Trabajo independiente Work in Spain: Mega Guide for

Trabajo independiente Work in Spain: Mega Guide for

He Trabajo independiente work in Spain It has been growing by leaps and bounds in recent years, thanks to the advantages that self-employment presents today in what you are passionate about doing.

It may be that you have a very powerful project of your own and you are having few opportunities and difficulty finding work for someone else.

Or maybe your case is that You don’t want to spend the rest of your life putting up with a bossgiving you orders

In either case, you are in the right article.

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Do you still believe that trabajo independiente work is not for you?

It is likely that if you have already considered having a Trabajo independiente job, you have not yet decided to take the plunge, due to how difficult it is sometimes to find clients.

However, today we will give you the solution: you perro work as a Trabajo independiente from home and en línea, thanks to the 6 digital platforms that we propose.

But first of all, I will tell you carefully what Trabajo independiente work in Spain is, as well as all its advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s start!


What is Trabajo independiente Work?

He trabajo independiente work It is the employment carried out by an independent or autonomous professional for other companies, brands or even for other “self-employed” professionals.

In other words, it is the occupation made up of all those actions that are carried out on your own (since you do not have more bosses than your own clients) or subcontracted by another.

✅ This self-employment model has grown so much due to:

  • The growth of en línea jobs as web/graphic designers, Copywriters, Community Manager, etcétera.
  • The improvement of communications. Thanks to programs like Skype and the improvement of internet lines.
  • The change in the business model, Going from large companies and corporations to Technological Startups and SMEs with few employees and a large turnover.
  • Elimination of global barriers in the eCommerce campo. Today you cánido hire a professional from India, with no more formalities than crossing a couple of correos electrónicos.
  • The profitability of hiring this type of professional It is very high, since they are simply hired for work peaks or specific projects.

Due to these factors and many others, trabajo independiente work has become a posible employability option within the world market.

However, and as I always say, “all that glitters is not gold” and you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of Trabajo independiente work.

To do this, I have Borja Aranda with me today, an SEO consultant (and also a Trabajo independiente, just like me), who will be the one to tell you some of the most relevant pros and cons of this mode of self-employment.

It is increasingly chosen by professionals from all sectors.

«Mega Guide» on Trabajo independiente Work in Spain: everything you need to know + Examples

First of all, I want to thank Ismael for the opportunity to let me collaborate on his blog, to let me write this guide for you, partner or future trabajo independiente partner.

After the introductions and the thanks, it is time to get down to work and talk about today’s topic: Trabajo independiente workboth in Spain and in the “Hispanic” sphere.

If you are reading these lines, I am sure it is because it is very likely that you are already working en línea as a Trabajo independiente from home or are planning to dedicate yourself to it.

Whether you are in one position or another, I recommend that you read the entire article, because I am sure that it will be very useful for you. make a living as a freelancer.

Let’s go with the articulo!

4 Advantages of Trabajo independiente work in Spain

I am going to focus exclusively on Trabajo independiente work in Spain, since working here in Spain as a Trabajo independiente is not the same as working in India.

Neither the economic conditions are the same, nor are the processes the same and, far from it, the quality of employment is the same.

Therefore, I am going to focus on this country.

Among the advantages of working as a freelancer in Spain are:

▲ You will be your own boss

In other words, everything that happens, for better or worse with your clients, will happen to you and you will be solely responsible.

This will make you not depend on “ungrateful” and unqualified bosses.

▲ You will work on what you like

Regarding this advantage, unless you need money, you and only you will have the last word when deciding which projects you are interested in participating in and which ones you are not.

you will gain experience

You will see how each project will be different and You will learn much more than working for someone elsesince you will continually have new problems to solve and learn from.

In addition, if in your case you work as a Trabajo independiente en línea and from home, you will practice self-taught training, since thanks to the large amount of information available on the Internet, you will be able to learn about those areas in which you need to apply something new each time.

You will deal directly with customers

Customers will know your name and surname, so you will not be just another number in the maelstrom of your company.

Exercising Trabajo independiente work, in regards to your clients, you will learn what their psychology and motivations are, with which you will be able to improve your sales skills.

In this way, when you have been practicing this form of employment as a freelancer for a few years, you will always be one step ahead of them in terms of negotiations and personal treatment.

4 Disadvantages of working as a Trabajo independiente professionally

Not everything was going to be positive when it comes to this type of self-employment and having your own business will also entail a series of difficulties that you will have to solve.

Among the main drawbacks of being a Trabajo independiente are:

You’ll have to get your own clients

That is, you will have to go out there to get your own clients and no one will come to your door to hire you.

This inconvenience contrasts with employment as an employee, where your activity is given by clients who came thanks to third parties (commercials, company public relations, etcétera.).

In this sense, you should learn to be a “one man band” and also develop persuasive skills.

Nobody will pay you for your vacation

You will have to invoice a minimum amount of money per year to cover the time you want to take on vacation.

During the summer period, if you cease your activity to take “a breather”, your income may be zero, unless you transfer part of your duties to another professional.

▼ Cánido get lonely

More and more Trabajo independiente work professionals choose to use “Coworking” spaces in which to establish personal and work relationships.

The call “loneliness of the entrepreneur» exists and, if you want to combat it, it is best to share a workspace with other entrepreneurs like you.

▼ You will not have bosses, but you will have clients (which is sometimes worse)

Working for someone else will make you only depend on a boss, who will be the one who will dictate the guidelines within each project.

However, if you are Trabajo independiente things change and, instead of a boss you will have severalexactly as many as clients you have, depending on the relationship that exists and the freedom that they leave you to operate.

This means that putting into practice the paradox that the main reason you decided to be an entrepreneur (not having bosses) turns against you and you depend on several of them.

20 Examples of jobs you perro do as a “Trabajo independiente” professional

If you are still determined to work as a self-employed professional and be once and for all a self-employed entrepreneur who does not depend on bosses, these are some of the jobs that you cánido develop:

1) Lawyer. You perro always carry out consulting sessions from your own office.

2) Copywriter. Writing texts that captivate readers is complicated.

However, if you are good at it, I perro assure you that you will not lack job.

3) SEO Copywriter. Today, there is a need for quality writers who truly know what SEO is and its true importance.

If you like to write, you cánido earn a decent living with this en línea profession.

4) Trainer for companies and individuals. Education is changing and every day it is easier to access quality training, thanks to the numerous platforms for doing en línea courses.

If you master an area and you like teaching, this is for you!

5) Tax, tarea and accounting advisor. Do the procedures that every self-employed person needs from your own home and without having to have an office that consumes resources.

6) “Influencers.” This ámbito is booming mainly on platforms such as Instagram or YouTube.

If you manage to make a name for yourself on these platforms, you perro earn a lot of money from them.

7) Mobile application programmer. The creation and design of mobile Aplicaciones is very profitable.

If you also know how to do SEO for aplicaciones, you will be able to monetize them and earn a living with them.

8) “Full Stack” programmer. Programmers don’t need more than a computer to earn money and they cánido do it from home.

9) Community Manager.

Do you like popular networks? If you have a good command of the different popular communication channels, remember that to be a professional in this area, you must take specialized courses in Community Management and learn everything you need.

In this way, you cánido earn a living by running large company accounts, SMEs and influencers in the digital world.

10) Expert in computer security. Computer security is very well paid and there are very few experts in designing mobile antivirus that offer us users peace of mind.

11) Architect. Architecture projects perro be created from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a powerful computer with which to do them.

Without a doubt, this type of Trabajo independiente work is booming.

12) Virtual assistant. Who does not need help with day-to-day tasks? This type of self-employment is currently in high demand.

However, the problem is that there are few professionals who do it effectively.

13) Transcriber of texts. If you want to earn good money transcribing podcasts, this job is for you.

Podcasting espectáculos are booming and so are transcriptions.

14) Customer service. You will always be able to help people from a distance, thanks to programs like Skype.

15) Doctor. This type of self-employment is on the rise and private consultations from home for minor illnesses are more topical than ever.

16) 3D Expert. The 3D design specialist is highly sought after by different advertising agencies.

These companies always have work peaks, so they often outsource jobs to Freelancers.

17) Vídeo editor. The vídeo is paid and very well.

If converting vídeos to other formats is your thing, this Trabajo independiente work digital specialty is for you.

18) Audio specialist or music producer. If you like music, mastering, mixing and music production you will only need a powerful computer and decent monitors to make a living from it.

19) Graphic/web designer. If design is your thing, this profile is in high demand by agencies looking to outsource projects in busy times.

20) SEO and SEM consultant. If you like to position web pages in Google plus, SEO and SEM is a profession that perro help you earn a lot of money.

What qualities must you have to work as a Trabajo independiente?

As you have seen before, Trabajo independiente work is not as easy as it may seem at first.

Self-employment as a freelancer from home is complicated and not everyone is capable of not having schedulescolleagues or bosses to guide them.

Being one is much more complicated than all that and the success you have in this ámbito will depend on having a series of qualities that all Freelancers should have if they really want to work from home.

The qualities that you should have as a trabajo independiente are:


You must be up to date

In other words, you will have to be informed about the latest trends within your campo so as not to become obsolete and offer your customers the latest news on the market.

Being a trabajo independiente implies having great creativity and learning new things every day.


You will have to love your work

This is the key to success.

If your motivation is simply not having bosses or schedules, I recommend that you think twice before becoming self-employed.

To be Trabajo independiente, it will be essential that you love your work.

For this I always ask the same thing:

If they won’t pay you for it, would you too?

If the answer is yes, congratulations, you are on the right track to undertake successfully.


You will have to be organized or you will suffer continuously

A worker of this type must be extremely organized, in order to carry out all processes professionally.

I recommend that you make a schedule, in which you delimit the hours that you will dedicate to each task per day.

Not only will it be enough to create it, you will also have to follow it to the letterto avoid the famous “entrepreneur stress”.


Equipo schedules

One of the “lies” that are told within the world of Trabajo independiente is that of “you will not have schedules”.

But nothing could be further from the truth: if you want to be successful, you are going to have to equipo yourself some schedules or you will be doomed to failure, since you will be totally unproductive.


Avoid the “Pajama Syndrome”

Another of the false myths of Trabajo independiente work: that you cánido work from home in your pajamas.

Obviously, of course you cánido, but I recommend that if you work from your own home, don’t do it in your pajamas or you will suffer from this syndrome in which you eat breakfast, eat dinner, live and sleep in your pajamas.

This perro seriously affect your day-to-day performance.


Learn to say NO

At first, it will be difficult for you to say no to a client, but in the long run you will see how your health will thank you.

Avoid the toxic customers at all costs.


Use popular networks

Learn how to use popular media like a pro.

Not only will your visibility on LinkedIn serve you to get jobs.

Fb and Twitter perro also help you get clients.

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Be proactive and learn from your mistakes

You will make mistakes (especially at the beginning) that is ineludible, what will not be forgiven is that you do not learn from them so as not to make them again.


Differentiate yourself with your services

You are not a company, you are a self-employed worker.

Therefore, differentiate yourself from companies and offer a differential value in your services.

And as such, it espectáculos your potential clients that, although you know how to do several things related to your professional campo, you are very specialized (that is, the best) in a specific area.



Network with professionals in your ámbito and establish synergies and alliances to get clients and projects.

Summary, Get out of the cave! Not everything is being in front of the computer screen!

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The 6 Best platforms to look for work en línea as a Trabajo independiente

Now yes, it is time to start looking for a job as a Trabajo independiente and, for this, the best way to start and get some experience will be to do it through the different platforms that exist for it.


Domestika is one of the leading platforms in the world of self-employed professionals.

Its registration is free, although you cánido obtain a premium account, in exchange for a series of advantages.

This platform is specialized in digital works, such as web design, graphic design and digital marketing in general.

Entrar HERE and try it totally free.

2) Malt

Malt is the former “WopWork”.

This platform is positioned as one of the industry leaders in terms of quality.

If you are looking for people who are looking for quality over price to hire you, this is undoubtedly your page to find a job as a Freelancer.

In addition, its workers will be at your total disposal for any questions you may have.

As if this were not enough, at Malt (ENTER HERE), they are continually holding training and networking events.

Without a doubt, it is one of the business initiatives that I recommend in this regard.

3) Freelancing

It is a historical and “par excellence” platform for Trabajo independiente professionals.

In it you cánido find all kinds of jobs, although they are mainly directed to the en línea environment.

This platform (KNOW IT NOW) is good to start getting your first clients.

However, you must take into account that you are competing against people from other countries where tarea is cheaper than in Spain (Indians, Chinese, etcétera.)

This will make the prices per project extremely low, perhaps well below the average Trabajo independiente job in Spain.

4) Workana

Workana is a platform for Freelancers specialized in a Latin American audience.

This means that most of the prices offered there will generally be lower compared to Spain.

In addition, you must take into account that the platform (ENTER FROM HERE) will keep 15% of the price that you charge the client as a commission.

5) Fiverr

It is the Anglo-Saxon platform par excellence for subcontracting work to self-employed people.

In it you perro find writing and translation jobs.

However, their prices are not exactly high either.

Therefore, FIVERR will be very good to hire, as well as to get plus money to start your adventure in Trabajo independiente work.

6) Twago

It is a platform very afín to Fiverr, with the difference that it is aimed at the Spanish-speaking market.

The TWAGO initiative presents notices of new orders and also quick payments to all self-employed employees who join it.


These types of pages and Aplicaciones are very good to start with, but when you start to get your first clients, you will surely end up discarding this type of platform.

On these websites, what prevails is the price over the rest of the factors, such as the quality of the work carried out.

Therefore, if you want to get your first clients, even at the cost of initially lowering your prices, it is best to opt for this type of en línea initiatives, which will give you your first clients and experiences as a Trabajo independiente.

What is your experience doing trabajo independiente or autonomous work? Do you know any other platform?

Tell me how you are using any of these platforms or others that you normally use to earn a living in this way.

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 Trabajo independiente Work in Spain: Mega Guide for
  Trabajo independiente Work in Spain: Mega Guide for
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