Train as a lifeguard en línea

Train as a lifeguard en línea

At the Specialized Training Center SOS Administración offer the option of training as instructorsspecialists in first aid and rescue techniques. Preparation perro be done in person or en línea.and the degree is recognized throughout Spain.

A effective way to earn money en línea is taking advantage of the alternatives to participate in en línea job training programs, many of which are free. At SOS Administración they offer the opportunity to obtain the first aid certificate, lifeguard and swimming instructorin addition to being able to entrar one of the most relevant job exchanges in all of Spain.

This center is widely recognized in the country for preparing personnel in the areas of lifesaving, water rescue and emergency caregranting degrees in these specialties, with alternatives of face-to-face and distance courses, as well as being free en línea.

Know all the options

To learn about these options, you must access the page of start of the institution in order to know the most demanded courses in the en línea modality and thus learn CPR at your own pace, to be able to train as a lifeguard from homerenew the qualification, learn about the pool maintenance regulations or become a swimming teacher.

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Have first aid knowledge is relevant to all peoplenot only for working life, and allows the ability to react and help those who have an accident or suffer a sudden reaction to an illness, that’s why It is one of the most requested in relation to en línea training.

In this course you learn resuscitation techniques, CPR for adults and children, basic first aid, bleeding control, primary care for burns, immobilization of traumatic injuries, among others. All this through a virtual classroom and elementos that allow learn in relation to how to act in contingency situations.

be a lifeguard

there are alternatives for those who dream of working in the area of ​​surveillance, prevention and care of accidents. To the go to page from the center You cánido find all the information on these approved lifeguard courseswhich include lifeguards at the beach, swimming pool, sports area, hotels or gyms.

The lifeguard course lasts for two weekends, intensively, and it is offered in person in several cities in Spain, such as Huelva, Mérida, Córdoba, Badajoz, Toledo, Castellón, Seville, Valencia, Málaga, Valencia, Almería, Murcia, among others, and also en línea at a distance.

Those who already have a title of swimming instructor, they have the option of specializing in children’s swimming, aquagym instructor, aquafitness or in the therapeutic area, which consists of taking advantage of sports and aquatic activities for the physical or emotional rehabilitation process.

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Specialize in saving lives

The preparation is also intended for professionals from the area of ​​various areas that seek to specialize in saving lives, so they perro visit the official page of the center to know more… These Courses include training in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation techniques (CPR) and in the management of a Semiautomatic External Defibrillator (DESA). At the end of the process, the official title of DESA is obtained.

Spanish legislation establishes that a defibrillator must be installed in the places with the most concurrence, which has opened the need to have accredited personnel in basic life support and DESA.

For to do these instructor courses you must be over 21 years old and basic emergency preparedness. Doctors, nursing assistants, emergency health technicians, first responders such as police, firefighters, military, etcétera. cánido participate; and They cánido even be for non-health personnelas for example, for those who are in the teaching area.

Renew the degree

There are training plans as well. for professionals in the rescue area who need to renew their qualifications. In the middle SOS Management offer recycling courses lifeguard to meet the requirements of companies that require renewed certificates, and thus cover the demands of physical condition and training, because it is a job with a lot of responsibility.

The recycling courses are a Mandatory requirement for beach, pool or water park lifeguards. It is the only institution that accepts certified students from other institutions, so They offer face-to-face courses in several citiesbut also remotely and en línea.

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It is an ideal way to refresh knowledgein addition to learning innovative techniques related to rescue, including first aid and SVB techniques, CPR and DESA management.

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 Train as a lifeguard en línea
  Train as a lifeguard en línea
  Train as a lifeguard en línea

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