TOP 5 best pages that pay you to upload

TOP 5 best pages that pay you to upload

If you are reading this article, it is likely that you are passionate or at least fond of PhotographyPerhaps on your computer you have hundreds, if not thousands of excellent quality photos that you took and that never saw the light of day or were only made to the delight of those who follow you on popular networks.

What if I told you that those photos perro generate income? There are pages that work like photo banks who might be willing to pay you for your work. You just have to know how to get involved with these websites, meet certain requirements and then entrar the buying and selling process. Here we will tell you how to do it.

Perro you make money selling photos?

make money selling photos not only is it possible, but it is a business that is becoming more and more habitual. Thousands of people join daily with the aim of capitalizing on their photos, but this is not easy.

Photos must meet certain requirements in size, quality, resolution, originality and functionality to what these pages demand. It is not necessary to be a professional photographer or have a professional camera, but it is necessary to have a good eye to be able to convey a whole equipo of sensations with an image.

if you cánido genera depósito photos good content, you perro sell them without problem. However, the money you cánido earn by selling your photos on the internet to these sites is only a percentage, leaving the platform you use to sell it with the other part of the total.

Best pages to sell photos en línea in 2023

Here we present some of the best pages to sell photos en línea. We have selected the most habitual ones, since they are widely used by various companies and people looking for original images and it is where your chances of selling your work cánido increase considerably.


Undoubtedly one of the reference sites. Shutterstock is one of the largest providers of high-quality licensed images, vídeos, and music on the Internet. It is widely used by marketing agencies and designers, rather than by individual users.

It is for this reason that you will find that its way of working is different from the rest of the depósito pages; customers pay a monthly fee which allows a equipo number of images to be downloaded. Every time one of yours is downloaded, you will receive a small commission ($0.25-$0.30).

To be able to entrar as a Shutterstock contributor you must register and upload 10 photos and to be accepted you have to approve at least 7.


Until a few years ago known as Fotoliathis photo bank is one of the largest in the world, it currently has more than 24 million entries between images and vídeosis available in 23 countries and in 15 different languages.

One of its main characteristics of AdobeStock is that it is ideal for creating your first catalog, since it has a very fácil and intuitive interfaz and they do not have a very demanding policy regarding the acceptance of photographs. In addition, it has a application that allows its users to sell the pictures taken with their cell phones.

Each photo you send to the page will be reviewed by a team of experts within 48 hours and if it passes the test it will be published. The benefit ranges from 33 and 64% of each sale you do, depending on whether you are exclusively in this agency or in others as well.

The more successful your photographs are, the higher you will climb on the photographer topwhich will allow you to increase the percentage of profits (between 50 and 80%).


It may not be one of the best known photo banks, but 123RF has more than 5 million customers and is present in 44 countrieswhich undoubtedly represents an excellent opportunity to espectáculo your work to the world and earn money selling your photographs.

Among what stands out the most about this website is the flexibility of its policies; It does not have any exclusive contract, so you cánido work with them while sharing content on any other afín website and, on the other hand, their juicy commissions; from 30% to 60% commission for each license sold.

You perro easily register as a contributor and share photos, vector vídeos, vídeo or sound clips and on the 15th of each month receive your payment through PayPal, Skrill or Payoneer.


Another site to buy and sell photos easily. Crestock It has more than 2.5 million images available and if you want to become a collaborator you simply have to register and follow all the steps. The only requirement is that the photos meet a certain quality estándar.

The sales system is afín to that of shutterstock, you you earn a commission for each sale. The price depends on the choice of the size that the customer wishes to buy. It perro go from $1 to $30.

Other features that stand out from this website is that allows you to editar the photos from the platform itself and that you cánido put your own conditions for its use. In addition, its FAQs section is really extensive.


If your goal is to reach millions of people around the world with your photos, then you should register with iStockphotoone of the largest and most prestigious original depósito content platforms.

To be able to entrar as a collaborator you must pass a test which consists of uploading 3 photos for the iStockphoto team to evaluate and give you the go-ahead. Images must have a resolution greater than 2 megapixels.

For each photo sold you get a commission. The benefits obtained are lower than those of other websites, being less than 20% but cánido increase up to 40% if you only sell your photos to them.

How to make money with photography in 2023?

Listing photographs for sale on the internet is a fácil process. The difficult thing is to get a profitable portfolioIn fact, it perro be more difficult than you imagine. And in order not to die trying, it is important to know certain keys to the process.

You already know that there are many websites where you perro upload your content and that the photographs must meet certain parameters to be accepted. The key to success lies in your ability to capture what type of photographs are most in demand.

It is not enough for the photo to be good in terms of image quality. must be a neutral photographythat is to say that its colors are uniform and that its message does not have a very strong specific charge.

Photos of people working, having a good time, talking or doing a certain activity are in high demand. The same happens with regard to the nature and the sustainability and those photographs where by gathering two or more objects you imply a message without being highly specific.

Of course, to achieve this you also need to perform a good previous investigation to know, not only what type of images are sold but also which are the most demanded and which niche has not yet been fully exploited.

Photos that are artistic, personal, with confusing messages or that include logotipos and trademarks do not usually have a place within the world of depósito.

Finally, you should invest some plus time to editar each image and get the highest quality possible, collect the permissions and then publish it. It is recommended that you get a good portfolio before launching for sale.


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 TOP 5 best pages that pay you to upload
  TOP 5 best pages that pay you to upload
  TOP 5 best pages that pay you to upload

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