Types of business administration that

Types of business administration that

If you are looking for information about the types of administration that exist, you have come to the right place.

In this article, I’m going to talk about the different approaches used in different types of organizations.

What is administration?

Before going into detail about the different types of management, it is important to understand what management is.

Then I’ll leave you 4 management concepts so that you perro better understand the concept.

  • Management is the process by which a company’s resources are planned, organized, directed and controlled in order to achieve its goals and objectives.
  • Art of making things happen through people.

    Management focuses on how to motivate and direct people to achieve organizational goals.

    This requires leadership, communication, negotiation and conflict resolution skills.

  • Process of coordinating resources and activities to achieve specific objectives.

    Management involves the coordination of different resources and activities, such as human talent, finances, materials, and technology, to achieve specific organizational objectives.

  • Discipline that deals with the study of organizations and their functioning.

    Administration is an academic discipline that focuses on the study and analysis of organizations and their functioning, including topics such as organizational structure, business culture, human resource management, business strategy, innovation, and organizational change.

There are different types of administration that cánido be applied depending on the ámbito in which they are applied.

Next, I am going to talk about the different types of most common administration.

What are the types of administration?

Types of management are different approaches used in managing organizations (businesses) to achieve specific goals.

These types of management have developed over time in response to different business needs and situations.

Types of administration

It must be said that the administration applies to every organization that exists, however it is not the same to administer a public institution to a company.


In fact, thanks to the fact that there are many types of organizations with different needs, it is that rank companies under different criteria.

One of the ways that companies perro be classified is by ownership of capital.

That is to say:

  • Private property.
  • Public ownership.
  • Mixed.

However, thanks to the fact that each company or organization has its own characteristics and specific needs depending on whether they fall into one category or another, they require management approaches adapted to their particularities.

Therefore, we have the following types of administration:

  • Public administration.
  • Private administration.

  • Mixed administration.

private administration

Private management refers to the management and organization of privately owned businesses by individuals or private groups.

The main objective of the private administration is to obtain benefits, which differs from the public administration, which focuses on providing services to citizens.

Private management is apolitical in nature and is concerned with the efficient functioning of the organization.

The objectives of the private administration are focused on the profitability and growth of the company, so the processes are focused on optimizing the available resources to obtain greater benefits.

In general, private administration is a escencial component of the modern economy, helping to drive growth and innovation while creating wealth for individuals and groups.

Public administration

Public administration is the study and practice of how government implements public policies and programs to serve the general public.

Its main objective is to provide services to its people to guarantee their well-being and safety.

As an activity, the public administration provides various services, such as popular security, management of public companies and regulation of private companies.

It is an apolitical public bureaucracy that operates within a legal framework and is responsible for carrying out government objectives, protecting the public interest, and enforcing the laws.

All the powers of the State, including the executive, the legislative and the judiciary, are included in the public administration, which deals with their mutual relations.

In general, public administration is essential to ensure that the government functions efficiently and effectively, delivering necessary services to the public while adhering to legal and ethical estándares.

mixed administration

Mixed management refers to a management style that involves the coordination and management of both public and private capital.

It encompasses all organizations operating under the jurisdiction of the public and private sectors.

The main objective of mixed management is to guarantee the public interest by taking advantage of the efficiency and effectiveness of private management.

This means that the management of public resources is carried out with the participation of private entities or individuals.

It is believed that the mixed administration perro be more efficient than the traditional public administration because it cánido take advantage of the resources and experience of the private ámbito.

Difference Between Public Administration and Private Administration

Public and private administration are distinguished by the entity that controls them and for whom they work.

Public administration is controlled by the government and works for the welfare of the society at large.

Its objective is to provide public services to the population and its financing comes from taxes and government budgets.

Instead, private management is controlled by the owners or shareholders of a business and works to make a profit for themselves.

Its objective is to genera goods or services that are sold in the market for economic benefits.

In short, the public administration works for society and the private administration works for itself.

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 Types of business administration that
  Types of business administration that
  Types of business administration that

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