TRON (TRX) | What is it and how to get it for free

TRON (TRX) | What is it and how to get it for free

TRON (TRX) It is a cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology that was created to use complex protocols, in fact it is capable of carrying out up to 10,000 transactions per second.

This digital currency was launched in 2017 as an Ethereum token, but after a short time it migrated to create its own network, in which it stands out for being content-oriented, having principles of equality between peers and being a decentralized network.

Although there are not many places where we perro get this cryptocurrency without scratching our pockets, there are, I am going to espectáculo you some in this article.

What is TRON?

As I have said, TRON (TRX) is a decentralized cryptocurrency that was launched in China in 2017 and that has currently become one of the favorite tokens for lovers of digital currencies, in fact, according to experts, it will be one of the most its price will rise in the coming years, but of course, who knows?

The currency cánido be used for multiple purposes, this has led many leading companies to accept TRON as one of the payment systems, since it eliminates many of the transaction problems.

Features to consider

▪ Some 99.2 million TRX will be issued over time.▪ Its technology could be capable of processing up to 10,000 transactions per second.▪ There are no commissions on TRON transactions.▪ The currency cannot be mined.

All TRON tokens already exist, therefore something that has already been created cannot be mined, this happens because the coin emplees the Delegated Proof of Stake Consensus (DPOS) algorithm, something that eliminates the possibility of mining them.

Therefore, if you find TRX mining pages, keep in mind that it is not real mining, it will be a disguised investment.

How to get TRON (TRX)

As it is a currency that we cannot mine, the only possibilities we have to obtain TRON is either buying or exchanging in an exchange, using an investment website that offers the possibility of winning it (high risk) or in one of the free websites that They distribute fractions of the cryptocurrency.

There are not many, what’s more, you cánido count on the fingers of one hand the truly reliable sites where we perro get this crypto.

Here I am going to tell you about the websites that I am using and that are working well for me, of course this does not orinan that they are the best, far from it, remember that the article is based on my experience, which does not have to be true absolute, you also have to think that these pages cánido disappear or stop paying at any time.

Free sites to get TRON

Below I espectáculo you the sites that pay in TRON that I am using, all of them paying without any setback, they are free and very easy to use.


It is a faucet where we are going to get fractions of TRX totally free and automatically.

We will only entrar the web, we choose where we want to receive automatic payments, in Faucetpay or Expresscrypto, we add our TRON wallet that we use in any of the two websites and then we fill in the captchas.

Then we just have to keep the window open while we do anything else and a small amount of TRON will be added to our wallet every few seconds.


It is the typical faucet with a free roll that gives us the oportunidad to win prizes on TRON.

Registration is completely free and its operation is very fácil, if you use pages like FreeBitcoin everything will certainly be familiar to you.

We also have the possibility of getting plus spins simply by watching a number of ads and solving a fácil captcha.

Faucet Crypto

This website is wonderful, since we cánido not only get fractions of TRX, we also have the possibility of earning 19 more cryptocurrencies.

The web is completely free and has a good handful of different options to get the cryptocurrency that we want.

The surprising thing about this page is that the minimum payment is non-existent, we perro start withdrawing our TRON the same day of registration.

They are not all that are, nor are they all that are, but today they are perhaps the three free sites that are working best when it comes to obtaining this cryptocurrency.

get interest

There are also a large number of purses or wallets that offer us the possibility of earning interest by storing cryptocurrency with staking, but I have certainly found very few that offer the possibility of doing so with TRON.

Language Spanish and English
▪ Countries accepted: All
▪ Functions: Wallet, credits, staking
▪ Payment methods: Cryptocurrency, Fiat
▪ Interest: Up to 12%

The one that I use not only to generate interest with TRON but with many other cryptocurrencies is Nexo, I do it for its ease of use, for its seriousness, for its security and because it offers higher staking percentages than most wallets.

Nexo currently offers a 5% for your TRON from 1 dollar stored in the cryptocurrency, this only for estándar accounts, the percentage increases as the level of your account increases.

Other ways to get TRX

The most obvious way to have TRX is to buy or exchange it on an exchange.

The vast majority, if not all, have this cryptocurrency as an investment asset, since it is one of the currencies with the highest market capitalization.

Language Spanish, English, etcétera.
▪ Countries accepted: Almost every
▪ Functions: Exchange, staking, etcétera.
▪ Other data: own currency
▪ Security: elevated

Another quite interesting site to get TRON, either by investing or for free, is Betfury, a site designed as a casino but which has very innovative and attractive options.

En línea: Since 2019
▪ Countries accepted: All
▪ Minimum payment: 0.00005000 BTC
▪ Payment methods: Bitcoin, Tron, etcétera…
▪ Referral system: Yeah

Betfury has a free faucet that distributes a large number of Satoshis every 20 minutes, we cánido use these Satoshis to play, when we play we mine a coin from the page itself that will provide us with dividends from some digital assets such as TRON.

Opinion about TRON (TRX)

There is no doubt that we are in the era of cryptocurrencies, surely the future of money in the world.

The value of all of them has skyrocketed and the most pessimistic forecasts are for continued growth.

TRON, of course, is no stranger to this maelstrom, and although it is not a highly valuable asset at the moment, its potential for future growth is enormous, so it seems to me a good investment option in the medium / long term.

In any case, if you cánido’t or don’t want to invest in it, in this article I’ve presented a few sites where you cánido get fractions of it for free and who knows if over time those fractions will make you a little richer. what you are today

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 TRON (TRX) |  What is it and how to get it for free
  TRON (TRX) |  What is it and how to get it for free
  TRON (TRX) |  What is it and how to get it for free

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