Trafficly | Extension to EARN BTC for free

Trafficly | Extension to EARN BTC for free

trafficly It is one of the last PTC that I have added to my portfolio of pages to earn free bitcoins.

In the blog I have talked about dozens of sites with which to get satoshis without having to invest, and I keep adding reliable and 100% recommended sites as I work on them and check that they pay.

In this sense, today we will see how trafficly worksaa PTC that has been en línea since February 2019 and in which you perro earn BTC by watching ads.

Trafficly’s minimum payment is 4,000 satoshis and we cánido charge our bitcoin wallet directly.

Something that, without a doubt, will allow us to request withdrawals on a regular basis.

Sign up for Trafficly

trafficly It has a somewhat different operation from the rest of PTC.

In general, PTCs work through the web.

In other words, to view the ads we have to access the website and from there go viewing the ads one by one.

In the case of Trafficly, these ads we receive them through a browser extension.

In the same way that we do in neobux either ysense.

So when a new ad comes out We will receive a notification to the browser so that we perro proceed to see it.

Trafficly has a custom script and only works by using the extension.

Before downloading the Trafficly extension and starting to see ads, we will have to register from your website.

If you want, you perro clic on the button below, which will take you directly to the front page of Trafficly.

To create an account we will have to go to the bottom and paste the address of our bitcoin wallet in the box that reads “Your Bitcoin address”.

Next, we clic on “Get Bitcoins” and ready.

Now we have an account in Trafficly and we cánido proceed with downloading the extension.

Go to PTC

As we will see below, we will only entrar the web to request a payment or modify our data.

But to see the ads, we perro directly use the extension.

This is the main difference of Trafficly and with the rest of PTC, since they make our work easier.

Thanks to the extension, we will receive a warning every time an ad is available.

Thus, while we are browsing the internet with the active extension we will not miss any ad.

The Trafficly browser extension it is totally safe.

How Trafficly works

To explain how Trafficly works, I am going to divide the tutorial into two parts.

In this first block we will see the sections that are on the web and what we will find in each one.

And in the second block we will see how the extension works and how to start earning free bitcoins.

When we access the Trafficly website, a top menu appears with different sections.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the articulo, we will only access the web to carry out a couple of procedures and in a timely manner.

But it is good that we see all the sections to know in depth the PTC.

FAQ ⏩ Compilation with the most frequently asked questions by users and their relevant answers.

If we have any general questions, we perro solve them by consulting this section.

Contact ⏩ If the question we have is more at a especial level, we cánido always write to the PTC support for help.

Advertise Now ⏩ My intention is to earn bitcoins by watching ads on Trafficly.

However, if we want, also we perro use the proceeds to buy advertising and promote other sites.

Notifications ⏩ When we go up or down in level, they will notify us through this tab.

Profile ⏩ The most important section of the PTC.

From here we perro change the address of our bitcoin wallet, request payments, see what usuario level we are at and various statistics.

On the main screen we will also see our referral backlink.

For each friend that joins the web we perro earn up to 50% of what they generate if we are active seeing ads.

extension for google chrome

The Trafficly extension it is very easy to use.

As soon as we create an account in the PTC, we will be redirected to a screen like the one shown below.

To proceed with the extension download we will clic on “Install Extension!”.

As soon as the download is finished, we will have to open the archivo and install the extension.

You will see that it is not difficult, because you just have to follow the steps that are indicated.

Once the extension is installed in our browser it will be time to start earning bitcoin in trafficly.

By clicking on the extension icon, which will be to the right of the address bar, it will open and espectáculo us a list with all the available ads.

How to earn bitcoins on Trafficly

Earning bitcoins in Trafficly is very fácil since it only has a section to view ads.

Same as in the PTC of adsbitcoin.

As we have seen, we will have to visualize them accessing from the extension.

Look at this capture:

The process to see the ads in Trafficly is as follows:

» In the first screenshot you perro see the list with all the ads that are available at the moment.

To see them, we will only have to clic on any of them and it will open a new window showing us the advertising.

» Once we are on the ad screen, clic again on the extension icon.

Now it will no longer espectáculo us the list of ads, but a countdown timer.

As seen in the second image capture.

» Finally, when the countdown reaches zero, a captcha will appear.

We solve it and satoshis will be added to our cómputo from Trafficly.

We cánido now continue with the next announcement.

You have to be careful with the captcha because sometimes it is easy to confuse uppercase with lowercase.

If we make a mistake when solving the captcha no problem.

A new one will come out and that’s it.

Activity levels in Trafficly

Activity Levels are one of the most important features of Trafficly, as they allow us to earn more satoshis for seeing the same ads.

There are three levels.

Depending on how active we are in the PTC, we will reach and stay at Level 3.

Which is the highest.

Or otherwise, we will go back down to Level 1.

First of all, I tell you that being active and watching the ads daily, keeping the third level is child’s play.

What each Level provides

Initially we start at Level 1 and as we meet the objectives, we will move up to 2 and 3.

Each Level we go up provides us with greater profits than the previous Level.

Let’s see:

1st Level » At Level 1 we earn from 4 to 17 satoshis for each ad.

He exposure time of the ads is the same in all three levels and goes from 10 to 60 seconds.

2nd Level » If we see seven ads in seven days we will move up to Level 2.

In this case, we will get from 5 to 23 satoshis for each ad.

We perro reach the second Level the same day we register in the PTC.

We will only have to see seven ads.

3rd Level » To go up to Level 3 and stay we will have to see 20 ads in the last seven days.

Upon reaching this level, we will earn from 6 to 29 satoshis per ad. Sometimes 20 ads arrive on the same day.

If we see them all, we could get Level 3 activity in a single day.

From the second day our earnings will be double those of the first day Being at Level 1.

At Level 3 profits are higher.

We get paid more for both our clicks and the clicks of our referrals.

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and is in no way a purchase or investment advice.

In this blog we only use free sites in which it is not necessary to invest in order to obtain small profits.

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, speculative, complex and involve significant risks, and you may even lose all your capital if you invest.

Consider your personal circumstances and do your own research.

For more information do clic here.

trafficly pays

But does Trafficly pay or not pay? Of course it pays! The minimum payment required by the PTC is only 4,000 satoshis.

Once we reach this amount or more in the cómputo, we cánido request that the earnings be sent to our bitcoin wallet.

How to request a payment

I registered in Trafficly with the address of my bitcoin wallet at coinbase.

But you perro use any other wallet.

Regardless of which one we use, the steps to follow are always the same:

1- The first thing we will do is go to “Preferences”. we perro access through the web and through the web.

2- Next we go to «Withdraws».

If we want to withdraw all the satoshis, we cánido clic on the cómputo or type the amount.

3- Thirdly, clic on the tab “Withdraw”.

And after a few seconds we will receive a code by correo.

After confirming it, we will have the satoshis in our BTC wallet.

trafficly pay in less than 24 hours.

I have received this payment very quickly, it only took 12 hours.

Main features of Trafficly

We have already seen all the features of Trafficly.

Since we create an account until we request a payment.

Still, I like to do an analysis of all the pages I use and, although Trafficly It has no cons and many prosit seems opportune to highlight the most relevant points.

» That Trafficly pays from 4,000 satoshis is a very positive aspecto.

Also, we perro receive the earnings without fees in our wallets.

Something that unfortunately it does not happen in all PTCs, faucets and other systems to earn free cryptocurrencies.

» Trafficly ads have Adfocus.

This means that once we clic on an ad and the new window opens, we must stay as long as the timer marks.

If we do not see the ads on the first screen, the countdown will be frozen.

» In all PTCs it is important to clic every day.

But in Trafficly, if possible, it is much more.

The fact of seeing the ads being in Level 3, in comparison with the other two, supposes an plus profit of 50%.

The ads that most often appear are those that last 10 seconds.

And of course, It is not the same to earn 4 satoshis on each display than to earn 6.

Trafficly Reviews

Personally, I must say that I like this type of PTC.

I usually do my daily round of clicks on all pages first thing in the morning.

There I take advantage and also I see Trafficly ads.

However, once my most work-intensive round is done, having the extension enabled is great for me.

This is how I receive notifications when new announcements come out.

There are times that I am answering paid surveys, writing a artículo or simply browsing the internet.

In these situations, thanks to the extension, I realize that an ad has appeared and I cánido see it right away.

Without interrupting what he was doing.

Along with Trafficly, I work with many other PTCs to earn bitcoins by watching ads.

They are all free and 100% reliable.

And up to here we have come with the Trafficly guide.

If you want start earning free bitcoins on Trafficly, I would appreciate it if you registered in the PTC through my backlink.

And as always, if you have any questions, you perro ask everything you need using the comments below.

Until next time and hit the bitcoin!!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

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 Trafficly |  Extension to EARN BTC for free
  Trafficly |  Extension to EARN BTC for free
  Trafficly |  Extension to EARN BTC for free

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