Travel the world and earn money is possible

Travel the world and earn money is possible

The dream of many people is to travel the world.

They dream of a life project knowing multiple countries on the seven continents; touring landscapes, acquiring experiences and surrounding themselves with different cultures.

However, when we think of travel the worldThe first question that arises in our mind is how to earn enough money to make this dream come true.

It is important to mention that traveling around the world not only gives you the oportunidad to discover new destinations or meet people with a different lifestyle; Among the benefits of traveling we find the following:

  • Your brain is stimulated.
  • You learn new things and it teaches you how to be smarter.
  • You develop new skills and attitudes to face life.
  • You become a more interesting and independent person.
  • Traveling the world creates new perspectives on the reality you live.

Is it possible to travel the world earning money?

One of the main reasons why the dream of traveling the world remains ideal is due to work and the time it involves.

With just two weeks of vacation a year, the average worker has very few days to spend traveling the world.

In addition, the cost of traveling the world is also a aspecto that must be taken into account when choosing a lifestyle that accumulates experiences, and not objects.

So, Is there a way to generate income and travel the world?

Yes it exists.

It is possible to earn money doing something you love, no matter where you are on the planet.

You don’t need a lot of money to start traveling the world either; what you need is planning, perseverance, an adventurous spirit and a job that fits your life project.

This is why, if you want to start traveling the world working, below we leave you with a series of en línea jobs, others face-to-face, that give you the freedom to travel, see the world and not have to spend 8 hours responding in an office. .


Create a niche website

Thanks to the rise of the internet, blogging has become a very interesting business that you cánido start from anywhere in the world.

So, if you want to start traveling the world, you cánido create a blog and tell your experiences.

If you don’t know how to start a digital publication, we have created something that will interest you.

Training: Launch your Profitable Website

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However, you must keep in mind that the success of a blog lies in the constancy in the generation of content, that is, that you are regularly publishing and sharing your experience with your readers.

To get started you only need a hosting plan, a domain (which you cánido claim for free for one year with Hostinger) and a content manager.

Your strategy at the beginning should be to build a community around your content.

This is the most difficult job, since it requires time, dedication and a lot of perseverance.

In this period you will not receive much income, however, if you have a long-term visión, this could become a very interesting business.

When you have your community, the brands will pay you because you write about them, they will give you trips and experiences in exchange for reviews and comments.


Create a profitable business as a digital affiliate

Did you know that you cánido earn money on the Internet by recommending third-party products? Today, thanks to the globalization and democratization of information, very profitable ways of generating income have been created.

And the best part is that all you need is a computer with an Internet connection.

Affiliate Marketing has become a very interesting platform to generate income; Well, thanks to digital products (or infoproducts), you cánido generate commissions by recommending these programs on the Internet.


Virtual assistant

You cánido do it in your free time, depending on your time zone and assist people around the world in different tasks.

It is a job that cánido take up your time, but it allows you to do it from any corner of the planet.

Depending on your needs you perro work full time or the hours you need.


Being a language teacher in other countries

If you want to travel the world and you speak languages ​​such as English, French, Spanish or another, you will be able to discover other cultures and adventures abroad.

To be able to practice this profession you must have a certificate that demonstrates your abilities to teach the language.

In the case of mastering English, you perro receive a payment between 18,000 and 50,000 dollars a year.

The countries that most demand this profession are Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, South Korea and China.

The key is to develop a teaching method that is easy to apply.


Being a photographer

If you are skilled in the art of photography, you perro start earning plus money by selling your images on different en línea platforms.

Some of the platforms where you cánido sell your images and receive royalties are Shutterstock, iStock and Depositphotos.

The advantage of selling photographs is that they never run out, since you cánido sell the same one as many times as you cánido.

All you need is to open an account, upload your best photos and wait for them to sell.

Additionally, you cánido generate plus income by covering events such as weddings, special celebrations, among others.

In this way you will have several sources of income from the same passion: photography.


Become an Au Pair

Beyond working taking care of children, the experience of living with another family and in a different country teaches you other cultures and trains you to be a better person.

The best thing is that you have plenty of free time to meet and have fun.

Also, the bonds you build with these people abroad will allow you to have another family; with which you cánido count and visit throughout your life.


Manage popular networks for brands

If you master popular networks and have the ability to create en línea communities, you cánido offer your services as a community manager to brands, companies and people who want to build their personal brand.

Managing these popular networks does not require you to be present in an office, especially when you have tools like Skype to meet virtually with your clients.

All you need to start earning money en línea is a computer, demonstrate your knowledge in the digital world, and most importantly, espectáculo results of growth, exposure, and relevance in the networks you manage.


Generate income by writing

There are different ways to earn money writing while you travel the world.

For example, you perro create a blog, work as a trabajo independiente for other media and charge per article, or write books and sell them en línea.

In the case of libros electrónicos, the work must be done only once, that is, you must take the time to write your book and invest your time in it.

Once you have it ready, you perro sell it on your page, or through Affiliate Marketing, no matter where you are in the world.

The success of this profession is the value you add to the people who read yousince regardless of whether you are an expert or not in a specific subject, if your content is difficult to read, does not entertain and does not inform your audience, it will be difficult for you to travel the world with the income you generate by writing.


Being a graphic editor

If you master design programs perfectly, if you are good at designing images, vídeos, or any graphic piece, you perro offer your services on trabajo independiente platforms and travel the world.

For this job you need a good computer, an internet connection and the license to use these design programs.

This is a widely used alternative to earn money from home, since once you get your first clients you perro offer them a monthly payment, which consists of packages of graphic pieces in exchange for a fixed income each month, which gives you the peace of mind of having recurring income.


Work remotely

Another possibility is to negotiate with your boss so that you cánido work remotely.

In the book The 4 Hour Work Week, Tim Ferriss explains step by step how to convince your boss to work this way.

Today many people have opted for this style of work, where the important prevails and not the urgent, where the results are measured and not the hours you spend sitting at a job.

Of course, the fact that you want to work remotely and travel the world does not orinan that you should not be responsible with the commitments acquired; since you will have to deliver results, meet objectives and be in contact with your bosses.

11. Volunteer

Beyond the income you receive, the satisfaction of contributing to humanity with your knowledge, work and skills is incalculable.

You will be able to access areas that you never imagined before, meet totally different people and have a story worth telling.


Flight attendant

The people who are in charge of taking care of you during flights, who distribute food and drinks, and are in charge of security on flights have very interesting benefits when traveling.

Flight attendants spend most of their days traveling the world, visiting national and international destinations.

In addition, the fact of working in an airline has benefits such as discounts and even free trips.


Apply to the different vacancies on the cruises

A cruise requires different types of jobs; ranging from gym instructors, psychologists, djs, nurses to doctors.

Normally this payment is usually by the hour, and since you are navigating most of the trips, you cánido learn how to save money since you do not have major expenses.

Among the most successful cruise companies are royal caribbean (job vacancies), Carnival (job vacancies) and Norwegian (jobs on board)


Tour guide

You cánido organize tours to foreign countries and cover your costs within the plans you offer to clients.

Although you do not need a university degree to do this, you do need to master foreign languages ​​and know the places you visit very well.


Commercial pilot

Like flight attendants, pilots spend most of their days visiting different destinations.

Even, this profession is part of the 10 careers that will make you a millionaire faster.

It must be taken into account that this certification is expensive and that getting a job is complex because the supply is much greater than the demand.

So this option to travel the world requires preparation, years of study and a lot of dedication.

If you really enjoy this profession, you will not only see different places in the world, but you will get paid to do something you love.


Foreign correspondent

For this job you require a professional degree in communication or related fields.

Your responsibility is to keep abreast of news and events happening in that part of the world.

You perro work for different newspapers, magazines, websites, radio and even television channels at the same time, unless you have an exclusive contract with a media outlet.


Work for the UN

There are different places on the planet where your expertise is required.

Whether as a language teacher, mathematics teacher, dentist, popular services teacher, sociologist among other professions, there are communities with specific needs that require your help.

The UN is an excellent platform for getting to know other corners of the planet as well as contributing to building a better world.

If you want to work for the UN, here is the list of jobs available in different corners of the planet for various positions and professions.



Archaeologists are often employed by research and government organizations.

They study the origin of humanity and their work includes the study of cultures, languages ​​and archaeological remains of humanity around the world.

If this subject is of interest to you and you get a good job offer, you cánido devote yourself to traveling the world while studying the origin of different cultures.


Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders offers you the possibility of traveling around the world offering medical assistance and humanitarian aid to communities in conflict, war, or that have suffered from epidemics or natural disasters.

And although this organization mostly hires people involved in the areas of health and medicine, there are other administrative and logistical positions and vacancies that would allow you to work there.

Within the vacancies list of Doctors without borders there is availability for doctors, surgeons, anesthetists, project coordinators, financial and administrative for the management of resources.

In the case of doctors and surgeons, while more money cánido be earned by working in a hospital and doing private practices, the impact you create in these communities through this organization is unmatched.

recommended books

When we talk about traveling the world, the first thing that comes to our mind is that we need to earn a lot of money to be able to do it; our plans begin by learning how to get out of debt and then paying for a trip of a few months.

So what would you think if you read that not only is it possible to travel the world, but you cánido make money doing it? This is the case of Johnny Wardwho spent 10 years of his life traveling around the world.

In concrete figures, he visited the 197 countries on the planet and won a million dollars while he was getting to know them.

Although the 33-year-old started out on a pretty tight budget, he learned how to be a millionaire in the process, demonstrating that traveling and earning money are not necessarily exclusive activities.

We share this story with you to inspire you, to espectáculo you that it is possible to make your dream of traveling the world come true, generate income and have a story to tell.

How did your journey around the world begin?

When Johnny Ward he began his journey around the world, he did not have enough money to even buy a plane ticket, so he signed up for medical research at a hospital in Ireland.

Doctors spent five weeks testing his body for drugs, which allowed him to save enough to travel to Thailand, where he dedicated himself to teaching English (see job #3 on this list).

Since then, Ward has created a blog (alternative #3), which, over time, has grown into a digital publication, or medium, with over 100 websites.

How did you generate income?

Through advertising on their sites, here is a guide to learn how to earn money with a blog.

In an interview for The Telegraph, Ward confessed that “He had to be diligent and sensible enough to take out his computer and work nights when he was in Mongolia, Kazakhstan or Ethiopia

“These were difficult times, having to work while traveling, not knowing if it would work out or not”

Recently, after difficulties, experiences, trips and happy moments, Johnny Ward he visited the last country he had left: Norway, where he celebrated his achievement with champagne and loved ones in the Arctic Circle.

What does Johnny Ward advise anyone who wants to travel the world?

“When you really want something, you perro make it happen.

When you visualize your path, and each choice you make leads you to the place you want to go, there will be nothing to stop you. he wrote on his Instagram account when he arrived at his last destination.

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 Travel the world and earn money is possible
  Travel the world and earn money is possible
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