I have always been interested in en línea trading to generate income from my home.

But the problem was that most of the brokers that exist today are basically dedicated only to European countries like Spainor to the United States.

That’s why I was very surprised when 4 months ago I discovered trade, a broker made especially for latinos like you and me who have deposit and withdrawal methods that we only use in Latin America such as OXXO, RapiPago, or Effecty.

The problem is that when I started looking for opinions on the Internet to see if Trading is scam or notI didn’t find much information about it.

I did not want to miss the opportunity to try this broker for Latinos, so I jumped on it.

And here I am going to tell you my experience with this platform, and EVERYTHING I discovered in this time.

Do you think I got scammed, or does it really work? Read on to find out!

Is trading a scam? This is what I found out

What is Trading?

Is trading a scam? This is what I found out

How to create an account in Tradear

100% Plus on Trading

▶ Minimum deposit in Trading

▶ Types of accounts in Trading

▶ Methods of depositing and withdrawing money in Tradear

▶ Countries where Tradear is available

▶ Assets you cánido invest in with Tradear

▶ What security measures does Tradear have?

▶ Does Tradear have a mobile application?

▶ Tradear customer support

whatWhat is trade?

trade is a broker where you cánido invest in different assets, and is aimed at all those people who live in Latin American countries.

Through the platform you have the freedom to trade through Forex and CDFs (contracts for difference).

Most of the brokers that you will find on the Internet and that really work, are from the United States and Europe, which makes it difficult for Latinos like you and me On many occasions they perro be encouraged to trade since the platforms are in English.

But the main feature of Tradear It is that it is a broker made and directed to Latinos so that they perro have the opportunity to trade without any problem.

If you try to entrar from other countries such as Spain, the United States or another country in Europe, you will not be able to use the platform to trade since it is not available.

In addition to the advantage of being aimed at Latinos, It also makes the trading process much easier. and makes it easier than on all the platforms I’ve tried and currently use.

Because the other brokers I use are in the United States and Europe, it is often difficult to receive payments, but in Tradear it is different if you are from Latin America.

So you cánido take the step of trading without worrying about the language, payment methods and use in all aspects.

Is trading a scam? This is what I found out

trade It is a newly created broker, and many times we think that “new” may not be as safe as something that has been running for 5 years.

But after testing this platform for several months, I cánido tell you from personal experience that Trading is NOT a scam.

First, being a broker and extension of Capitalia, gives it a very good reputation from the start since this company has been founded for more than 15 years and is not a fácil “more than the bunch”, but rather has great weight in the financial market.

The second thing that convinced me about the platform is that they maintain legal estándares and ask you for identification and authentication information as in sites like PayPal and your own bank; You only have to provide proof of a document to identify yourself and your residence to maintain the safety of users.

I also did not forget the most important thing: the payment methods.

Trading emplees payment methods that are used by almost everyone in the world, including Latinos obviously, so you are covered by options like return or money protection, in addition to the ease of obtaining it thanks to the fact that you have options such as Visa, Skrill, Neteller and Mastercard.

Those are the 3 main reasons for which I was able to verify that Trading is NOT a scam, but delving a little deeper you cánido discover many other advantages and features.

For example, you will discover your trusted support, security and other benefits which I will tell you later.

My colleague Marco has also written an article with all his experience and real opinions that you perro read here: Is Trader the best broker for Latinos? [OPINIONES 2022]

As create an account in Trading

1. Visit the Trade website

Create an account in Trader It’s free and it won’t take you more than 2 minutes to do it.

Clic on the backlink below To go directly to the Trade page and be able to register:

2. Write your data

Once you have clicked on the backlink above, and you are inside the Trade page, you only have to look for the box to register like the one I espectáculo you in the image below.

In that box is where you should put your data to create the account, and it appears just on the right side once you entrar the website.

The form asks you for very basic data and that you usually fill in anywhere when you create your account:

  • Name and last name.
  • Number of phone.
  • Dirección de correo electrónico or dirección de correo electrónico.
  • password for get into To the place.

Finally, you must accept the terms and conditions to be able to register.

In the end, just clic on “Entrar”.

On the same registration screen you perro see a message box where you cánido contact Tradear support in case you have questions before registering.

3. Make your first deposit at Tradear

As soon as you finish the registration and confirm the data you have entered, it will send you directly to the window to make your first deposit.

On every trading page you need to first deposit money to your account to be able to operate and thus earn money, so do not be caught off guard in this regard.

Do the deposit is very fácil and you have several payment methods in case one does not suit the ones you have and you may have the opportunity to operate on the platform.

Depending on which Latin American country you are from, you perro see more options to make your deposit.

Now, select the option you prefer and it will send you directly to the form where you must entrar the data according to the method you have chosen and that’s it!

The minimum deposit in Trading is $250, but if you want a larger deposit, you cánido do it from then on without any problem.

Once it has been effected, Tradear will notify you so you cánido start trading.

4. Verify your account manually

In order to verify your account so that you cánido start trading in Trading, you need to go to the main page in your account and go to the option in the upper right corner. where your name appears and a red arrow pointing down.

Clic on it and select the “Verify Account” option; that will send you directly to the instructions you need to follow.

In order to operate you need to send or upload a photo of your identification, card or legal document where your identity is proven and in this way, Tradear ensures that at the time of money withdrawal or do some operation, no one perro do it except you.

It is a very important step because It’s mainly for your safety. And don’t worry, all the data and documents you share are protected by the Tradear system.

That’s all! The verification is immediate and you will be able to operate with the deposit you have made.

100% plus in Trading

Trading does have bonuses with which they will give you money so you cánido start doing more operations on the platform.

Bonuses are not always the same because they change over time, but they always give you many advantages and benefit in all aspects, especially regarding your deposits and operations.

Currently, the page is offering a special plus welcome where they give you 100% of your deposit from the minimum $250 that I indicated above.

That means that if you deposit $250, you will have a total of $500 at the beginning to be able to do your operations.

If you make a deposit of greater value such as $370, $400 and up to a maximum of $1,000, they will continue to give you 100% of this.

Keep in mind that this plus applies only to your first deposit, yes, regardless of whether you do it at the time of registration or the next day, you will get 100% as long as it is still available.

I recommend you do it at the time you register if possible and you claim it as soon as possible since you only have 48 hours later to make your deposit to request it.

Just keep in mind that they will only give you 100% of the deposit for amounts between $250 to $1,000, no more than that and no less than the minimum.

all this plus will be added to your account cómputo and you cánido spend it to carry out operations.

Deposit minimum in Trading

In tradethe minimum deposit that you must make to start trading on the platform is $250.

Remember also that, when making your deposit, they will give you a welcome plus They have 100% of the money you deposit available right now.

So if you make a deposit of $250, they will give you another $250 to make your trades on the platform; that is, you will have $500 in your account to operate.

If you make a deposit of $400, they will give you another $400 to trade, so you will have a total of $800 in your account to trade.

And so with the rest of amounts up to $1000.

Types accounts in Trading

trade has 5 different types of accounts that are differentiated by the minimum deposit that you make in the broker.

What account should you create? It all depends on earnings and budget that you have to invest and make the minimum deposits according to the type of account you create.

They also have more features what difference one from the other and here below I detail them:

Trade Account

It is the basic account that you cánido open at make a minimum deposit of $250.

The benefits it gives you is that you perro operate with the money from your deposits both Forex and CFDs (contracts for difference).

If you are a beginner, it is perfect for you since you do not have to invest an excessive amount of money and you cánido trade with almost no concern while the executive assigned to you by the account helps you carry out your operations.

You will also have access to the basic material to educate you about trading and to tournaments where you perro win more money on the platform.

Finally, you will be able to see the trading signals and so you cánido operate with a higher percentage of hits.

infinite account

It is the account that follows the Tradear account and therefore more advanced.

The minimum deposit you must make if you want to create this account it is $5,000 and it will also allow you to trade Forex and CFDs.

You will receive the same executive benefit that will help you operate, access to tournaments and educational material to learn trading.

Basically, the main benefits are the same since you will also be able to view the trading signals, but in addition to everything, You will have a virtual assistant 24 hours a day.

This assistant will help you in all your tasks, operations and activities.

Advance account

with this account you will get all the benefits of the Infinite account, including the virtual assistant available 24 hours.

What the difference is that you must perform a minimum deposit of $15,000, but they will also disminuye the commissions and percentages for using the page considerably.

The operations in Tradear have certain commission for EACH ONE you make.

These commissions may not seem that high at first, but when you take the thread and start operating constantly, the discount is noticed.

So you perro remove more than 50% of the commission per operation and have the rest of the benefits.

exclusive account

The Exclusive Account has a minimum deposit of $60,000, but it has all the benefits of the previous accounts agregado an additional one.

If you create this account you will get a portfolio where They will tell you about market trends. and so you know the assets in which it is best to invest.

This will help you get more out of your money and have more oportunidad of earnings.

Of course, the deposit it is considerably high compared to the rest.

select account

Finally, this account has the same minimum deposit as the Exclusive, but it brings an additional benefit included.

In addition to the assistant, portfolio, discount and the rest of the advantages that you will enjoy, you will get another portfolio on cryptocurrencies.

This plus It will allow you to increase your profits in trading by being able to carry out operations with digital currencies.

In total, you will be getting access to invest in Forex and CFDs, They will assign an executive to help you and basic educational material.

In addition to trading signals, 24-hour virtual assistant, discount on commissions and the other portfolio with market trends monthly.

After having tried tradeand have used several accounts according to the minimum deposit I made, I recommend you start with the basic account of $250and when you have more experience on the platform, you cánido go up your deposit and try the rest of the accounts.

Methods of deposit and withdrawal of money in Trading

The deposit and withdrawal methods in Tradear are the same in both cases and among all of them, you have more than 5 options.

Unlike the trading platforms found in the United States and Europe, where you only have international options such as credit cards and bank transfers, Trading offers more methods depending on the country from which you register.

What do I orinan? What if you are from Argentina, Chile, Peru, Venezuela or any other, there will be personalized deposit and withdrawal options according to your country.

Among the estándar methods that you have for deposit and withdrawals are:

  • transfers banking.
  • Debit and credit cards like Visa, MasterCard and Profesor.
  • electronic wallets like Skrill, Neteller and AstroPay.

all of them are available for all Latin American countries.

On the other hand, if we talk about payments and exclusive methods for country, 4 of them have different options.

For example:

  • For México You perro make deposits and withdrawals through OXXO, Banorte and Spei.
  • For Chile, you have the options of ServiPag and WebPay.
  • In Argentina Do you have payment and withdrawal methods like RapiPago and EasyPay.
  • And in Colombia, you have money withdrawal and deposit methods like Effecty, Davivienda, Carulla and Surtimax.

The fact that Tradear offers so many deposit and withdrawal methods is surprising since most brokers are only dedicated to offer you the most estándar or only one or two options.

All this makes it difficult to participate in the platforms and start in the world of trading, but Tradear, having so many options, it is almost impossible to be denied the opportunity without even starting.

When I first logged on to the website and went to make my deposit, I thought I was going to have to do some tricks to trade, but I was surprised when turned out to be easier than any other broker which i used before.

So review all the options and see which one best suits you, I am sure that you will find the right one to be able to make your deposit and have profits.

Countries where is available trade

The great advantage of trade is that it is found Available for ALL Latin America.

The countries in which you cánido operate in Tradear are:

  • Argentina
  • bolivian
  • Brazil
  • Chili
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Cuba
  • Ecuador
  • The Savior
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • México
  • Nicaragua
  • Panama
  • Paraguayan
  • Peru
  • Dominican Republic
  • Uruguay
  • Venezuela

if you live anywhere in Latin America you will be able to access Trade without problems and start trading to generate profits.

This broker was created with Latinos in mindso that it is so suitable and made to measure is only a matter of the need and purpose that you want to cover.

If you try to entrar from another country like Spain, or the United States You will see a message indicating that it is NOT available.

So keep in mind that You perro only entrar the platform from Latin America, but the page is also available in Spanish and Portuguese.

Assets in which you perro invest with Trading

The amount of assets in which you cánido invest in Tradear are more than 500 since you have available options like BitcoinEthereum, depósito indices, among others.

As I told you before, In this broker you cánido operate very afín to that in IQ Option through Forex and CFDs, so it is the main reason that you have several options regarding the asset that you perro choose to invest in the market.

However, as in all brokers, There are assets that are more relevant and in Tradear that is no different.

Among the assets that you will find are:

  • cryptocurrencies where you will find Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, etcétera.
  • Raw Materials such as silver, gold, natural gas and oil.
  • currency pairs such as the dollar, euro, the British pound, the Norwegian krone and many more.
  • there are also the company shares recognized such as Netflix, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, etcétera.
  • Finally, you have the depósito indices such as the DJIA, Nasdaq, DAX30 and NSDQCO.

If you trade Forex, you perro only use trading options stablecoins and cryptocurrencies.

But in CFDs you have the options of depósito indices, raw materials and of course, the actions of recognized companies.

That security measures do you have trader?

Regardless of the broker you escoge to use, always remember to make sure that have security measures that give you confidence and you cánido operate calmly.

This aspect is extremely important, which is why Tradear was in charge of implementing a claim system where you cánido express your concerns or report any action and event that has or is affecting you.

The main fear of any person (and I think mine especially) is that due to some incident we end up losing everything or becoming victims of theft in these cases.

It is not for less.

So I’ve relaxed a lot when I started reading about security measures that the broker takes to ensure the security of its users.

For example, if you suffer from an altercation, you just have to go to the “Contact” section found on the website and they will reply to you as soon as possible.

The only one that you should keep in mind is that you only have 2 days to communicate with them since, if it really is an incident, the logical thing to do is to notify it at the time of it.

It’s a bit annoying that after 2 days you risk that they escoge to review or not the case, but it still makes a lot of sense when it comes to money, investments and a possible theft in your account.

you cánido also use the “Contact” option to express other concerns.

Trader has, in addition to customer service, two additional measures that guarantee successful operations without inconveniences and much less any risk.

  • Secure socket layer: This layer makes sure that your data and personal information, as well as all the funds that you deposit on the platform, are safe.

    The operations you perform go through the encryption system which is what allows you to protect all the actions you perform.

  • Movement check: all the movements you make in Tradear are followed through a process of verification and at the same time of approval.

    you perro too review each of the operations you perform and verify the status of them from the first moment until they were completed.

whatTrading has application For mobile?

Yeah! Trading has a mobile aplicación where you cánido perform all your operations and review your movements without getting out of bed.

Just take your cell phone, log in and start trading.

The application It is quite fácil in operation and you cánido find all the features and options with just a little swipe.

Unfortunately, the downside of the Tradear aplicación is that It is NOT available for iOS devices, so you won’t be able to install it on your iPhone or iPad.

If you want to install the aplicación, you need to have an android deviceIt does not matter if it is a cell phone or a tablet, and you do not need it to be the latest model to be able to install it.

It might be a bit disappointing not being able to use it on iOS devices, but because of that, Tradear made sure that you perro entrar the website whenever you want from any browser on your cell phone.

The screen adapts to the view you have, that is, if you entrar from a computer, tablet or cell phone, you will be able to see the site adjusted to your screen and you won’t spend work trying to expand or pressing the wrong options.

To download the aplicación You just have to visit the Play Store where you must write in the search engine “Tradear”.

It will appear as the first option and the developer is Capitalia Limited, in case you appears a fake or imitation.

Clic on “Install” as with any other aplicación and wait for it to download.

Through her you perro perform absolutely all operations that you normally do for the website.

You cánido access whenever you want wherever and invest the time you perro or are away from home doing operations and generate more money.

Customer Support of Trading

Tradear customer service is the best i have found so far Of all the brokers I’ve tried.

Not only do they have the typical contact by correo electrónico or phone, but you perro even contact them vía WhatsApp. Now I will explain all this better.

You perro use the “Contact” option that I told you about earlier in the security part, But they also have other options. to be able to communicate with them.

you perro send a correo electrónico, phone call and a direct chat that you normally see when logging in.

Regardless of the account you create, You have the executive assigned to you to help you in your operations, and you cánido contact him for any concerns.

Also, if you decided to create an account where you have your virtual assistant, you cánido use the platform or even a WhatsApp number to get in touch.

The answers are usually immediate or take less than 24 hours since it is a bot that is responsible for answering each of your questions.

In the case of circumstances of greater magnitude, you will automatically communicate with an operator or service person to give you more experience and solve your problem sooner.

The good thing about the robot is that you cánido have attention during the 365 days of the year whenever you want, either from the website or the mobile aplicación.

I have had to use attention several times to be able to clarify doubts about operations, but I have also used the executive assigned to me and who has not taken more than 1 or 2 hours to respond at most.

The care is excellent and you cánido operate safely and go along with them in case you don’t feel safe doing it alone at first.

And you, have you already operated in Tradear? If you have, tell me about your experience below in the comments!

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