Trade Republic | Gives you up to 200 euros

Trade Republic | Gives you up to 200 euros

Trade Republic is a German en línea bank or broker founded in 2015 and whose main mission is to make financial services available to anyone, whatever the size of their portfolio and the level of financial knowledge.

The platform that works through Android and iOS applications and now also the web, is one of the fastest growing brokers in Europe in recent years, making investing in shares or ETFs much easier than it had been. until now.

In this article I am going to espectáculo you a little how it works, I am also going to teach you how to receive a plus of up to 200 euros free just for opening an account free at Trade Republic, so keep reading and take advantage of it because it is for a limited time.


Trade Republic is an expanding German broker that allows us to trade shares and ETFs easily from its mobile application.

Offers a plus of up to €200 on a free share by opening an account with them.

What is and what does Trade Republic offer

As I said at the beginning of the articulo, Trade Republic is a German mobile bank that is supervised by the bundesbank which is none other than the German Central Bank and the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority BaFinalthough in Spain it does not operate as a bank, but as an investment services company.

Initially, the platform began to operate in Germany, Austria and France, but little by little it has been expanding and growing to other parts of Europe, such as Spain.

What it offers is an extremely fácil way to buy and sell shares of the main world companies, in fact you will be able to do it with just a couple of clicks.

Although the mobile application is not very visual inside (something to improve), the truth is that it is very intuitive and it is not difficult at all to start interacting with the different financial instruments.

How to get the action of up to 200 euros

The requirements to get a free action of up to 200 euros in Trade Republic are minimal, but even so we are going to review them one by one.

      1-. Download the application and open a free account from any backlink that I am going to leave you in this article.

      2-. Upload your documents, this will consist of taking a autofoto and a photo of your ID on both sides.

      This is something that any regulated platform will ask of you, since they are required by law to fight fraud.

      Identity validation is automatic and you will only have to wait a few minutes.

      3-. Make a deposit of at least 10 euroseither by bank transfer or card.

      4-. Make a depósito purchase of any amount.

Once these steps are done, we just have to wait for them to grant us the free share in one of the most important companies in the world, such as Amazon, Tesla or Microsoft among others.

The free action cánido take a few days to appear as active in your account and cánido be from 10 to 200 euros, since it is a random process.

At the moment Trade Republic is only available for Spain and Europe, although it is possible that it will soon expand to other countries and you cánido all benefit from this fantastic promotion.

free action

At any time you cánido withdraw both the deposit you made and the total share to your bank account, although in my case I will not do it, I prefer to have the money working and that it generates passive income than to have it stopped in the bank.

Remuneration of 2% for the capital not invested

Another of the characteristics that make Trade Republic an attractive place is the remuneration that we will receive monthly for all the capital that we have deposited in the platform and is not invested in the broker.

The characteristics of this product are as follows:


2% annual interest for unlimited time


we get those interest on uninvested cash


valid both for new clients as for existing users


There are no hidden conditions or fenezca print: clients are not required to use the broker, there is no minimum amount of money that cánido be deposited, etcétera.


The money is safely deposited at Solaris banks, Deutsche Bank or Citibank


Any cash is remunerated that does not exceed 50,000 euros


Guaranteed deposit up to €100,000AAA rating

The interests are calculated in real time and automatically, all you have to do is activate them in the application in the corresponding backlink.

You only have to make a couple of clicks.

The money will be received each month in our Trade Republic account.

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Withdrawal and deposit minimums

This is one of the strengths of this platform. The minimum deposit is located at only €10This makes it much more affordable for most small investors, if we start to review the different brokers, most of them require much higher deposits.

As for withdrawals more of the same, we will be able to withdraw whenever we feel like it, since the minimum amount is zero.

What you have to keep in mind is that if we are going to be charged a commission for withdrawal, it will be €1 regardless of the amount, so if you are going to withdraw often it is something to take into account.

Withdrawal methods are the same as deposit, bank transfer or card and are available 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.

Opinion about Trade Republic

Trade Republic is growing remarkably thanks to its good work and reliability, something that already comes as estándar to every self-respecting German product.

I suppose that this fantastic promotion will have something to do with this dizzying growth that the platform is experiencing, and that is that nobody is bitter about sweets, in any case, I do not think that is the only reality, since there are many factors that play In its favor, one is undoubtedly to make trading something easy to apply and understand.

That is why it becomes part of our full-fledged business portfolio and of course we add it to our list of promotions, where you cánido get a good amount of money in a few minutes and without much effort.

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 Trade Republic |  Gives you up to 200 euros
  Trade Republic |  Gives you up to 200 euros
  Trade Republic |  Gives you up to 200 euros

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