Twync | Earn money with Twitter, Tik Tok and

Twync | Earn money with Twitter, Tik Tok and

twync is a marketing platform that allows us to monetize our accounts on popular networks.

Do you have an account at Twitter, Tik Tok or Instagram and you want to earn money with her? Well, with platforms like Twync you perro do it without any kind of complication.

Popular networks have evolved in such a way that brands and multinationals have found their own space to promote themselves.

And it is thanks to this type of promotion that we, the users of these popular networks or micro-influencers, cánido earn money by posting promotional content, sharing it with our followersand get paid for it.

What is Twync?

Twync is a marketing platform that brings together, in one place, users who want to earn money and brands who want to promote themselves on popular networks.

It belongs to the company Hashtag Media Conjunto SL, registered in Spain, and was officially launched in 2011.

From its birth until today, Twync has experienced despiadado growth since, as is the case with socialpubli, has been favored both by the great emergence of popular networks and by the evolution of content marketing.

Thanks to these factors, advertising through popular networks is increasingly in demand by brands, which seek to promote themselves through micro-influencers and expand their brand with the classic word-of-mouth tactic.

That a micro-influencer like us speaks well of a brand on popular networks generates much more confidence in our followers.

How Twync works

As we have seen, platforms like Twync act as intermediaries between users and brands.

So brands buy advertising campaigns and Twync is in charge of distributing these campaigns among the users that make up their community.

In this sense, it should be noted that each brand looks for a certain micro-influencer profile to promote its brand, which is why this type of platform members from all countries are admitted.

And the more diverse they are, the better.

Having a large and diverse usuario base is essential for them, as brands have many more options to choose from.

Let me explain with some examples, which will always be better understood.

If a brand wants to promote itself through Twitter in a country like México, my account, which is from Spain, will not fit their preferences and they will look for Twitter accounts from México.

Like is logic.

On the other hand, suppose that the brand in question is dedicated to the sports betting campo.

In this case, they will be interested in being promoted by Twitter accounts that deal with this specific topic in their profiles.

However, a brand that is dedicated to something more general, such as the energy campo, which we all consume, will not be so restrictive and will look for various Twitter accounts.

Anyone with a Twitter, Tik Tok or Instagram account you cánido earn money on twync.

The only requirement is to have at least 100 followers.

Register in Twync

The first step to be able to monetize our popular networks is to create an account on the Twync platform.

It is completely free and it will not take even two minutes.

If you want, you cánido clic on the button that you see just below, which will take you directly to the Twync homepage.

Once there, we will clic on the green box that says “Record”located at the top on the right hand side.

Create an account on the platform

At that moment, it will direct us to a form in which we have to provide our name and surname, a contact dirección de correo electrónico address, a password, indicate our country of residence, our gender and our date of birth.

Next, we check the box confirming we accept the conditions of use and clic on “Record”.

To finish with the registration and have access to Twync, we will only have to confirm our account.

Right after creating the account we will receive an correo electrónico with a backlink inside.

It will be enough to follow that backlink and our account will be confirmed.

With this, we cánido access our account and configure it so that campaigns begin to arrive.

Add popular networks to our profile

Now that we have our own account, it’s time to add our popular networks to the Twync profile.

With this, we will be indicating both the platform and the brands which popular media accounts we have.

In addition, they will be able to identify what our interests are, so that they cánido send us campaigns according to those interests.

To associate the popular networks we will go to the section of “My accounts” that we see in the side menu of the web.

And an image like the following will appear:

Depending on the popular network that we want to add, the system will make the configurations automatically or, failing that, we will have to follow a series of steps and carry out the configuration manually.

To add any of the four popular networks available in Twync, we will clic on the logotipo of each one.

Twitter – As far as Twitter is concerned, the process is completely automatic.

We only have to access our Twitter account and accept the permissions, the rest is taken care of by the system.

Tik Tok – Regarding Tik Tok, we must provide our nombre de usuario, number of followers and following, select the categories that we usually treat, indicate if it is a personal or thematic account and, if we want, propose the minimum price that we want to receive for every articulo we make.

instagram – The configuration of Instagram is, as in the case of Twitter, completely automated.

Blog – In the event that we have a blog we perro also earn money.

Either by publishing a note or writing an article.

For this we will indicate the name of the blog, the url, the monthly visits, the category of the blog and, optionally, the amount of money that we want to charge for each publication.

If on Tik Tok and on the blog we do not equipo a minimum price, we will receive all the available campaigns and we will be able to select which one to complete and which one not.

How to make money on Twync

The amount of money we perro winning on Twync depends on different cambiantes.

On the one hand, the profits will be defined by the engagement and impact that our publications have on the networks.

A usuario who has many followers is not the same as another who has few.

Nor is a usuario whose content usually has many interactions (retweets and likes) the same as another who does not.

In addition to all this, it must also be borne in mind that brands, as is evident, have a preference for accounts that have the capacity to generate an impact, although it will always depend on the claims they have regarding their campaigns.

These, among other cambiantes, will influence how much money we will get for each campaign in which we participate.

In addition to campaigns, it is also possible earn money by inviting our friends to Twync.

This marketing platform has an affiliate program and says that for each usuario that joins with our backlink we will receive a commission of 5% of what they generate.

For that matter, if a friend of ours registers to Twync with our backlink and runs a campaign for which he receives €3, we will receive an plus €0.15 for having recommended the site.

Types of advertising campaigns

in twync we perro receive campaigns of different kinds.

As a general rule, the vast majority consist of writing an original and unique publication taking as a starting point a series of guidelines stipulated by the brand.

Taking a campaign on Twitter as an example, which is what I usually do, it usually involves writing and publishing a mensaje de Twitter embedding a hashtag and/or a url of the brand.

However, it is also possible that they give us a pre-written message and we have to copy and publish it verbatim.

Or there are even campaigns in which they only ask us to retweet a mensaje de Twitter published by the brand itself.

How to complete a campaign?

When a campaign is available, Twync you will notify us by correo electrónico.

And additionally, they will send us a message to our account, which we cánido see by going to the section “My messages”.

From there, the steps to follow are the following:

1- As soon as you access the initial message indicating that there is a campaign, we will see a detailed explanation of the promotion itself.

Both what it is about, what we must do, if there is any requirement such as inserting a url or a hashtag in the publication, as well as the money that we will receive when making it.

2- In that same message, a little further down, we will find a description of the purpose of the campaign proposed by the brand and the type of publication they want us to make.

In addition, they will give us some examples so that there is no doubt.

3- They also add a deadline, so we have to accept and carry out the campaign before that date expires.

4- Next, we will get a text box in which we will have to write the content of the publication, complying with the guidelines previously established.

5- Finally, as soon as we verify that the publication meets the requirements, we will clic on “Articulo”.

And that will be all.

You no longer have to do anything else.

The articulo will not be published immediately, but the brand and Twync will escoge when the right time is based on your preferences.

They will take care of the rest.

As soon as our mensaje de Twitter is published on popular networks we they will add the corresponding money to our account from Twync.

Twync pays and is reliable

As we complete campaigns we will accumulate money in our Twync account.

As soon as we reach the amount of €50 we will be ready to request a payment.

The payment methods available to withdraw earnings are:

PayPal – The minimum amount for charging by Paypal is €50.

If we radica outside of Spain we perro only request payment through Paypal.

Wire transfer – If we are residents in Spain we perro also request a payment through bank transfer.

In this case, the minimum payment is €100.

It is important to note that payments they are not immediate.

In fact, depending on what date we request it, the money will arrive at one time or another.

I explain:

– If we request a withdrawal between the 1st and the 10th, they will pay us the following month.

This means that if we request a payment on September 2, for example, the money will arrive between October 1 and 31.

– On the other hand, if we request the cómputo withdrawal between the 11th and the 30th (or the 31st depending on the month), the money will arrive within the period of time that includes the 15th of the following month and the 15th of the following month.

later month.

For example, if we request a payment on September 12, we will receive the money between October 15 and November 15.

Opinions about Twync

Having worked with different marketing platforms, I perro conclude that Twync is one of the best out there to earn money with popular networks.

And the best thing is that we perro withdraw money vía Paypal.

Like Socialpubli or publisuites, Twync is very easy to work with and has been en línea for many years.

In addition, he contemplates the possibility of monetizing various popular networks.

Almost all the platforms focus on promoting brands on the popular networks of Twitter and Fb, while at Twync we cánido also monetize our accounts on Tik Tok and Instagram.

Or if we have one, earn money with our website.

All marketing platforms are complementary, so we perro register on all of them without any problem and earn money in different ways.

I hope you liked Twync and, with this guide, you cánido get the most out of your popular networks.

At the moment everyone cánido earn money with Twitter, Tik Tok and Instagram.

Regardless of whether you have thousands of followers or are a micro-influencer like me.

And also completely free of charge and very easily.

As always, if you have any questions about Twync or there is any point in the tutorial that has not been clear, you perro ask what you need in the comments below and I will help you in any way I cánido.

Until next time!

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All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

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 Twync |  Earn money with Twitter, Tik Tok and
  Twync |  Earn money with Twitter, Tik Tok and
  Twync |  Earn money with Twitter, Tik Tok and

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