TOP 5 Programs that pay you to go

TOP 5 Programs that pay you to go

Many televisión espectáculos feature bleachers full of public that add a note of color to the broadcast. Students, housewives, the unemployed or simply people who want to be on televisión close to celebrities are the main volunteers.

This hábito that does not require major efforts; sometimes clapping, laughing or simply making a bulge also allows you to earn money relatively easily because these programs pay a few euros to those who go as a public.

If you want to know what they are The programs in Spain that pay you to go public and how much you perro earn, be sure to read this article that we have prepared with detailed information.

How much do they pay to go on televisión as an audience?

The figure paid for being in the public eye on a television program ranges from €10 and €30. According to reports from the production of these programs, this is to cover the maintenance, transportation and those needs of the plus during the three or four hours that a program perro last.

That is to say, that it is not enough as a salary to live, but without a doubt it perro generate plus income that allow to accommodate the economy of those who seek to get more comfortable at the end of the month.

Programs that pay you to go public in 2023

Not all programs pay to go public, those that do are for a few euros and maybe a sandwich and a coffee or soft drink. But if that’s enough for you, then sign up for these espectáculos…

the wheel of luck

This program is paying about €20 per shooting day. Each day, 2 programs lasting one hour each are recorded. In other words, at least two hours, but you have to add the pause between programs to prepare the equipo, the participants and give the team a rest, with which you cánido spend about three hours.

Save me

From Monday to Friday, the television program with the highest audience during after-dinner hours is Save me. In fact, not only is it the most viewed, but there are also thousands who want to go public to the point that the organizers have had to invent a specific process.

The first requirement to go is attend with 9 friends. If you get them, you must confirm your participation on the website of Telecinco. Then the production will contact you to coordinate when you perro go.

the sixth night

The current affairs program and interviews with different topics of popular, political and economic interest and that 10 seasons to air on Spanish television is also highly sought after among people who want to be an audience in the stands.

So, if you don’t have any better plan to do on Saturday nights, you cánido contact the Penelope Agency and register in person to participate in La sixth night. Once this registration is formalized, you must call by phone to attend the program the following week.

The day before the recording the agency must confirm attendance by phone. People who come without this confirmation will not be admitted. Neither cánido you go to the equipo on your own, but you must go to the established encuentro point well dressed and with ID.

Agencies that are in charge of selecting the public

Sometimes attendance at programs as part of the public does not depend on the production of the program or the channel itself, but rather is a outsourced service and agencies specialized in the selection of artistic personnel are in charge of select people to attend these programs. It is to them that you have to go.


Penelope Agency has offices in La capital española and if you want to be part of the lists to join the programs as a public, you must come in person from Tuesday to Friday to register.

You will simply have to fill out a form with your personal information, bring an updated passport photograph and your DNI or NIE and your own Popular Security Contribution Number.

Through this agency you cánido participate in programs such as the sixth night from LaSexta, Public mirror of Antena3 and Pass word from Telecinco.

7 and action

Created in 2007, 7yaction is one of the leading entertainment companies in Spain.

His most successful program is the anthillwhich currently broadcasts on antenna3 its 14th season and which also enjoys great international success.

To be able to attend as a paid public you must entrar your Web page and clic on “come from the public” and check when the next event is and sign up. You must be very attentive because they run out really fast.

Recommendations to be called as a televisión audience

There are different ways to witness a live television espectáculo as part of the public. The most common is signing up for one of the agencies mentioned before.

Although many of those who sign up are young actors who are just starting out in the world of acting in search of opportunities, in reality anyone cánido sign up. All it takes is to look good, clap your hands, and have spontaneous reactions when the situation calls for it.

At the moment it is difficult to find a place as a public in these dishes, that is why you should sign up in time and insist until you make a place. But if your goal is to enjoy the program regardless of whether there is a financial reward, you cánido simply contact the program producer in question.

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 TOP 5 Programs that pay you to go
  TOP 5 Programs that pay you to go
  TOP 5 Programs that pay you to go

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