extension to earn bitcoin extension to earn bitcoin is a new extension for earn bitcoin.

It is a free extension for our Google plus Google chrome browser and displays ads whenever they are available. It is very afín to other platforms that we already work on the blog as and adsbitcoin.

In fact, adsbitcoin and are very afín, they have the same interfaz and the same sections and both extensions are currently paying.

In fact, like the two previous extensions, it is extremely easy to earn bitcoin by watching ads, the extensions will notify us through notifications when there are ads to see and with their paid to clic function we cánido earn satoshis with each ad.

In addition, it has a very low minimum payment, only 4,000 satoshis, from that small amount we cánido make withdrawals to any bitcoin wallet.

Register on

Registering with is extremely easy.

We must go to the official website and register by clicking on “sign up”.

That is where you must put your dirección de correo electrónico and your password to register.

Once you have done this, you will receive an dirección de correo electrónico to confirm that the correo electrónico is yours, from there you must activate your account and start earning bitcoin by watching ads.

Once you have activated your account, you will only have to install the extension, you cánido download it by looking for it on your own or in the dirección de correo electrónico they send you.

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Faucet to earn bitcoin

Once installed, it will appear next to the address bar, you must activate it by clicking on “preferences” (bottom right) and associate it with your account.

How does work?

The operation of it is extremely fácil.

If you already have installed adsbitcoin on your computer you will know how to do it. It is exactly the same, you must install its extension for Google plus and that is where the ads that you have to view will appear.

Every time there is an ad that we perro see, it will appear in the extension, and we will be able to see them whenever we want, one by one or all of them at a certain time a day.

The only thing you will have to do is check when the ads are available at that moment, you will know that there are ads because the notifications will appear in blue, indicating the number of ads that we perro see to earn bitcoin.

To win the prize consisting of bitcoin you will have to clic on them and wait for the counter to reach zero.

When you reach ok, you must fill in the cpatcha and collect your prize.

Easy and fácil.

The negative part of this extension is that the ads have ad focus, that is, you will have to keep the window open until the timer ends.

As a trick that you perro do is open a window only to see the ads of

This way you perro do other things, see ads to earn money Or simply listen to spotify while the counter reaches zero.

referral system

As we have seen, the way to earn bitcoin with this extension is by watching ads.

Each of us cánido earn even more by inviting all the friends you want to the extension.

By clicking on “preferences” we perro see our referral backlink.

That backlink is the one that we will have to share on our popular networks or blog to attract the greatest number of referrals.

Actually, the page does not tell us exactly how much we will earn from our referrals, but in other afín pages we charge around 10/20% of the benefits that our referrals obtain.

Therefore, we assume that in it will be the same.

The important thing is not knowing how much we will earn thanks to our referrals.

Rather, the more we are, the more the different advertisers will want to invest and the more the platform will grow.

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Earn more on

In addition to seeing ads and with our referrals, we will have another opportunity to earn money with

We will have a referral contest, in this contest, monthly we cánido earn up to $150 with our referrals.

There will be prizes from $150 to $10 in cryptocurrencies.

The list is updated every hour.

In the image that I put is the third contest, we are waiting for the fourth.

And above all, win some!

how to charge

As I have told you above, we will have to have at least 4000 satoshis to request a payment.

With the volatility of the bitcion, the money that corresponds to it perro change from one day to the next, therefore, I do not want to give you a figure, not even an approximate one.

The satoshis that we earn will be sent to our bitcoin wallet in about 24/48 hours.

In my case, they are sent to coinbasesince it is the easiest for me to later charge through a bank account or Paypal.

So that everything is correct, and that the satoshis go directly to the bitcoin address that you have given, you must go to your profile and clic on “overview” and clic on Change” to be able to change it.

If you change it, you will have to confirm it in the dirección de correo electrónico in which you have registered.

Final Opinions

With the price that bitcoin is taking, it is a great option to earn bitcoin for free with all the options that are in our hands.

This page offers us a great ease of use, since we will only have to look at the extension and see when we cánido see the free advertising.

Just by being attentive and watching the ads, we will already be earning bitcoin for free.

Another great advantage is that this page is available for all countries, both for Europe and Latin America, including Venezuela.

The truth is that the page gives me very good vibrations and surely we cánido earn money in an easy and fácil way, like the other two extensions to earn bitcoin that we have on the blog.

Without anything else, we say goodbye until next time.

If you want to register I leave you the registration backlink.

You already know where to look for yours and send it to your friends and acquaintances.

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