the need to review performance at all times.

The potential of this tool is enormous.

Thanks to popular trading you perro take advantage of the skill and experience of other investors, making your money grow thanks to it.

At the same time, you will learn from the operations they perform.

Once you’re on the profile of an investor you want to copy, you’ll see a blue button on the right side that says “Copy”.

You clic on it and a box will appear where you must choose the amount of money to invest copying that usuario, at what point to stop the copy so as not to lose all the capital and if you want to copy the open trades.


It will now appear in your portfolio and you cánido check its performance.

This strategy is perfect if you don’t know anything about investingbut you want to start in this world to generate benefits.

Earn profits by copying other investors you cánido learn to carry out your own operations.

General risk warning:79% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

You should consider whether you cánido afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

It is important to read and understand the risks of this investment which are explained in detail at this backlink.

AFSL 491139.

Risk capital.

See PDS and TMD.

traditional operations

These are the trading operations that any other broker allows you to perform. Deciding in which financial asset to investhow much money to invest, determine the take profit and the stop loss and close the deal.

eToro does not complicate things and its friendly platform makes it as easy as copying other users.

You just have to go to the main menu on the left in your account and choose “Instruments”.

Here you will see all the financial assets in which you perro invest.

As you cánido see, at the top you perro select financial market you want to invest in: Cryptocurrencies, ETFs, Stocks, Indices, Commodities and Currencies.

Below you will see the different assets.

For example: if you want to invest in the NZD/USD currency pair, you just have to go to the Forex market, select the asset and hit the invest button.

As shown in the picture.

eToro includes the chart of the asset, its statistics and information that other investors share.

All the necessary information to know what decision to make when investing.

demo account

on the demo account you have $100,000 of virtual capital.

Making operations with the virtual account is the best way to learn trading en línea.

It gives you the freedom to experiment with trading without fear of losing money.

You will see how much perro you get if you invest real money.

It is enough to switch from the real account to the virtual one to start investing risk free.

My advice is to define a strategy.

See what works and what doesn’t, learn when to close a trade, equipo stop loss and take profit to minimize risks, etcétera.

Go testing until you become profitable.

The demo account also serves you to practice popular tradingso from here you cánido see how other investors are copied without risking your money.

General risk warning:79% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

You should consider whether you perro afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

It is important to read and understand the risks of this investment which are explained in detail at this backlink.

AFSL 491139.

Risk capital.

See PDS and TMD.

As invest with eToro

1. Open an eToro account

The first thing to start investing in eToro is to open your own investor account.

If you have never invested before, or your knowledge is still very basic, I recommend that you start with the demo account.

eToro gives you a virtual $100,000 in the demo account, and dand this way you perro put into practice what you learn without risking your money until you have one defined strategy and be profitable.

The demo account gives you the possibilities of try the different options that eToro offers you.

To open a free eToro account you just have to clic on the backlink that I leave below, then clic the “Join Now” buttonand in the form that will appear, write your name, surname, nombre de usuario, correo electrónico, a password and your phone number.

After creating your account, You will be ready to start investing.General risk warning:79% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

You should consider whether you cánido afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

It is important to read and understand the risks of this investment which are explained in detail at this backlink.

AFSL 491139.

Risk capital.

See PDS and TMD.

To use the demo account you must select your virtual portfolio.

You perro do this on the REAL button, which is below your profile information.

As you perro see in the image, from here you perro switch between your real and virtual portfolio at any time.

Select Virtual Portfolio to invest in eToro with your demo account.

2. Discover the eToro platform

take time to explore investment platform that eToro offers you.

Its design is intuitive and easy to use.

Below I will detalla some parts of the platform so that you perro start making good use of eToro.

In it main menu on the left side you will find these options:

  • Follow-up: Here are the assets and people you are following.

    By default, the most habitual on the platform will appear at the moment, but you perro add or remove assets or people from this list to follow their performance.

  • Briefcase: Is where are all your investments.

    Any operation that you have performed or is open will appear in this section.

    Both investments in assets and copying another investor.

  • News: It’s like a news portal that affect financial markets and publicly traded companies.

    There is valuable information to consider before investing.

  • Instruments: Here they come out all assets that eToro has available, such as cryptocurrencies, commodities, ETFs, stocks, indices and currencies.

    From here you cánido manually trade or add assets to your watchlist.

  • People: This is the part eToro popular network where you cánido see the investor profiles of all users.

    Here are some of the best investors on the platform and you perro also search for investors using different filters.

    From here you cánido copy others.

  • Copy Portfolios: It is the new eToro tool that is available for accounts with more than $1,000.

    Is for invest in multiple investors (the best performers) to minimize risk and diversify investments.

  • Deposit Funds: This blue button is used to deposit money to your account and make operations with the real portfolio.

In the top bar you will find these functions:

  • search box: Here you cánido search for any financial asset or usuario from eToro.

    Just type the initials and the search engine will espectáculo suggestions between instruments and people.

  • write articulo: It is represented by a pencil icon located on the right side of the top bar, it is used to write a articulo.

    eToro is a popular network where you as a usuario perro share what you want.

  • Share: With this button you cánido share posts or any aspect of your operations on the same eToro popular network or on Twitter, Fb or LinkedIn.

    You perro also share vía dirección de correo electrónico.

  • notifications: It is represented by the eToro icon, notifications appear here that makes the same investment platform and popular network.

In the bottom bar are these features:

  • Available: In the first box appears the money you have available in your account to invest.
  • Invested Capital: Here is the amount of money you have invested in the operations that you have open.
  • Benefit: This box appears in real time the profit or loss that our investments have generated.

    In green if there are profits and in red if there are losses.

  • virtual capital: Being in the demo account, Virtual Capital appears.

    If you are on the live account, it simply appears as Capital.

    Here appears the sum of all the above and is the total available in your account.

I recommend you visit each of the sections to familiarize yourself with eToro.

With what we have seen so far, we cánido already perform a technical analysis of any financial asset available on eToro to trade.

We go to the financial asset in which we plan to invest, for this you must go to Instruments in the main menu of your account.

There you select the asset in which you want to invest and you will see 4 main options: News, Statistics, Graph and Research.

By default, you will be in “News”, clic on “Graph” and the graph of the performance of the asset will appear.

To carry out a more complete technical analysis, clic on the expand screen icon which is on the right and you will see more chart options like change time frame, add indicators, view bid and ask price, change chart type, etcétera.

3. How to invest by copying other traders

eToro developed the Copytrading system that consists of a investment popular networkin which you cánido interact with other users of the platform and also gives you the possibility of copying the operations of any other trader on the popular network.

It is something ideal for beginners, since you cánido invest and get results relying on the knowledge of more experienced traders no need to do much.

you just have to search for the trader or traders you want to copyescoge how much to invest with them and start copying them.

To make this task easier, eToro allows you to search using certain parameters to find the ideal trader for you. This is mostly personal choice, it will depend on things like the risk you cánido take, what performance do you want to achieve, what assets do you prefer, etcétera.

Keeping this in mind will help us find a trader with the right profile for us.

I should mention that investors who have many users copying them, they get a commission for this.

So they are the most interested in making profitable operations and that more people copy them.

Even you could get good results if other users copy you.

eToro espectáculos all the information of an investor in your profile.

Keep in mind that all the information is transparent and cannot be manipulated.

The profile of each investor espectáculos the statistics of all your operations.

Here you cánido see the results it has achieved over time and how profitable it is.

Entrar the section “People” in the main menu of your account to get started.

You will see some investor recommendations to copy.

However, the power of this tool is in the top bar.

Here we have some filters like the country of origin, assets in which they invested, percentage of return and the time in which it must have generated those benefits.

On the far right, we see the option to “Advanced search” where we perro establish more filters to find the best traders.

Let’s see how to use the Copytrading system with an example.

Suppose you want to copy someone who invest in currencies and generate 20% profit per month at least.

For this, we go to the filters and leave the country of origin as it is because it is irrelevant in this case.

In Instruments we choose currencies and in Minimum Profit we place 20%.

We want it to generate this return every month, so in the During filter we choose “Last month”.

Past performance is not an indication of future results.

The trading history presented is less than 5 full years and may not be sufficient as a basis for investment decision. This is not investment advice.

I get about 25 results.

If we put more filters, the results will be reduced.

don’t be so specific because you may not see results.

Considering that currencies are a high-risk financial asset, we would be interested in the trader or traders that we are going to copy are at moderate risk.

So we will repeat the search using the Advanced Search filters.

We mark the same filters again, we clic on the Advanced Search option and a box will appear.

In the Risk part, we select Classify of risks and in custom we put 3 and 5, which would be a moderate risk level.

In Weekly Rewind, we select “Medium” (which would be from 3% to 10%) and we clic Apply.

Now only 13 results appear.

We cánido see that appear relevant data of each investorthe percentage of benefits that obtained the period of time that we chose, the level of risk and the number of copiers.

I will choose the first one to see if it is a good option to copy.

In your profile, I see the profitability you have obtained in the last 12 months and on the last day of investment.

As in the assets, in we have the options of Feed, Statistics, Portfolio and Graph.

The Feed part is your activity as a usuario of the popular network and relevant information, In Statistics you cánido see the profitability obtained in the time you have been investing and in Portfolio you cánido find the operations that are currently open.

In the Graphics tab we cánido see your overall performance and what we might expect.

Let’s look at this investor’s chart.

Past performance is not an indication of future results.

The trading history presented is less than 5 full years and may not be sufficient as a basis for investment decision. This is not investment advice.

We perro see a rising chart with no sharp reversals, except for the drop at the beginning.

Considering that this fall was in the period that the account started, we perro say that it has a pretty decent performance.

To continue comparing other investors from the previous search, press the back button of your browser, if you do it on eToro you must apply the search filters again.

For this example I will copy the first inverter I saw earlier.

In the profile of the trader you want to copy, you give the copy button and a box will appear to accept the terms of Copytrader to be able to automatically replicate the operations of that usuario.

You clic on confirm and now you will have to entrar the details of the operation.

I am placing $1000 of virtual capital To copy this investor, we perro modify the amount at which we want the copy to stop if it falls below that value, it is what is called “stop loss”.

I am leaving it as it is, at a minimum value of $600.

The value of stop loss cannot be less than 5%.

You must also choose if you want to copy the open trades or not.

You confirm the operation pressing the blue “Copy” button and you will already be copying the trader.

Past performance is not an indication of future results.

The trading history presented is less than 5 full years and may not be sufficient as a basis for investment decision. This is not investment advice.

Now you cánido see it in your portfolio.

It is like any other asset, you see the profits or losses that it is generating.

Best of all is that we perro manage itclose operations, add or remove funds to certain operations, modify the take profit or stop loss, etcétera.

How do we do this? Go to Portfolio and you will see the trader that you are copying.

In the gear icon you perro remove funds, pause the copy, modify the stop loss, stop copying, etcétera.

You clic on the investor and you will see the trades you have open with this trader.

In this case we see two open trades.

If we hit the red X at the end, we perro close the deal.

Seeing the details of the operations carried out, we cánido learn from these investors.

Past performance is not an indication of future results.

The trading history presented is less than 5 full years and may not be sufficient as a basis for investment decision. This is not investment advice.

4. How does it work Copy Portfolios from eToro

Copy Portfolios is the system that eToro has developed to copy multiple investors or assets at once.

They are like investment funds made up of several traders or different financial assets.

They usually follow a defined strategy and distribute the investment capital equally among the traders or assets that are in the investment fund.

exist three kinds of Copy Portfolios:

Top Trader Copy Portfolios: Here are the funds made up of the best eToro traders.

Many of these funds are managed by algorithms that implement methods to select the most suitable investors.

market Copy Portfolios: These are funds created around an iniciativa, category, performance metric or an algorithm that selects the best performing assets.

For example, there are funds that only invest in cryptocurrencies.

partners Copy Portfolios: These are funds created by the eToro partners They follow a certain strategy.

They are managed by experts who constantly analyze the market.

There are no search parameters. each kind of Copy Portfolios have a certain amount of investment funds to choose.

Like people and financial assets, we cánido review your record and determine if it fits our investment strategy.

For example, in the image below we see a Market Copy Portfolios called OutSmartNSDQ is based on stocks listed on the Nasdaq index.

Similarly, I perro choose the “+” icon to add this Copy Portfolios to my watch list or clic on the invert button to copy this investment fund.

The minimum amount to invest in a Copy Portfolios is $1,000 and you perro equipo a stop loss to disminuye risk.

These large investments are for more savvy investors.

You perro try investing with some of your virtual capital to see the return it brings you.

The important thing is that you discover what works and what doesn’t.

From the portfolio, you perro see the performance of your investment with the Copy Portfolios.

You perro only pause the investment, modify the stop loss and close the deal.

5. How to Manually Trade on eToro

Now we will see in more detail how to make a manual trade on eTorowhich is the main function of every broker.

As we saw previously, we went to Instruments and we select the asset in which we want to invest.

In your archivo we perro review all your information and invest some of our virtual capital.

For this example I will open a trade of the financial asset Gold.

When you hit Invest, the detail box of your order appears.

We must know how to execute our operations correctly.

The first thing to keep in mind is to select at the top of the box Sell ​​or Buy.

In what sense will you operate? In this case I am buying, so it is a upward trade where I expect the price to rise and I perro sell my position at a higher price.

Then we must choose the amount of the operation, in the example I placed $500.

below we have he Stop LossLeverage and Take Profit. Stop Loss It is the loss amount at which the trade will be closed in order not to have any more losses. Take Profit it is the inverse, the profit amount in which the trade will close to secure said profit.

An important detail is that if we select Stop Losswe cánido define the Amount of our investment (in loss) in which the operation must close or establish at what price to stop the operation if the asset goes down.

The latter is shown as Rate.

By modifying the stop losswe perro also determine if we want to have a stop loss dynamic.

This stop loss dynamic serves to keep profits as long as the price moves in the right direction.

Leverage allows you multiply the amount you are investing.

To open a trade with the Gold asset, the minimum amount is $2500, how do I open a trade with $500 of investment?

With x10 leverage.

You perro choose leverage x1, x2, x5, x10 or more, depending on the asset.

In my case, I invested $500 with a leverage of x10, that is to say that the operation is $5000.

The broker puts up the rest of the money; but this is a double-edged sword.

It’s a great way to get more profit with a small amount of investment, if all goes as expected.

Besides, increases the risk if the market goes against since the losses are for the total amount invested and it is easier to lose the position.

With all the parameters configured, clic on “Execute Operation” and ready.

You will have already performed a manual operation.

If the market is closed, the order remains pending.

You cánido now see this trade in your Portfolio.

If you have opened two operations of the same financial asset, the two will be added, so you must select the asset to see the operations in more detail.

from here you perro manage your investments and vea their performance.

The columns espectáculo the financial asset, the purchase units, the price at which we opened the operationthe amount we invest, the profit or loss in quantity and percentage, the total value of the operation and the purchase and sale price of the asset in real time.

With the gear icon we perro open a new operation of the same asset or close it manually.

If we clic on the asset, we will see more details of the operation.

As the current price, the stop loss and the take profit.

Look at the image below.

If we clic on the action or on its gear, a box will appear where we perro modify the stop losshe take profit and entrar the stop loss dynamic in that operation.

From the asset gear icon (located above and to the side of Capital), we perro open a new operation or close the current ones.

We cánido realize that the operations are closed in two ways: automatic or manual.

A trade is closed automatically when has reached the equipo amount in it stop loss or in the take profit.

The other way is when the usuario close the trade manually because you want to take your profits or you are not going to wait for the price to hit the stop loss.

It is important to establish a stop loss for manage the risk of our operations.

However, if you see a piece of news that will negatively impact your trade, the most sensible thing to do would be to close it before waiting for it to reach the stop loss.

We select the asset in our portfolio and clic on the red X or on the gear and select close operation.

Confirmation of the price at which we are closing the operation will appear and we clic on the button “Close Operation”.

Ready! with this you will have obtained your profits or assumed the losses of your operation and you will have the money available to invest again or withdraw it.

That’s how I started invest with eToro

I must say that my experience with eToro has been exceptional from the moment you first entrar your platform.

Whether as an en línea broker or as a popular investment network, eToro performs very well in what it offers.

It is one of the few brokers, if not the only one, that offers innovative technology in its services with the option of being able to copy other investors.

I have seen that many companies have appeared offering new types of technology to facilitate investments.

Unfortunately, most of these companies do not have regulation and they are only dedicated to obtaining money from their users.

That was also my fear when I was told about the effectiveness of eToro. I thought it was a scam broker more from the market.

When looking for information on the internet, I saw that he had operating for many years and had millions of users.

It was regulated by major financial institutions and there was almost no negative opinion.

In reality, they did comply with what they offered.

The fact of allowing other investors to copy opens up a whole world of possibilities and allows users without prior knowledge to succeed with en línea trading relying on more experienced investors.

At the same time, it allows those experienced investors earn more money by having many users who are copying them.

I started using the demo account and was amazed.

The platform is intuitive and friendly, everything is very well explained.

Best of all is that is 100% in Spanish.

With eToro you don’t need to download any programa to start investing.

Their platform works on the web, but they also have applications for Apple and Android.

So you perro use eToro from anywhere with your mobile or tablet.

In his Trading Academy there are explanatory vídeos and more educational resources to familiarize yourself with the world of investments.

One aspect that I really liked is the fact that they allow use Paypal to deposit and withdraw funds from account.

In addition to using other methods such as credit and debit card, bank transfer, UnionPay and Neteller.

All transfers made on the web and all data from private usuario accounts are protected by SSL security protocols.

There’s only one thing I didn’t like: there are commissions for withdrawing money.

The minimum amount to withdraw is $30, for each withdrawal a fee is charged.

$5 commission.

Please note that if you use a currency other than USD, a small conversion fee will be charged.

However, it’s not such a bad thing considering that eToro offers a powerful trading tool.

The time it takes to process the withdrawal is usually 1 business day.

It may take 1-2 business days to receive the funds.

In the case of withdrawing by credit/debit card or bank transfer, it perro take up to 8 business days.

Another negative point is that the first time you go to withdraw they ask you send a photo of your personal document to validate your identity.

Just take a photo with your mobile and send it.

His customer service is another of eToro’s strengths.

In addition to having a fairly comprehensive Help and FAQ section, you cánido contact their customer support team at any time from Monday to Friday.

For any questions or problems you have, you cánido contact them or visit their Help Center for a faster response.

During the trial time that I used the demo account and until now that I continue to use eToro investing my money, I have not had any problem with the platform or with the requests.

With eToro I was able to learn more about en línea trading and improve my skills, gaining experience and benefit in the process.

My conclusion final

eToro is one of the platforms that give you the opportunity to experience en línea trading for yourself in a few clicks.

You do not need to download anything since its platform is designed to work on the web.

I consider that It is one of the best safe brokers that exist today.

It does not matter if You don’t know anything about investing or you are an expert, eToro allows you to learn from and copy other investors.

And if others copy you, you will also generate results for it.

Of course, in order to successfully copy others you will have to learn to find and select the best investors from eToro that you cánido feel comfortable trading with.

There is nothing fraudulent or misleading advertising.

You cánido register and make use of $100,000 virtual with a totally free demo account.

They are not pressuring you to deposit funds to the account.

He minimum deposit is $200.

An amount that is within the average that other brokers also ask for.

You perro’t expect to invest $200 and make a profit of $1000 in a short time.

That would be a 400% profit!

Depends on how much you invest you will get a proportional amount.

You cánido check this when you start trading on the demo account.

eToro is an innovative company, which has taken another step in the en línea trading industry.

I hope to see more companies like this in the coming years and that more people cánido understand this new way of generating profits en línea.

I invite you to register today.

How has your experience been with eToro? Leave me a comment below and tell me what you think!


eToro is a multi-asset platform that offers investing in stocks and crypto assets, as well as trading CFDs.

Please note that CFDs are complex instruments and carry a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage.

79% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you perro afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Past performance is not an indication of future results.

The business history presented is less than 5 full years and may not be sufficient as a basis for the investment decision.

Copy trading is a portfolio management service provided by eToro (Europe) Ltd., which is authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

Investments in crypto assets are not regulated.

They may not be suitable for retail investors and the entire amount invested may be lost.

It is important to read and understand the risks of this investment, which are explained in detail at this backlink.

eToro AUS Capital Ltd ACN 612 791 803 AFSL 491139.

OTC derivatives are speculative and leveraged.

Not suitable for all investors.

Equity at risk.

See PDS and TMD

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 Ultimate Guide to Investing in eToro in 2022
  Ultimate Guide to Investing in eToro in 2022
  Ultimate Guide to Investing in eToro in 2022

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