Twync: take advantage of your networks to earn money

Twync: take advantage of your networks to earn money

twync It is a platform that will allow us to earn money through our popular networks such as Fb and Twitter, among others.

In the same way that you cánido do other affiliate platforms such as admit and closer to what it is socialpubli.

twync belongs to the company Boom Popular Technology SL, a completely legal company based in the capital of Spain (La capital de españa).

The platform twync it works as an intermediary between advertisers and the popular media people.

We will get a commission for advertising the campaigns among our popular media followers.

Like all the platforms that we present in salgodelacrisis, both registration and participation are completely free.

If you are an active person on popular networks and have a lot of followers, this is undoubtedly going to be a good way to monetize them and earn money with them.

Do you dare to learn more? Well keep reading.

Registration and first steps in Twync

The registration process in Twync is very fácil.

The first thing you have to do is register with your dirección de correo electrónico and password from here or from the bottom banner.

Then you must backlink your popular networks compulsorily.

Lastly, you account will be verified and moderated by a team moderator.

This process cánido take anywhere from 1 to 7 days.

For me, personally, it took me 24 hours.

Once the application is accepted, you will receive an correo electrónico notifying you.

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How does Twync work?

Its operation is very fácil.

The first thing you have to do, as I said before is backlink your popular networks.

Obviously, they are not going to accept any popular network without activity, and neither without followers.

Like any company, they need interaction and what they are looking for are popular network profiles with many followers (the more the better) so that the campaigns and promotions they carry out reach as many people as possible.

Therefore, both for one popular network and another, they will ask for a series of requirements.

Here I am going to explain the requirements for the most important popular networks and to equipo up our blog.

  • requirements for twitter The account must be public, having at least 100 followers and a minimum of 30 publicaciones de Twitter published in the last two months.
  • requirements for fb.

    On Fb you must have a minimum of 80 friends and a minimum of 30 publications in the last two months.

  • requirements for our blog or website.

    It has to be a minimum of 3 months old and a minimum of 3 publications and that do not have intrusive advertising.

For the rest of the popular networks, they do not indicate the requirements, but they will be very afín.

The campaigns that they put us in will depend on the popular network in which they put us.

They cánido range from fácil retweets, publications, liking certain sites or photos, etcétera… They perro also ask us for promoted posts on your website or blog, etcétera…

You will be able to see all the available campaigns from the “dynamizer panel“.

Although they will always send you an correo electrónico when there is a campaign that fits your popular network and profile.

Also they will notify you by direct message to the popular network you have linked.

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As for the ways to earn money with the platform, it will depend on the popular network with which we are chosen to earn money.

The case of Twitter would be the most representative.

I explain the ways to earn money with Twitter through twync.

  • Direct publicaciones de Twitter or retweets.

    They are going to pay us an amount per published mensaje de Twitter.

    The amounts may vary depending on the campaign and the advertiser.

    They cánido range from €0.50 to more than €2.

  • pay per clic.

    You pay for the clicks generated on the mensaje de Twitter in question after it has been published.

  • Jumble sale.

    Advertisers open offers by mensaje de Twitter or by clic and we are the ones who choose the one that suits us best.

In the case of Fb, however, there are up to 13 ways to monetize, ranging from liking it, posting on a certain wall that they indicate, by commenting on a articulo, by clicks, etcétera…

Does Twync pay?

Yes, Twync pays without any problem.

You perro request your payment when reach €50 if you want to request it vía Paypal or €100 if you request it by bank transfer (the latter only for residents in Spain).

Payments are sent as requested:

  • The requested payments between the 1st and 10th of the month will be effective during the following month
  • For requested payments from the 11th until the end of the monthwill be effective between the 15th of the following month and the 15th of the following month.

Twync reviews

And little more to add to this platform, it is a fácil platform to use and in which we perro earn a lot of money.

The only but that we could put is that it has a high minimum payment.

For those who are starting out on this topic of earning money en línea, €50 may seem like an outrage, but you will see how little by little it perro be achieved, since having quality content on our popular networks, the followers come by themselves, and with them the bells.

And nothing more to add, friends, if you want to register on the platform, I leave you the lower banner.

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 Twync: take advantage of your networks to earn money
  Twync: take advantage of your networks to earn money
  Twync: take advantage of your networks to earn money

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