ubeo | Leisure auctions AT THE BEST PRICE

ubeo | Leisure auctions AT THE BEST PRICE

ubeo is a Spanish website where we cánido get excellent leisure offers through an en línea auction system.

It belongs to the company Eurocio Freetime SL and its main offices are located in Barcelona.

Since December 2012, the date the website was launched, it has not stopped growing and growing.

In fact, It is currently the leading platform for travel and leisure offers in Spain.

There is nothing.

As we will see throughout this articulo, in Ubeo we cánido find dozens of offers with different weekend plans, beauty services, lunch and dinner in restoranes, hotel stays, etcétera.

In this way, through the bidding system, the usuario who offers the most money for each plan wins it.

As fácil as that!

If you want to know how to find the best leisure opportunities at affordable pricesI invite you to read the following tutorial on Ubeo.

What is ubeo?

At the time of writing this article, the Ubeo website receives an average of 400,000 monthly visits and has more than half a million registered users.

Taking into account that the platform (formerly called Leisure Auction) has only been en línea for 6 years, the fact that it handles that volume of traffic says a lot about its good work.

And with more reason if possible in recent years, that competition on the Internet is increasingly voracious.

Logically, this growth has not come overnight or by oportunidad, but the Ubeo team has done a despiadado job during this period, and now it is reaping the rewards.

Luckily, this also benefits us as users.

The more Ubeo grows, more stores, restoranes and businesses in general want to promote themselves through the platform.

And therefore, the more offers that arrive, the greater the chances we will have of getting a good plan.

Ubeo is only valid for users residing in Spain.

What is Ubeo about?

ubeo it becomes a market for leisure offers.

Almost all of us are familiar with the eBay buy-sell page and its bidding system.

In short, on eBay the seller cánido put his item up for sale in two formats: Only pricein which the buyer pay the price stipulated by the seller and take the item.

or in format Auction, where the seller sets a low starting price and a countdown is activated.

In the end, the buyer who places the highest bid gets the item.

Well, in Ubeo they use this second auction format, but instead of articles, in their marketplace we will find different articles, activities and services related to leisure.

The offers of services and articles that are available in Ubeo are varied and for all tastes.

The purchase process consists of two very fácil phases: search (and find) a service or product that satisfies us and bid at the price that best suits us.

Since then, we will entrar into competition with other people who will also be interested in the same service as us.

In the end, the buyer who places the highest bid within the time frame stipulated by Ubeo it is done with the service or item offered.

Registering in Ubeo is free

He registration in ubeo is very fácil and completely free.

There are no additional fees or expenses of any kind.

Once our personal account is created, we will pay solely and exclusively for those services in which we bid and win.

That is creating an account and browsing the offers is 100% free.

To create an account in Ubeo we will not take a minute to complete the entire process.

If you want, you perro directly access the registration form by following the backlink below.

Once there, we select if we want to register with our Fb account, with Google plus or by entering an dirección de correo electrónico and a password.

Go to registration form

Next we will only have to validate the record.

In this case, Ubeo will send us a welcome dirección de correo electrónico with a backlink in its content.

All you have to do is clic on that backlink and wait for it to redirect you to the Ubeo website.

From this moment our account will be activated and we will be able to access the portal.

In order to bid, it is essential that we complete fields of our profile such as the address or payment method we will use.

How Ubeo works

when I tell you that there are leisure offers for all tastes and at the best pricesI do not say it as a tagline.

It’s totally real.

The Ubeo menu is quite practical since it espectáculos us at a glance the 22 categories that make up the platform.

This means that all the offers are classified into 22 different categories.

This fact helps a lot when it comes to filtering our preferences and doing a more exhaustive follow-up on a certain activity, service or article.

To explain how Ubeo bids work, I have taken as an example some offers from the category “Leisure” that are currently active.

As I said before, there Offers of all kinds of articles and servicesso finding an auction of our interest is only a matter of searching, being patient and bidding at the right time.

What to do before you start bidding

Before starting to bid on any Ubeo offer we will have to complete our profile data.

To do this we will go to the top menu and clic on “My account”.

Once inside we will see a list with the different sections.

The most important section of “Shipping Addresses” and of «My payment methods»given that once we fill in all the fields we will have access to the bids.

Place a bid on Ubeo

The next point is to locate and bid on an item or service that interests us.

As I have commented before, I have taken as an example some of the offers in the “Leisure” category that are about to expire.

The format in which the offers are presented is as follows:

In this case we see three offers that are about to expire.

To bid, we will only have to access the offer that is of interest to us and follow the steps that are indicated.

In the first offer, which is a two-night hotel voucher for two people valued at €39we see that the current price is only €1 and there is less than a minute left for the bid to close.

To make a bid we will only have to write down the amount of money that we are willing to offer and clic on “Place your bid”.

From this moment on, we will receive a notification if a new bid is made.

And if there are no more bids and we are winners, we will only have to pay and request that they send it to us.

Read the conditions of each offer carefully

Before bidding on Ubeo It is mandatory to read all the conditions attached to each offer.

Continuing with the offer of the two-night hotel voucher for two people, we see that the conditions of the offer are these:


You perro mezcle the coupons you want in order to extend your stay.


Minimum stay of 2 nights and maximum of 3 nights.


To make a reservation, you perro call the hotel (free of charge) or make the reservation en línea through the Holiday Concept website (with an administration fee of €8.50).


Reserves are subject to availability and hotel space.


Once the reservation is confirmed no modifications or cancellations are allowed.

6. one year of validity from the date of purchase to use your coupon, once the auction is won and paid for.


After winning and paying your auction in the section of “My account” you perro download the coupon to enjoy your experience.

8. Cost management €2.00.

Assessment of the buys

In this case, there are some points to assess.

And it is very important to do it before bidding.

So later we won’t get any surprises.

On the one hand, the best thing to do would be to make the reservation by phone, since making it through the web, our stay at the hotel would increase by €8.50 due to management costs.

In another order, we must take into account the “expiration date”.

We have a period of one year to consume this offer, then it will no longer work.

Additionally, this especial coupon cánido be downloaded and printed.

To later deliver it to the hotel reception.

And finally, we must bear in mind that Ubeo charges €2 for management fees.

In other words, if we win the auction with a bid of €1, the total amount we will pay will be €3.

Assuming that the two-night hotel voucher has a real value of €39… getting it for €3 isn’t bad, is it?

Auction ended and payment

Once the bidding is over, if we have been the winners, it will be time to check out.

Since before bidding we have already defined what our payment method would be, now we will not have to configure anything else.

Once paid, Ubeo nThey will send you an correo electrónico to confirm the payment and they will attach the printable coupon.

(In the case of the hotel voucher, we perro print the coupon directly from Ubeo, but that is not always the case).

The coupon that we receive by correo or print from the Ubeo panel is the one that we will have to deliver when we arrive at the hotel or the corresponding service.

Remember to print the coupon before leaving home!!

To buy in Ubeo we perro pay with Paypal or Debit or Credit Card.

Personal experience and opinion about Ubeo

Personally, I must say that I have already taken some bargains from the Ubeo website.

My older brother, in mid-January, saw a very good offer that consisted of a Complete Oral Hygiene valued at €60… and he decided to give it to me.

It is not something that is done every day, but once or twice a year… and we already know that These types of therapies are not usually very cheap let’s say

Well, the fact is that the auction that he saw was in a situation afín to that of the hotel voucher.

With a minute to go until the end of the auction, he bid for €1.

and he took it away because there were no more bids.

Due to the management fees applied by Ubeo, which in this offer were €3, the total cost of the offer was €4.

That is to say, that one Complete Oral Hygiene that is usually around €60 got it for €4.

Is it a bargain or is it not a bargain?

in ubeo they add hundreds of offers every day.

Why not try and bid on a weekend getaway, a beauty salon treatment or a skydive?

Ubeo, a great iniciativa come true

If we go to the Ubeo website, at the bottom, we cánido see the history and development of the business.

PPersonally, I want to highlight this section of Ubeo because I found it very interesting to know the origin of the web.

Also, always the fact of knowing who is behind generates much more security.

Marc, an “adventurous” Dutchman, equipo out to travel to Spain with the intention of carrying out his project.

The iniciativa was none other than to auction hotel stays, trips, menus in different restoranes, etcétera.

Along the way, he ran into a series of friends who wanted to accompany him on this especial adventure.

Finally, in December 2012 they launched the website (as a leisure auction) and they met their goal.

Since then, Ubeo has become increasingly habitual on the web.

In 2014 they launched the mobile application, which was a resounding success.

And the following year, they were awarded the Award for the Best Start Up of the year 2015.

I’ve even seen a promotion for Ubeo on Berubythe website that returns money for our en línea purchases.

Ubeo is an excellent platform for individuals and for companies that want to offer their services.

To understand this spectacular growth, it is enough to realize that the fact of offering services at a good price, always draws the attention of users.

Who does not want leisure plans at the best price? As a direct consequence, word of mouth causes more and more people to sign up.

In the end, this attracts other centers or businesses that were not attached to the platform.

They jump on the bidding bandwagon and end up offering real bargains in order to reach more buyers.

Ubeo Reviews

As a final note, just say that you have to be patient, be attentive to the bids of other users and wait for our opportunity.

In Ubeo there are always hundreds of offers of all kinds available, so sooner or later we will end up with a service of our interest and at a more than interesting price.

I refer to the tests.

Finally, I hope this little Ubeo guide has been helpful to you.

In the blog we usually talk about paid survey panels, games and different systems with which to earn money without having to invest, and today’s topic is a bit out of the norm.

However, I guess a way of earning money also occurs when instead of spending it we save it.

And it is clear that if we know how to use platforms like Ubeo, aklamio or Beruby, we cánido save a big pinch on our vacations, in a gift for a loved one, etcétera.

Do you usually buy on the Amazon portal? see how you perro Get Amazon Gift Certificates and recharge your cómputo totally free.

If you have any questions about Ubeo, you cánido leave me a comment below or write me a message through the Contact tab. Until next time!!


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All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

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 ubeo |  Leisure auctions AT THE BEST PRICE
  ubeo |  Leisure auctions AT THE BEST PRICE
  ubeo |  Leisure auctions AT THE BEST PRICE

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