Tutorial: How to connect and configure the

Tutorial: How to connect and configure the

Today, not only the home computer emplees the Internet, as there are other devices such as laptops, teléfonos inteligentes, SmartTVs, tabletas, smartwatches and even other household appliances that are connected to the internet connection of the house.

That is why it is important that the WiFi signal reaches all corners of our house without complications.

That is the main reason why it is important and highly recommended that the wireless connection perro reach all devices well, ensuring that anyone has a good experience when using their connected device. When the signal does not reach the internet speed is slow or even non-existentpreventing us from using the devices correctly.

The walls, the furniture and the distance perro make the módem signal not enough for the wireless signal to reach everywhere.

That is why different devices known as “repeaters” either “Mirrors” in order to expand the coverage of our internet, making sure it reaches everywhere.

Simply put, what these devices do is “repeat” the módem’s Wi-Fi signal to make sure it reaches the other side of your home or office.

It receives the signal and repeats it as if it were another módem, so devices that are further away from the main módem will be able to have good Wi-Fi coverage.

Here we will explain how to configure some of these devices so that you cánido use them correctly and thus have excellent Wi-Fi coverage.

Wi-Fi amplifiers TL-WA854RE and TL-WA850RE – Manual to configure correctly

These are two of the most used amplifiers that we cánido find on the market today, which do an excellent job at extend the Wi-Fi coverage of the módem to the points that it does not reach well.

As we already mentioned, once they receive the wireless signal from the central equipment, ADSL or fiber optic enrutador, they receive the coverage and repeat it with more power.

One of the biggest advantages of these devices is that They are really practical and easy to use.since they only need to be connected to the current and configured following a few fácil steps.

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Also, you must place it in a strategic place to make sure they cánido do their job properly.

It is recommended that you be in the middle between the módem and places with poor signal.

That is to say, the repeater must receive the módem signal strongly in order to be able to repeat it properly.

If it is placed in a place with little signal, it will not fulfill its function.

It should also be kept in mind that before starting to use these repeaters they have to be configured with your wireless networksince otherwise they will not repeat any signal.

That is why, throughout this article, we will explain step by step the different ways that you have available to configure these amplifiers.

How to configure the Wi-Fi extenders TL-WA854RE and TL-WA850RE

These are two of the most habitual coverage amplifier models due to their proven effectiveness.

One of the great advantages of these devices is that They work with all internet operatorsso you will not have to worry in the slightest about this aspect.

Today the repeaters TP-LINK Prolongar They are the most habitual on the market, as they work quite well and are very easy to configure.

You will not have to worry about not having knowledge about networks, since as you will see below, it will take very few minutes of your day to configure them properly.

Configure them through the “WPS” and “Range Prolongar” button

  1. The first thing you have to do to start the configuration process is to verify that the company of your internet enrutador has the “WPS” system.

    This you perro do easily finding the WPS button on the computer.

  2. Once you have found the button, you have to proceed to connect TP-LINK amplifier to the current in a place that is close to the enrutador.
  3. Wait a few moments for the amp to finish powering up completely.
  4. After a few seconds, press the WPS button on the enrutador for 3-5 seconds.

    After this time, release the WPS button and quickly Press the button Range Prolongar on Wi-Fi equipment TL-WA854RE or TL-WA850R for 3 seconds.

  5. Now you just have to wait a couple of seconds for the enrutador pairing process to take place.

    Once finished, you cánido unplug it from the nearest power outlet and you cánido move it to the place where you will place it to effectively amplify the signal so that the signal reaches all corners of the house or office.

  6. To make sure the Wi-Fi prolongar is equipo up correctly, make sure the lights on the device are solid green, indicating that it has been equipo up correctly.
  7. In addition to the lights, you have to connect to the internet using the repeater and check that the internet connection is working properly in the places where you had trouble using the Wi-Fi connection before.

    You perro use any device that emplees the internet connection.

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What perro you do if you cánido’t find the WPS button on your módem? In this case, you will need to configure the repeater using another method.

Do not worry, then we will explain another way to perform the pairing to use it.

Configure them from the web browser of your choice without the “WPS” button

In case your módem does not have the WPS button, you do not have to worry, since you perro also do the configuration in a very fácil way from your favorite web browser:

  1. The first thing you will have to do is connect the TL-WA85RE or TL-WA850RE equipment to the electrical current that is closest to the módem.

    When you are connected, wait a few seconds until the lights start blinking.

  2. Next, you will have to connect the device to your computerwhether it’s wirelessly or from a wire ethernet.
  3. In case you want to use the ethernet, you will have to disconnect the computer or notebook from the wireless network.
  4. If you escoge to do it wirelessly, you’ll need to disconnect any wired connections.

    Now you have to clic on the option Wireless network connection on the desk.

  5. Select the “Update” option and connect the expander.

    You will see the factory name of the equipment, which is “TP-LINK_Extender_XXXXXX.

  6. Regardless of the connection method you have chosen, you will have to go to your preferred web browser and in the address bar write: tplinkrepeater.net and hit entrar to entrar the dirección de Internet.
  7. Now you will see that a page will open with different options, among which you will have to choose the one that best suits your needs.

    When you have selected that option, You will be prompted for a nombre de usuario and password.

    In both fields you have to write: admin.

  8. After logging in, a page will appear.

    quick setup in which you will see some options.

  9. On this page you have to select the option “WiFi network of the enrutador / AP”.
  10. Next, the next thing you will have to do is write the WiFi password of your enrutador or módem / AP.

    It cánido be precisely copied from the main enrutador or changed to a new one.

  11. When you have finished this configuration process, look at the LED lights of the repeater, which will serve to inform you about the intensity of the signal.

    If all went well the lights should be on.

  12. After it has been well configured, you cánido disconnect it from the power closest to the enrutador and move it to the place where you plan to place it so that it cánido extend the range of the connection.

Connect to WiFi from TP-Backlink repeater

For Connecting to the internet using the TP-LINK repeater doesn’t really have to do anything different than you would connect to other equipment.

All you have to do is:

  • Turn on your device and search for Wi-Fi networks that are available.
  • Look for the repeater, which should have a name afín to: TP-Link_Extender_2.6GHz
  • Connect to the repeater using the password equipo during setup.

    It is usually the same as the enrutador.

Done, now you know how to use TP-LINK repeaters to connect to the Internet from every corner of your home or office with a good wireless signal.

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 Tutorial: How to connect and configure the
  Tutorial: How to connect and configure the
  Tutorial: How to connect and configure the

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