Turo Carculator: 2 Ways to Estimate

Turo Carculator: 2 Ways to Estimate

Turo is a car rental marketplace where people rent cars from other people.

Think of it like Airbnb but for cars.

For renters, this cánido be a more maleable and affordable alternative to the big car rental companies.

For car owners, Turo is a great sidekick to earn plus money when you’re not using your car.

Turo is a great way to earn passive income, especially if you’re frustrated seeing your car go unused.

But before you escoge to list your car and become a Turo host, you want to know your potential earnings.

Fortunately, renters cánido use a Turo calculator, or “Carculator“, which calculates the potential earnings for you.

So let’s get into the basics of how Turo works and then learn how car owners cánido calculate their potential earnings.

How does Turo work?

Whether you want to make a profit or offset your vehicle costs (car payment, deductibles, etcétera.), Turo is a maleable way to earn plus money from your car.

And Turo’s secure marketplace, which is based on usuario reviews, has a trusted community of over 14 million people.

You cánido read this Turo Getting Started Guide for the full details on how to become a successful host.

What is a Turo calculator?

Turo provides a calculator, which he calls “Carculator“, which helps calculate your potential earnings as a Turo host when you rent your car.

After entering the make, model, and year of your vehicle, you cánido get an estimate of how much money you could be making.

It’s worth noting that Turo Carculator only works for select cities in the United States and Canada.

If your city is not on the list, you perro choose the average calculation.

How does the Turo calculator work?

The Turo Carculator emplees data from your market area to determine the daily price of your car.

The automatic pricing algorithm takes into account the make of your vehicle and the demand in your location.

He will then give you a price.

The Turo Calculator assumes that your vehicle will be available for the average number of days and that it will honor all requests.

The calculator also assumes that the host chooses the 70 plan, in which Turo keeps 30 percent of the daily price to pay for insurance coverage and other operating costs.

There is an option in the tool to escoge if renters pick up their car or drop it off.

According to Turo, cars delivered to the lessee are reserved much more frequently than those picked up by the lessee.

Turo Calculator Options

The Turo Carculador is undoubtedly the fastest and easiest way to calculate your potential income.

But because it makes assumptions, some of the data may not be accurate for your situation.

In that case, it might be better to use a third-party Turo calculator that allows you to customize many of the data fields.

Factors like the cost of your personal insurance, government reimbursements, gas prices, and many others are customizable.

An overview of the fees Turo charges drivers

When renters book a car through the Turo aplicación, Turo charges various rental fees to protect the controlador and host.

These rates depend on the specific circumstances of the proposed rental agreement, such as the vehicle and protection plan you choose.

For a more general overview of Turo rental car prices, read this article on car types and pricing information.

But the information below covers the most common fees charged by Turo.

The fees charged by Turo

In addition to the price of the trip (the daily cost multiplied by the duration of the trip), Turo also takes some additional fees from the drivers.

These will be detailed on the payment screen of the Turo aplicación and may include the following:

  • Travel fee: This is a small charge, a percentage of the trip price, calculated at checkout.
  • Protection Plan: Liberty Mutual provides Turo’s insurance protection plan.

    The three plans are the Minimal Plan, the Estándar Plan, and the Major Plan in order of increasing cost.

  • Young drivers rate: This fee applies to drivers 18-25 years of age in the United States or 18-24 years of age in Canada and the United Kingdom.
  • Delivery: The shipping fee is a one-time fee that is equipo by the Turo host.

    Covers the delivery and collection of the rental car.

  • Additional features: These optional add-ons to your trip vary in price.

    Plus range from convenience elementos like unlimited mileage to useful gear including picnic baskets and bikes.

    The hosts equipo the prices for the plus.

  • Security deposit: This deposit is applied when you reserve a high value vehicle.

    Specific circumstances require a security deposit, such as renting a Deluxe class car when under 30, which cannot be waived by the host or Turo.

  • Taxes: Taxes will be applied to your purchase based on the state where your trip begins and ends.

    In Canada, Quebec also requires a sales tax to be collected.

How Turo calculates travel fares

How Turo calculates the trip fare is a mystery.

Price, calculated at checkout, changes based on cost and other factors.

The value of the car, the duration of the reservation and how far in advance the reservation is made are factors that affect this rate.

Alternative ways to quote your Turo rental

Turo’s automatic pricing algorithm is probably the most reliable way to find a reasonable price for your vehicle.

The Turo Calculator will do a good job of estimating costs.

It constantly adjusts the price to meet the demand in your area so you take home the most money.

But you cánido opt out of this algorithm and manually equipo your price whenever you want.

The Turo Carculator is a start, but there are a few other ways to price your rental.


Look for afín ads on Turo

Browsing Turo for afín listings is a must.

Seeing the same car models and locations will give you a rough iniciativa of ​​what price is reasonable.

From there, you perro adjust when necessary.

While the automatic pricing algorithm keeps you competitive, manually setting your price cánido help you beat the competition.

Since the demand for cars is constantly changing, there is no guarantee with this method.

But overall, it gives you an iniciativa of ​​what prices are competitive.


Look for afín offers at Hyrecar

Turo is not the only peer-to-peer car rental marketplace.

There are other companies like Getaround, Lyft Rentals and Hyrecar.

So if you want to quote your Turo rental in the most competitive way, look for afín offers from another company like Hyrecar.

Suppose the automatic pricing algorithm is pricing your car too high compared to afín listings on Hyrecar.

In that case, you might consider lowering your price to be more competitive with the other car rental companies in your area.

The cars that earn the most in Turo

The exact amount your car earns in Turo depends on many factors.

According to Turo’s data on more than 6 million reservations, various car models earn the most money compared to their average monthly payments.

You cánido use the Carculator to find out the specifications of your vehicle, but the following models are among the top earning cars in Turo:

  • Jeep® Wrangler
  • Fiat 500
  • Ford Celebración
  • smart fortwo

Earlier models have a lower average car payment, making them profitable.

But in terms of higher prices, you cánido also find luxury models like Tesla, Mercedes, Porsche and BMW with the highest prices.

And the highest prices are generally found in cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco, where the demand for cars is among the highest.

Frequent questions

Every situation is unique, and even if you used Turo’s calculator to estimate your earnings, you probably still have some questions about whether or not Turo will work for you.

Is it profitable to rent cars in Turo?

In terms of earning a Turo profit, the best car depends on your specific model and your specific car payout.

It also depends on how much of the price of your car trip you are giving to Turo.

There are five liability insurance plans you perro choose from (offered through Liberty Mutual).

For example, the 60 plan means you keep only 60 percent of the trip price but you have no deductible.

And while the highest plan, Plan 85, is the most cost-effective, it also means a high deductible.

If your car is damaged on the 85 plan, you are responsible for a $2,500 deductible.

It’s worth reading the US Host Protection Plans chart before deciding what’s most cost-effective for you.

How much cánido you earn with Turo?

According to data from the Turo website, the average car generates an annual income of $10,516.

This money cánido easily offset the cost of owning a car.

But the exact amount will vary depending on your car model and location, so it pays to use the Turo calculator.

If you are looking to expand your operation from a side business to a legitimate business, you cánido add more cars to your fleet.

Nine cars provide an average annual income of $94,642.

Is Turo worth it to you?

This question does not have an answer for everyone.

If you only have one car and need it frequently, it’s probably best if you don’t use this rental service.

If your vehicle isn’t available for most of the month, it’s probably not worth the headache.

But if you’re frustrated that your car is sitting idle and you have car expenses, Turo cánido be a great way to offset those costs.

Turo vs.

Getaround: Which is better?

There are many private car rental companies, but Turo and Getaround are two of the most habitual.

Renters perro read this breakdown comparing the two services, but there are different advantages and disadvantages for hosts.

One advantage of Getaround is that it eliminates the need for keys.

A device installed in each vehicle connects to the Getaround aplicación, eliminating the need to make deliveries.

But Getaround is only available in select US cities, while Turo is available almost anywhere in the US and Canada (and even the UK).

This wider availability makes the Turo a much better option.


Turo cánido be quite a hassle if you have a car that is not used much.

You perro offset some of your vehicle expenses or even make a profit by leasing your car.

Certain cities are in exceptionally high demand.

So if person-to-person car rental sounds like the right fit for you, be sure to use the Turo Carculator to find out how much money you could make.

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 Turo Carculator: 2 Ways to Estimate
  Turo Carculator: 2 Ways to Estimate
  Turo Carculator: 2 Ways to Estimate

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