TOP 5 En línea games that pay you to play

TOP 5 En línea games that pay you to play

The vídeo game have gone from being a fácil diversion for leisure moments to a paid work full-time for those with the necessary skills. This has created the niche of the “jugadores”, people who play vídeo games professionally and receive financial compensation for it.

Although it seems easy and that it only requires many hours of practice, the truth is that few people achieve the necessary skills to be successful in this field. But if you think you have the necessary skills to succeed as a gamer, then this articulo is for you, because we will tell you what they are. The 5 En línea Games That Pay You To Play.

Earn money testing vídeo games?

Within the category of jugadores we have two categories; those who, as we will see, have achieved the necessary skills playing from home and earn money for it, and on the other hand professional game testers.

Before a vídeo game goes on the market, it is previously tested by a professional player or vídeo game tester to check its operation. You should not only play and enjoy them, must have a very alert critical eye, detecting failures, programming and development errors so that they are corrected before being launched on the market.

This tester has to play all the levels, go through and use all the menus, test all the characters and execute all the characteristics of the characters and for this he must have the necessary motor skills. Basically you have to push the capabilities of the game to the limit which, although it perro be fun, is also very repetitive.

In any case, the average annual salary for a vídeo game tester with little experience is $40,000, those with some track record cánido earn just over $50,000, while those with years of industry experience perro earn up to $70,000 annually.

How to generate money playing?

Many young people who spend hours playing vídeo games dream of earning money for doing so, but few cánido achieve it, because just like a professional athletededication is not enough but also have skills that allow you to stand out from the majority.

Through official tournamentsthe jugadores test their skills against each other and in this way the brands and sponsors “sign” the best who end up earning interesting sums of money.

So if you have the console and the right gameyou will need hours of practice, patience to endure the frustration of defeat, push your skills to the limit and overcome each of your opponents to have a oportunidad of becoming a payment gamer.

Top 5 en línea games that pay you to play in 2023

Next, we present to youThe 5 most habitual games among jugadores. Surely you have heard of them because they have become the most played around the world with millions of users with both free and paid accounts.

Tibia, our first choice for years.

What began as a commercial program back in 1997 has become over the years one of the multiplayer role playing games most recognized en línea worldwide.

One of the most attractive things about Tibia is that you cánido make one free account and start playing automatically. It has different levels that allow you to progressively learn and develop your skills and of course, at a certain point You perro earn money in various ways.

Dota 2, play and win.

Released to the public in July 2013, dota 2 is a game of the “en línea battle arena” genre, which implies that jugadores will have to make strategic decisions in real time. Unlike other afín games, making money here is not so easy and it will require not only patience but putting your skills to the limit.

But there are also those who have found an economic beta not in the game but thanks to it sharing their knowledge on youtubegenerating thousands of subscribers, building a wide community in which companies pay to place their advertising.

Minecraft perro generate Bitcoins for you.

Minecraft is a construction game that has conquered both children and adults with millions of users around the world. The game basically consists of place and destroy blocks that are the representation of natural elements such as stones, earth, trunk, minerals, etcétera.

Currently there are many users who play minecraft to earn money And not just to create and destroy buildings. This is because it has changed its rules and now allows you to invest and earn money; jugadores perro create objects and sell them through the Minecraft Marketplace.

On the other hand, a new mod allows jugadores to engage in a battle royale and win bitcoins in search of a treasure.

Fortnite, earn by selling character elementos.

One of the most habitual games of the moment worldwide. Fortnite is basically a Survival game in which you have to fight against others. It has three game modes, but with very afín aspects in terms of graphics, artistic resources, and game mechanics.

For make money playing fortnitemany users choose sell the skins that are details or clothes that are added to the characters to make them more attractive and unique and that to achieve them it is necessary to invest many hours of play. That is why many are willing to pay to have them.

On the other hand, they are made tournaments often in which the highest ranked jugadores receive cash prizes.

StarCraft, earn money betting on the champion.

StarCraft is a military science fiction real-time strategy vídeo game, where multiple jugadores must try to master a part of the Milky Way. To do so they must choose one of the three species in the game, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

Although it may seem surprising, in this game no money is earned by play but by half of the bets. You cánido bet that you will win against your opponent or, rather than play, you cánido even be a spectator and bet on who you think will be the winner in some en línea tournament.

Consejos to generate more income while you play

To be able to fully exploit your ability as a vídeo game player and earn money with them it is important to follow certain guidelines and why not, listen to the advice of those who are at the top.

These are some of the consejos thatthe best jugadores in the world They give us to get the best out of our game and thus improve our skills to be among the best in the world.

Don’t get saturated playing all daynot only is it detrimental to your eyesight and general health, but there comes a time when your skills simply won’t improve because your brain will need cognitive rest. It is best to play spaced out.

In this sense, it is important that Your game room has windows that allow natural light to entrar. If you don’t get sunlight, it’s going to affect your sleep at night and, in turn, your cognitive abilities.

As far as the game is concerned, take advantage of the breaks to reflect on your performance. Remember that we do not learn from experience, we learn by reflecting on it. Going back and reviewing your performance is a great way to improve your game. You cánido learn a lot just by watching your mistakes.

Compete against jugadores with different abilities. This will allow you not to get used to a single strategy or style of play, but will force you to test your ability to adapt and give the best of your abilities.

Learn from the strategies of others and take what works for you from them. Chat with other jugadores to find out their approach and learn from their experience and adapt everything to your style of play.

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 TOP 5 En línea games that pay you to play
  TOP 5 En línea games that pay you to play
  TOP 5 En línea games that pay you to play

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