Triaba | PAID surveys for everyone

Triaba | PAID surveys for everyone

Triaba is a Norwegian paid survey portal that belongs to the CINT group.

As a letter of introduction, it should be noted that Triaba has been en línea since 2010 and serves users from all over the world.

On a personal level, with these data, I have been surprised by how little known the panel is among Spanish-speaking users.

In fact, for me it was more than enough data to register, work the site and check if I paid.

And boy does he pay.

¡¡¡Triaba pays in less than 24 hours!! If you usually work different survey portals to earn plus money, I think you will like today’s one.

Registration to Triaba

The process to register a new account with Triaba is quite fácil.

To begin, we have to go to the home page and entrar the data requested.

You, if you want, perro access directly by following the backlink below.

Once there, we wait for the page to finish loading, we go down a bit, and at half height two options will appear: one to log in and another to register.

We clic on this second one and a registration form with several fields will appear.

We fill them out, check the box for acceptance of the TOS, and clic on “Record”.

Go straight to the portal

If our intention is to work with Triaba to withdraw the earnings through Paypal, it is best to When registering, we entrar our dirección de correo electrónico associated with Paypal.

This way we will have everything configured correctly and we will not have to do anything later.

To finish the registration, Triaba send us an dirección de correo electrónico to confirm the account.

As soon as we send the form, a confirmation correo electrónico will return to our inbox.

We open it, follow the backlink that comes attached and that’s it.

The account will have been validated and we will be able to access the panel.

How Triaba works

If the registration in Triaba has been easy, the operation of the panel will seem like child’s play.

As soon as you access it, a menu appears at the top that has no use.

I don’t really know why it’s there, but we perro ignore it because it’s useless.

However, if we go down a bit, we will see the only two sections that make up the panel: the section on “Profile” and the section of «Rewards».

To organize ourselves better, in this paragraph we will talk about everything related to the section of “Profile”.

And in the next one, we’ll take care of review the «Rewards» and how to request a prize.

The section of the “Profile” It is made up of a total of 17 folders.

Below you cánido see a sample of some.

Each of these folders contains a series of questions relating to a topic.

By answering them and completing all the folders, Triaba will be able to get a better iniciativa of ​​what our interests are.

And as a consequence, from now on, she will invite us to surveys that correspond to our tastes.

To start receiving surveys, it will be essential that we answer all the questions of the profile.

Otherwise, it is possible that the number of invitations we receive will decrease.

Triaba pays by Paypal and Amazon

As we answer surveys, we will accumulate earnings on the cómputo sheet.

And when the time comes, we cánido request a payment.

If we go to the section of «Rewards», we will see the three ways that Triaba makes available to request a withdrawal.

They are the following:

PayPal » The payment method that I like the most is receiving the earnings through Paypal.

In this case, the minimum payment is only €5 and the maximum is €9.90.

Amazon » Another possibility is to exchange the money for a €10 Gift Certificate to spend on Amazon.

By choosing this prize, Triaba will send us a code by correo electrónico.

To redeem it, we will only have to access our Amazon account and entrar the code.

GCodes » GCodes becomes a platform that allows you to redeem Gift Cards from different stores from the same place.

You perro see more detailed information here.

Update – From September 2020 Triaba only pays by Amazon Checks.

Myself I received one of €10 on September 21, so they are still 100% reliable.

Regarding Paypal payments, they remain temporarily disabled due to an incident with the processor.

Hopefully they cánido figure it out soon.

It must be taken into account that Gift Vouchers have an expiration date.

In GCodes they expire after 90 days and in Amazon we have 10 years to use them.

How to request a payment

To withdraw money in Triaba we will have to follow three steps.

The first of all will be to go to the section of «Rewards» and select the payment method that we want to use.

I have chosen to charge €9.90 through Paypal.

Then, in the second step, we confirm that the Paypal data is correctly entered and clic on “Redeem”.

And ultimately, to verify that we have requested the withdrawal correctly, we go to the history and see if a new transaction appears with the label of “Earring”.

As shown in the image above.

Paypal charges commissions when we receive money from Triaba.

Of the €9.90 that I initially requested, I have received a clean €9.70.

From this moment, Triaba sets a maximum period of four days to send us the money to Paypal, although they usually pay quite quickly.

Without going any further, they have paid me in less than 24 hours.

main features

After seeing the main features and talking about the Triaba performanceI would like to comment on a couple of points and make some considerations that may be of interest.

Unlike what happens in survey portals such as marketagent, Lifepoints either Mobrogin Triaba the surveys cannot be accessed from the panel itself.

We will always have to access them through the invitations that arrive in the e-e correo electrónico.

✅ Triaba is not characterized by sending a large number of survey invitations.

I usually get about 2 or 3 a month, with values ​​between €0.90 and €2.

However, it has a great point in favor, and it is the high percentage of acceptance that the surveys have.

In my experience, 90%.

That is to say, that of every ten invitations that have come to me, they have only discarded me in one.

✅ When we request a payment from Triaba through Paypal, we must keep in mind the commissions applied by the processor.

Which are 2%.

To avoid them, the best alternative is to charge by Gift Check, since the amount arrives in full.

✅ Continuing with the topic of payments… The maximum amount that we perro withdraw through Paypal is €9.90.

If, for whatever reason, we had €20 accumulated in the cómputo and we wanted to withdraw it all, we would have to request two payments of €9.90.

Not one of €19.80.

✅ Triaba does not have a referral system.

Opinions on Triaba

Triaba is a completely free and 100% reliable survey paneltwo reasons why it has earned entering my especial list of best survey pages on the internet.

As we have seen today, the profits that we cánido obtain in this portal are rather low.

However, it is not a question of working on a single site, but of adding up in various ways.

And in this sense, Triaba fits within the profile of the page that I am looking for.

At the time of writing this articulo I have received a total of eight survey invitations in two months.

Of which I have answered seven.

Making an approximate calculation, I will have spent about two hours answering them.

And in return I have won €10.70.

Is it worth it or is it not worth it? From my point of view definitely yes, and so much so, that I have already equipo myself a new goal: The next payment that I request will be a Gift Voucher for Amazon worth €10.

And this is all I wanted to say about Triaba.

I hope that the tutorial has helped you get to know the portal better and you cánido get the maximum match possible.

For today I say goodbye, but if you have any questions, you cánido leave me a comment below or contact me through my Fb page.

Until next time!

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 Triaba |  PAID surveys for everyone
  Triaba |  PAID surveys for everyone
  Triaba |  PAID surveys for everyone

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