TOP 5 Best Insurance what they pay you when

TOP 5 Best Insurance what they pay you when

Currently, more and more people choose to hire a insurance that covers them in the event of low tareal To complement the benefits offered by Popular Security that are sometimes insufficient

The most common are Subsidy Insurancewhich complement what is received by Popular Security and the Accident insurancewhich cover all types of partial disability and, sometimes, also total and absolute.

However, choosing the best policy is not easy and there are many factors to take into account and not just the price.

That is why we bring you this comparison between the different insurance companies that pay the best for the loss.

What are the functions of insurance?

A sure has as function economically cover the risks to which goods and/or people are exposed.

In this way, Insurance emerges as a type of financing, through which the danger itself is not transferred, but part of its financial effects.

So, capital repayment is guaranteed to repair or cover the loss or damage that appears at any time, receiving as consideration a price in advance for the protection service offered.

Top 5 of the best low-paying insurance

With the current economic problems entering sick leave It perro result in a very distressing situation, since being unemployed it is practically impossible to pay for the family’s food, as well as pay all the bills.

Although the Popular Security coverage for the self-employed are in a period of restructuring and growth, this is not enough and a sure to cover the drop It is the best option to complement the benefits granted by the State in this situation.

That is why more and more insurance companies offer this type of service.

Here we present a comparison of the best.


With the MAPFRE Indemnity Insurance, you will be able to maintain all the financial guarantees when you are on leave due to accident or illness. guarantees a daily allowance if you suffer a temporary total disability as a result of a contracted illness or an accident suffered during the validity of the policy.

Also has payment protectionwhich guarantees the payment of an amount equivalent to the monthly receipt of your policy for every 30 consecutive days that you are in a situation of temporary disability.

Also offers 24 hour medical guidance and hospitalization for any genere.

Mutual La capital española

This company has an offer of three kinds of accident insurance.

Some adhere to the most basic needs and others with much broader coverage.

In general terms, the coverage includes 24-hour medical guidance, €50,000 insurance for death in accidentadvance of burial expenses, release of the payment of insurance premiums up to €3,000 in the event of permanent disability of the insured and additional compensation of 50% of the capital contracted in Absolute Permanent Disability in the event of suffering a Major Disability as a result of a accident.

In this same vein, the accident insurance agregado and the Tailor-made Accident Insurance that increase benefits.

Additionally, it is possible to contract plus coverage to the basic ones offered by these insurances.


With more than 3 million health insured and considered one of the best insurance in the country, Generali offers his health insurance and subsidy intended to compensate for the loss of income or the increase in expenses generated by a temporary disability or a hospital admission caused by illness or accident.

This insurance has two contracting modalities:

  • GENERALI Professional Agregado: Through the chosen insured capital and for a period of time that varies depending on the chosen guarantee, you will be able to have compensation that covers situations such as illness, accident, hospitalization, disability, etcétera.

  • GENERALI Professional Rating: You will receive the compensation resulting from multiplying the Insured Capital by the number of days indicated in the daily compensation scale according to diagnosis, when you are affected by an alteration in your state of health, attributable to illness or accident, and must require and receive medical assistance. adequate.

Catalan West

With the personal accident insurance from Catalana Occidente you will be fully covered throughout the world in the event of an incident at work, while you travel, drive or perform certain activities that require you to take medical leave, or even if you suffer a serious injury, permanent disability or death.

This insurance offers different payment facilitiesevery 3 or 6 months in exchange for total protection no matter where you are at the time of the event so that you cánido carry out your activities with peace of mind.

Also has different modalities.

This flexibility allows add optional toppings to the main ones to have a more complete insurance.

Best of all, the capital that you insure in personal accident insurance will grow each year so that it does not become outdated over time.


He temporary disability insurance from AXA it helps you maintain your estándar of living when you cannot carry out your activity.

You will be able to collect compensation for not being able to carry out your professional activity due to an accident or illness.

If you cannot carry out your work activity due to an accident or illness, you will receive the payment of compensation corresponding to the contracted capital for the total number of days per pathology determined by the scale.

Among the advantages of this insurance we cánido mention that it offers fixed compensation by type of pathologyregardless of the type of leave, maximum agility in procedures, speed of payment and flexibility in contracting based on your needs.

Recommendations for choosing the best life insurance

The reasons for take out life insurance They are many; protect the family when the insured person dies, secure a mortgage loan, guarantee the studies of the children or obtain a return on savings, among many other factors.

a life insurance It will cover even disabilities that are caused by illnesses.

Not only those that have occurred due to an accident.

In addition, if you need a leave due to work incapacity, you will make sure you have a high performance.

Well, many times, the one offered by Popular Security is scarce.

Especially for freelancers.

That is why, when taking out life insurance, you must take into account some aspects such as the company has economic solvencythat allows you make a contract suitable to your financial situation and have the coverage according to your profession.

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 TOP 5 Best Insurance what they pay you when
  TOP 5 Best Insurance what they pay you when
  TOP 5 Best Insurance what they pay you when

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