Types of orders in DEGIRO – Buy and sell

Types of orders in DEGIRO – Buy and sell

When operating on the depósito market, in terms of buys and sale of shares refers, the platform of ROTATION offers you many advantages. And, to know how to operate in it, you must know how its different orders work.

But don’t worry, this articulo will explain how to use the Types of orders in DEGIRO to Buy and Sell shares.

Of course, what you should first do is to access to you account of ROTATION.

Entrar the section actions to follow

Once inside your account:

  • Go to the left side of your screen and there you will see a section called Actions to follow
  • Choose the action of your interest clicking on it
  • Once you have chosen your action, go to the right of your screen and you will see two buttons:
    • one colored green for Buys and,
    • other colored Red for Sale.

Know a little about the option first Buy.

How to buy shares in DEGIRO?

For the purchase of shares in DEGIROyou must proceed as follows:

  • To the press he button Buys a small box appears on the right side where lines are shown that indicate (1) the types of orders that you have at your disposal and (2) the number of Actions what you wish buy. These types of orders or commands are the following:
    • Limited order: This order refers to a Maximum price that you wish to pay per share, that is, it allows you to buy a share that is equal to or below a maximum limit price equipo by you. If the share price goes higher than what you have equipo, the purchase will not go through. But, if it goes down or stays the same, yes.

Important: Do not lose sight of two options that will directly affect your orders. In a small line, right next to your orders, you will see the options Order of the day and Permanent. And they refer, basically, to the duration of your established orders.

The first lasts for the span of one trading day, while the other lasts unless you go to Activity>Orders and delete it (these options are applicable both to the Buys like the Sale).

    • Order to Market: with this you cánido buy shares at first price that are available in the market. It is a cautionary order, because if a price is rising a lot, you would end up buying an excessively expensive depósito, which would not suit you. However, with less fluctuating actions there would be no problem.

This way you cánido buy your shares in DEGIRO. Next, the following point will be discussed:

How to sell Shares in DEGIRO?

Well then, for sell your shares in DEGIROyou will do the following:

  • having pressed clic in he button Saleyou will similarly count on option orders Buy. Just with a few plus. Firstly:
    • Order limited: Afín to the previous case, this order allows you to charge a minimum price per share that you equipo. It would be that, if the price of your share to sell reaches the minimum limit (the price you equipo), it would be sold. It would not sell for less.
    • Order to Market: Basically it means the same as in the previous option; in this case, sell your shares at the first price that DEGIRO achieves in the market. It’s the same case of caution, this time dealing with the fact that if the depósito goes too low, you could sell it very cheap.
    • stoploss: With this option, the system issues a kind of “Market order” so that the shares you are offering are sold (perhaps with a certain margin of loss) upon reaching the Stop Price that you placed, in case of a low abrupt of price.
    • Limited stop: In the box of this order you have, apart from the line to place the Stop Priceone for you to equipo the limit. With the first, again, you tell the system to issue the “market order” and, with the second, that if the price falls below that level, your shares should not be sold if they haven’t already.

How to send an order in DEGIRO?

Once the previous steps have been taken, placing an order is very fácil. You only have to press he button Study orderwith which a summary box will appear where the subject of commissions is shown, to which you must clic clic to Confirm and your operation will be ready.

How to review your orders in DEGIRO?

In the left sidebar locate the button Activity (a icon clock-shaped). Once there, go to Actions and, inside you will get all the actions that you have activated.

  • If you need Modify your action, placing another index, for example, you must give clic janhe icon shaped like pencil.
  • But if what you need is Eliminate an order, press the icon in the shape of Boat of garbage.

Important: keep in mind that you cannot have more than one open order in the same action in DEGIRO.

As you cánido see, these are the types of orders that you perro execute at the time of buy either sell your actions in ROTATION and the steps you must take to be able to execute them. We hope this information is useful for your current and future operations on the depósito market using the DEGIRO financial broker.

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 Types of orders in DEGIRO – Buy and sell
  Types of orders in DEGIRO – Buy and sell
  Types of orders in DEGIRO – Buy and sell

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