Transcribe audio to text to get

Transcribe audio to text to get

In today’s article I am going to talk about how you perro earn money by converting audio to text.

I hope you like it.

What does it orinan to transcribe audio to text?

Well, in a nutshell, it means that you are going to have to listen to an audio and you will have to convert that audio to text.

It is that fácil, however, you will have to equipo periods, commas, exclamation points, question marks, etcétera.

In fact, there are pages that pay you more money, depending on your precision that you have.

Therefore, if you have a good command of the grammar and the punctuationthen, you perro earn more money by audio that you transcribe.


Is it difficult to transcribe audio to text?

It really is not difficult, however, there are times when what people are saying in the audio is not very well understood and that makes it difficult for you to have a good result.

I am going to give you some advice, when you come across an audio like this, leave it and go to the next audio.

It should be noted that it will depend on the page you are using, but, on the page that I am going to recommend, you perro skip the audios.

Another aspect to highlight is the fact that you will have to transcribe the audios as you hear them, regardless of whether it is said wrong.

For example, if in the audio they say “vites”, then you will have to put “vites”.

Do they give you rules to transcribe audio to text?

Well, it will depend on the page you use, but the one I have used does give you rules, or rather, the ways of working with the platform.

For example, the way in which the ambient sounds are going to be established.

What page do I recommend to earn money for transcribing audio to text?

The page that I recommend is Atexto.

Has three ways to earn moneywhich are:

  • Transcription from audio to text.
  • Say it in your own words.
  • Repeat out loud.

Transcription from audio to text

It consists of passing the audios that they give you to text.

Say it in your own words

You will be presented with an imaginary situation and you will have to use your own words to solve the situation.

An example is the following:

Suppose you have had the following: “You have lost your internet connection at home, how would you report the failure by phone to the internet company?”

So, to receive the money, all you have to do is pretend that you are going to report the internet failure.

repeat out loud

You just have to repeat the sentence that will be shown on the screen.

In this type of task, you should not use your own words, just repeat them exactly.

How much cánido you earn for transcribing audio to text?

Well it will really depend on the precision you have and the speed with which you cánido convert audio to text.

This is because they will pay you depending on the accuracy and length of the audio.

For example, you perro earn about 0.011 dollars in a few seconds or in a few minutes.

It all depends on how fast you are.

Therefore, it is possible to win some $10 dollars daily or more.

What is the downside?

It is too monotonous an activity and cánido be very boring.

Therefore, I consider that although it is possible to earn more than $10 dollars a day, it would be very heavy, since you would have to do it for more than 8 hours a day.

Personally, I couldn’t do it, but of course I’m talking about transcribing audio to text.

The other two options that involve converting text to audio pay better and I think it’s less tiring.

So you perro try it and even vary between the three options that Atexto gives you.

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 Transcribe audio to text to get
  Transcribe audio to text to get
  Transcribe audio to text to get

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