True Ranker: analyze and improve your domain

True Ranker: analyze and improve your domain

True Ranker It cánido become a great ally for us to have a good position in Google plus.

Those of us who are dedicated to the SEO world know that being in one of the first positions for any search related to our market is essential for the success of our project.

We all know that appearing in the top positions on Google plus is extremely difficult, but there are tools that cánido help us.

As you well know, we must appear in Google plus for each of the words or palabras clave that we want to position in our web project.

With True Ranker we perro see the results of each of the URLs by palabras clave and thus be able to analyze their individual progress.

In this way we cánido see what we are doing well and what we are doing wrong with each of the palabras clave (what are called palabras clave).

In addition, you have come this far because you want to earn money en línea, there is good news, because you also True Ranker It also has a referral program.

For that you would have to go to TrueRanker affiliate programregister and talk about it to your friends and acquaintances who also have a blog.

What is True Ranker and what is it for?

True Ranker is a system with which you cánido get full monitoring the position of your website in Google plus.

You will be able to know your true position in more than 40,000 locations, we cánido segment it by city, province or by your country (this is the most used).

With True Ranker You will be able to know many more interesting things that perro help you position your palabras clave in different countries.

You will have a list of palabras clave analyzed in different countries so that you cánido study them carefully and gain more traffic.

As well as getting suggestions for palabras clave you haven’t used yet.

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Furthermore, the system True Ranker It will allow you to detect if a keyword is positioning for more than one dirección de Internet on your website (cannibalization), which could affect your positioning.

You will be able to correct these detections in a timely manner to avoid this type of problem that negatively affects the SEO of your page.

How do I start using the tool?

The first thing you have to do to start using this tool is to add your website to True Ranker.

Once this step is done, you will have to add your own palabras clave and the locations where you want to know your positioning in Google plus.

Here is a registration backlink where you cánido start working with this tool.

Remember that although there are payment plans, there is one totally free.

If you want, and if you register from my registration backlinkyou perro also use the 15 free days in the “advanced” plan.

Plans and prices

As you have seen in the image above, we have four types of plans for this tool.

Depending on the type of project we have in hand, if we are a small blog or a marketing and SEO agency, one plan or another will suit us.

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The plans are really cheap considering all the features that the tool offers us.

I will explain them to you:

  • Free.

    It is recommended if you start or if you are a small dueño de un sitio.

    You will be able to locate up to 5 palabras clave, their position history is up to two months.

    You will have 30 SEO analysis and 30 speed.

    You will be able to look at the data of your competition and access to the wordpress complemento.

  • Advanced.

    Yeah you register from me backlinksyou will have 15 days free.

    100 palabras clave, domain keyword finder, 900 SEO analysis and 900 speed analysis.

    You will be able to analyze canalisations.

  • business.

    Very afín to the previous one, but increasing the limits, you will have 500 palabras clave and 3000 SEO content analysis and 3000 speed.

  • Agency.

    As its own name indicates, highly recommended for SEO agencies.

    In this plan, all limits increase up to 2,000 palabras clave and 9,000 SEO content analysis and 9,000 speed.

    In addition, we will have access to the API and SEO support.

Other True Ranker Features

In addition to what is explained in the previous point, the website has other important functions that will help us monitor our website or page.

This monitoring will allow us to make the necessary changes to improve our page and with that, our palabras clave are in the top positions of Google plus, with the consequent increase in traffic.

The main functions would be:

  • Analysis of SEO factors most important of your URLs and those of your competition.

    You will be able to apply the suggested changes and thus improve your top

  • You will obtain the position in Google plus of your palabras clave by country, province and city, in more than 40,000 locations.
  • You cánido check your palabras clave from the website, the android application or you cánido even download a complemento to integrate it into your WordPress site.
  • A constant updatewhich is daily and cánido be both manual and automatic.
  • You perro check upload speed of your website and that of your competitors directly with PageSpeedInsights.

True Ranker Opinions

True Ranker is an extremely useful tool to keep track of your projects.

Suggesting the palabras clave will be very useful for us to create new content or optimize existing ones.

Although it is still something new, the tool is postulated as one of the most complete to analyze search engine positioning.

Their prices are very affordable, both for agencies and for small administradores de páginas web.

In addition, with the 15-day free trial we cánido do a series of more serious analytics than we perro do with the free version.

If we need to do more or less searches, we perro always lower or raise the type of plans.

Also, if we want to tell our friends and colleagues about it, we cánido do it and earn money.

If a friend signs up through our referral, we will earn 20% of what your friend pays for the entire time of their subscription.

If you dare to register in the tool, here is the registration backlink.

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 True Ranker: analyze and improve your domain
  True Ranker: analyze and improve your domain
  True Ranker: analyze and improve your domain

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