two small payments

two small payments

Although it is not habitual for me, today I have requested two small payments, one of slidejoy and another of CashPirate. You will remember both applications, right? Slidejoy is an aplicación that will pay us to unlock our móvil inteligente, take surveys and try other applications. I only use this application to earn money by unlocking my móvil inteligente, a movement that is carried out many times a day and that we cánido take advantage of.

Surely you remember both applications, you cánido read how they work here for Slidejoy and here for CashPirate. They are two fairly fácil applications to work with. You perro really charge Slidejoy simply by unlocking the móvil inteligente and from CashPirate, I think I’ve already said almost everything.

Well, as I told you, I have received two payments, one of $2 from Slidejoythat you cánido see the proof here.

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I received the payment a few minutes after requesting it. In Slidejoy you cánido request payments from 2 dollars by PayPal on the 18th of each month. They send it to us without any feed, how nice they are!!

The second payment of the day has been from CashPirate. What cánido I tell you about CashPirate!! Without a doubt, for me it is the best application to earn money that exists. For several reasons:

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  • The first is that they pay you religiously shortly after requesting payment.
  • The second is that it is the one that will give us the most applications to try (points are obtained that are equivalent to dollars).
  • The sum of points is not exponential in relation to the collection. That is, I cánido collect 2.50 dollars at 2500 points. This is positive, since sometimes the charges cánido be extended forever.

This time I have received $2.50, the minimum to charge, and I have done it in a short time, perhaps fifteen days, and only downloading the applications when I was at home. Here you have the justification.

In this case, the same thing happens as in Slidejoy, payment without any type of feed, we charge the full $2.50, which is always appreciated.

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Although they are not exaggeratedly large payments, it is always appreciated to collect money, and more when it comes for free. Nothing more to add, only if you don’t have the applications, download them. Slidejoy you cánido download free here and CashPirate here. At CashPirate I would appreciate it if you put mine in the referral code NIYRJD.

Greetings and until next time friends!

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 two small payments
  two small payments
  two small payments

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