Top 5 banks with the best conditions

Top 5 banks with the best conditions

Are you looking to finance the purchase of a house and are you looking for which are the best banks for mortgages? As in any market, there are plenty of offers, some better and some worse. But in the case of a mortgage, it is not so easy to determine which is the best bank since several factors influence it.

In order to help you in your choice, you have this articulo with the best conditions for mortgages today in 2023 so that you find the one that best suits your possibilities.

What are mortgage loans?

A Mortgage loan consists of a sum of money that a bank lends to a natural person for the acquisition, repair, remodeling, expansion or construction of a home.

  • The collateral in exchange for the loan is the property in which the investment is made.

Top 5 banks with the best mortgage conditions in 2023

Of the 30 banking entities that operate in Spain, These 5 are the ones that offer the best mortgage conditions and here we tell you the characteristics of each one.

EVO Bank

The EVO Smart Fixed Rate Mortgage is one of the best on the market, with a 1.24% interest at 30 years. You also receive bonuses for contracting the following products:

  • 0.10 points for depositing income
  • 0.15 points for subscribing an entity’s life insurance
  • 0.10 more points for taking out home insurance

Undoubtedly an excellent choice to pay a fixed and cheap fee. Not to mention that It will not charge you opening commissions or for early repayment and that you perro contract this mortgage loan entirely en línea.


Fixed Open Mortgage offers to any resident of Spain of legal age that, if adding your age and the term of the loan does not exceed 80 years, the possibility of obtaining a mortgage loan simply by registering and without opening an account.

Your interest is very low, from the 1.40% for a term of 20 years only in exchange for domiciling the income and taking out home insurance from the bank.

You cánido request it vía the web. You simply have to choose the option that best suits you; variable, mixed or fixed and OpenBank will be in charge of paying the appraisal expenses. Besides, you will pay the same every month regardless of whether the Euribor rises.

  • To calculate your mortgage payment you perro simply clic here and access the simulator.


The Ibercaja Fixed Easy Mortgage is ideal if you are looking for a loan with little connection. Your interest is a competitive 1.60%, which you perro get just by domiciling your salary (a minimum of €2,500 among all holders) from the second year.

  • You will not have to contract insurance or other products of the entity.

With this mortgage you cánido Get up to 80% of what your future home costs you or the appraised value, if it is lower. The amount, yes, must be at least €100,000 and you will have up to 25 years to repay this Ibercaja credit.


ABANCA’s Mari Carmen Mortgage is one of the cheapest at a variable rate due to its low interest 0.85% fixed the first year and Euribor agregado 0.85% for the following. In fact, it is the lowest starting rate on the market.

The condition is the domiciliation of the payroll and the contracting of the entity’s home and life insurance.

  • If none of these requirements is met, the interest grows by 0.70 percentage points.

With this loan you perro finance up to 80% of the purchase of a frecuente residence or up to 60% of a second residence, with a maximum term of 30 years. And if you have a good employment situation, you perro negotiate and you may get financing of up to 90% or more.

It should be noted that it is a offer exclusively en línea. If you request this loan at an ABANCA office, the conditions that they will propose may be different.


The BBVA Fixed Mortgage has one of the lowest interest rates on the market: between 1.35% at 15 years and 1.50% at 30 years. To achieve this, you will have to deposit your salary or pension and take out the home and life insurance that the entity offers you. Otherwise, it will go up 0.5% for each service not contracted.

As for your other conditions, with this loan You cánido finance up to 80% of your home purchase and repay the money in up to 30 years. There is no opening commission and it perro be requested over the Internet or at a branch, always with the advice of a BBVA manager.

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 Top 5 banks with the best conditions
  Top 5 banks with the best conditions
  Top 5 banks with the best conditions

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