Transfer money from PayPal to Bitcoin

Transfer money from PayPal to Bitcoin

He Bitcoin It’s one of those things that past generations don’t understand at all, but the present generation has more or less a clear enough iniciativa: it’s money worth buying.

But how to acquire and buy bitcoins?

The number of procedures that have been created to acquire Bitcoins are varied and fácil, especially those that are with a credit card.

But when it comes to buying them through PayPal the situation is not so fácil.

In fact, some en línea exchange houses have closed as they did recently at the beginning of 2020 VirWox.

Therefore, you have to use the options very well, especially since there are many that are dubious provenance.

Therefore, in this article we have summarized the most efficient, easy and safe methods so that you perro acquire the Bitcoins you want through PayPal.

Go for it!

How cánido you convert PayPal to Bitcoin?

Despite how volatile it is, Bitcoin is still a good investment option.

Its security, ease of use and multiple opportunities in the world of trading are some of the reasons why you should use Bitcoin.

and a good way to getting these Bitcoins is through PayPal.

For this there are two ways to do it: exchanges between users or using a platform of exchange.

In the first one, you just have to search in a forum, Telegram or WhatsApp group, or a platform where people sell Bitcoin on PayPal, one of the most habitual is called localbitcoin.

The advantage of this method is that you disminuye the cost to a minimum, since both are interested in acquiring the cómputo in the different wallets.

Its disadvantages are that it is insecure and somewhat difficult to carry out.

The second one is quite safe and fast (which we will talk about in more detail later), but since it is a business, it requires a commission payment that perro sometimes be quite high, which makes it more expensive.

How to send money from PayPal to Bitcoin

It is not possible to do it directly, since PayPal does not allow this type of transaction.

It only allows transfers between PayPal accounts.

Even so, there is an option that is quite safe.

Send money from PayPal to Bitcoin with AirTM

In this case we have the AirTM platform, in which multiple users and platforms have recommended it because of its excellent service.

Not to mention that AirTM has become a benchmark in the exchange market.

The platform is quite fácil, you just have to buy airUSD (AirTM’s currency) and with them you perro buy bitcoins.

The negative point of this method is that you cánido leave 15% to 20% of the total amount between all the fees of this transaction.

So if you want one cheapest option We recommend the next methods.

Sites where to buy Bitcoin with PayPal

The best method is to make transactions through platforms where people exchange their currencies, that is, platforms for buying and selling bitcoins through different payment methodologies.

For this case, there are two main ones that are 100% recommended:

How to buy Bitcoin with PayPal at Localbitcoin

Through Local Bitcoin you perro buy Bitcoins from different sellers that accept PayPal.

The matter is very fácil, you perro look for offers through this backlink and try to negotiate with different buyers.

Since the deal in this case is directly with people, it is important to understand that you must take certain security measures, not be fooled by users of dubious origin.

In the same way, Localbitcoin has certain security measures, even so, trust only the most reputable users, it does not matter if apparently beneficial offers appear.

How to buy with PayPal on Coinbase

The second option is coinbase which is a clear reference in terms of negotiations with Bitcoin for a long time.

You only have to register, assigning a payment method, confirming through an mensaje de texto and scanning the ID or identification certificate used in your country.

Once your account is fully active, you will be able to carry out different types of purchase and sale transactions through this platform, which will be validated with a security code, prior to the closing of the negotiation.

As you cánido see there are different methods, use the one with which you feel most comfortable and, above all, with which you feel more secure.

Remember that these transactions sometimes go wrong because of the many scammers that surf the web.

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 Transfer money from PayPal to Bitcoin
  Transfer money from PayPal to Bitcoin
  Transfer money from PayPal to Bitcoin

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