Types of entrepreneurs

Types of entrepreneurs

Depending on your personality type, you may be one of five types of entrepreneurs (according to Schollhammer).

Types of entrepreneurs according to Schollhammer

Did you know that there are different types of entrepreneurs? According to Scholhammer, your personality defines what type of entrepreneur you are. Do you want to know what type you are?

I know that we cánido find different classifications on the internet about the types of entrepreneurs there are, but in this article I am going to talk about the Schollhammer classification.

For Schollhammer, there are five types of entrepreneurs, which are the following:

  • Administrative​.
  • Prompt.
  • Purchasing.
  • incubator.
  • Imitator.

Administrative Entrepreneur

In the book “The Successful Entrepreneur”, written by Rafael Eduardo Alcaraz Rodríguez, the administrative entrepreneur is described as follows:

«It is one that emplees research and development to generate new and better ways of doing things»

Therefore, we cánido understand that an administrative entrepreneur is not necessarily the owner of his own business, but is one who focuses on techniques and administrative functions.

Therefore, it is the one who manages to use all those techniques, tools, procedures or administrative functions that allow him to manage or solve problems more efficiently.

In fact, a professor I had at university once told me that companies are going to hire someone who manages to turn weaknesses into strengths, and threats into opportunities. In short, they are going to hire us to solve problems.

timely entrepreneur

Likewise, according to Eduardo Alzaraz, he is the one who “seeks constantly looking for opportunities and remains alert to the possibilities that surround him”.

The explanation that it gives us may be a bit fácil, but I think that the name already gives us a lot of iniciativa of ​​what it is about.

So, one way to understand the personality of an opportune entrepreneur is through the following sentence that I read. “Hit! while the iron is hot”

If we think about it a bit, it really describes a person who identifies and seizes opportunities. What would happen if we hit the iron when it is cold? We couldn’t give it the shape we want… right?

So then, An opportune entrepreneur is going to have the skill and sufficient knowledge to be able to identify within the internal and external environment of the organization, those factors or elements that allow him to achieve an advantage.

It really is not as easy as it seems.

Acquisitive Entrepreneur

An acquisitive entrepreneur is one who learns from others.

Therefore, it is that person who learns from the skills of his competition and improves. It should be noted that I do not orinan that he sees all people as his competition, but that he seeks to develop himself by taking those skills or competencies that he considers valuable to put into practice.

Likewise, they are not only people who learn from others, but also learn from their mistakes. They are not afraid of being wrong, but it motivates them to keep going (being a little better each time).

incubator entrepreneur

Similarly, Eduardo Alvaraz tells us that “In his eagerness to grow and seek opportunities and preferring autonomy, he creates independent units that eventually become new businesses, even from an existing one”

So, they are those who generate new ideas (enterprises) within the organization. He executes them productively and secures a profit for the organization.

copycat entrepreneur

It is one that “generates its innovation processes from already existing basic elements, by improving them”

Likewise, it may be one that operates in the market under a franchise agreement.

Therefore, a copycat entrepreneur cánido be one who adopts an existing technology, or one who adopts an existing technology with minor modifications that he makes to better fit the internal or external environment in which his business is located.

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 Types of entrepreneurs
  Types of entrepreneurs
  Types of entrepreneurs

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