Trafficly | Extension to earn free BTC a

Trafficly | Extension to earn free BTC a

Well collectors, today I bring you this article to talk about trafficlya browser extension that will make us earn fractions of Bitcoin by watching free ads.

The operation is very fácil, if you know, you will know what I’m talking about. It is roughly a ptc that we will always have on hand, since to see the paid ads we will not even have to entrar the website itself.

The page has been en línea since the beginning of 2019, so we perro classify it as a veteran taking into account how long most afín sites usually last, and that is that only a few espectáculo strength after having completed the first 6 months of life.

One of the attractive points is the very low minimum payment that it has, while other sites jump on the vine, this website seems to think a little about the average usuario, setting the minimum withdrawal at an affordable 4,000 Satoshis. Point in favor

Registration and download of the extension

Completing the Trafficly registration is a quick and free process. You just have to clic on the button that I have left you below and once on the web, select where it says SIGNUP.


Function:PTC ▪ Countries accepted: Everyone ▪ Minimum payment: 4,000 Satoshi ▪ Payment method:Bitcoin ▪ Referral system: Yeah ▪ Level system: Rewards active users with higher earnings

Next we must paste the address of our wallet in “Your Bitcoin address” and clic on the Get Bitcoins button, we will be asked to add an dirección de correo electrónico that we will then have to confirm by means of a code sent to it.

The following will be to download the extension, clicking on the blue button Install Extension!.

That will take us to the Google chrome web store, there we will clic Add to Google chrome to install the extension and start working with it, this will only take 10 seconds.

Install the extension

Once this is done, by clicking on the extension symbol, a series of paid ads will be displayed with which to earn money.

How to start earning money

Earning money in Trafficly is a breeze. All you have to do is watch ads and receive the remuneration associated with them.

When you install the extension and clic on it, the number of active ads that the ptc has at that moment will appear.

paid ads

We will only have to clic with the mouse on any of them to open it. The ads have adfocus, so we will have to wait for the counter to reach zero, when this happens we will only have to solve a fácil captcha to receive the commission for said ad.

What are activity levels

At Trafficly we are going to earn more depending on the level of usuario we have, that is, the web rewards active users, something logical and that seems entirely correct to me.

There are 3 different levels, of course when we start we do it at level 1, which is the lowest, with our daily activity we will go up and at the same time earning more in this ptc.

Level 1
Ads up to 60 seconds long and lower earnings
Level 2
It is activated by seeing 7 daily ads, we will get it on the first day
Level 3
You only have to see 20 ads in the last 7 days

As soon as you are active, it will not be difficult for you to stay at level 3, a level that will make you receive up to 50 Satoshis per ad, of course this depends on the value of Bitcoin at that precise moment, something to take into account when working sites that offer cryptocurrency

We also have to take into account that by reaching level 3, we are not only going to earn more from the ads we see, but also the earnings received from the activity of our referrals.

This is another way to earn money on Trafficly, your referral system. It has a single level of depth and the profits will depend on our usuario level.

By clicking on Preferences We will go to the different sections of the ptc, to find our referral backlink we will go to Referralswe will also have some advertising banners.

Although it is not reflected anywhere, in Trafficly we perro reach up to 50% commission for referrals for staying at usuario level 3, so if you are one of those who get a lot of referrals, you may want to stay at that level.

how to charge

When registering on the web you have to give the address of your BTC wallet, so when requesting a payment you will charge that address, unless you change it.

When you reach the minimum you cánido request a payment by clicking on “Preferences”, so you will access the extension’s website.

Once inside our nombre de usuario, we clic on Preferences again, a window will be displayed with a side menu in which we have to search «Withdraws».

We entrar the amount that we are going to withdraw and confirm the payment by clicking on the button, we will receive an dirección de correo electrónico with a code that we will have to entrar on the web and that’s it, to wait for our money.

In general, the page usually takes about 24 hours to pay, although it must be borne in mind that there may be delays due to saturation in the network, totally unrelated to Trafficly.

Opinion about Trafficly

Well, this is an extremely easy-to-use site, you just have to install an extension and from it see the ads while browsing or doing other things.

The level system is something interesting, since with very little effort we are going to multiply our earnings with our work or that of our affiliates, I think that is something that most sites that pay to see ads should have.

As it is such a fácil site, we are going to earn money without hardly knowing it, since while you do your things you cánido see some advertisement or other and add cómputo, also the low minimum means that you always have the incentive to collect nearby.

For my part nothing more to add, we include this page in our portfolio with the hope that it will give as good results as other afín ones and perro become a trusted site over time.

We hope you liked our article Trafficly | Extension to earn free BTC a
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 Trafficly |  Extension to earn free BTC a
  Trafficly |  Extension to earn free BTC a
  Trafficly |  Extension to earn free BTC a

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