TOP 5 Aplicaciones where you perro earn money for watching vídeos

TOP 5 Aplicaciones where you perro earn money for watching vídeos

Do you spend watching vídeos? What would you do if we told you that you cánido generate money at the same time you see vídeos funny? This is possible, even if you don’t believe it, since there are applications that reward you if you see the vídeos that they recommend while they earn by promoting.

We leave you a top 5 aplicaciones where you earn money for watching vídeos it is completely possible.


Surely, if you like to watch vídeos on the Internet, you have come across a vídeo from Kwai, a popular network of Chinese origin that has the same format as Tiktok, but with a friendlier interfaz for some.

With Kwai you perro be a content creator of vídeowatch vídeos or upload vídeos to the platform and editar them.

As you become habitual within the platform and your vídeos go viral, you will earn in the application’s native currency, being able to make a withdrawal when you reach the minimum possible withdrawal amount, withdrawal is made vía Paypal.

You cánido also earn money by watching vídeos and earning coins with it, but for this you must reach 3 minutes in a row watching vídeos, when 3 minutes pass you will have earned a coin and so each time after several vídeos you join 3 minutes of viewing. You will have to gather 1”


As soon as you sign up for swagbucks you will get €10, it’s that fácil, although first you must “work” watching vídeos on the platform to reach the minimum withdrawal amount. In addition to watching vídeos, you will also be able to answer short surveys with which you will earn additional money.

To withdraw your money you must have an active Paypal account, although you perro also you perro claim a gift card for amazonuse the cómputo to buy cashback offers or request a Steam or Google plus Play card.


This application is very afín to the previous one since they not only give you the opportunity to earn money by watching vídeos, but you will also be able to earn money by doing microtasks and surveys, which will be available depending on your country (usually you earn very well while in Spain and the United States).

Depending on how active you are on the platform, will pay you with different rewardsbut this is not easy, you will have to perform daily tasks, play vídeo games and earn in addition to other entertaining activities.


Clipclaps is an application that takes care of showing you a wide variety of vídeos, most of them are very entertaining since they creators make money the more people are retained in the vídeo.

After trying it, at first you begin to earn coins quickly, however, after one or two days of use, earning coins becomes very difficult, just as the minimum withdrawal limit approaches.

Besides, the time you must spend watching vídeos is increasingwhich means that you have to stay several hours for a little economic remuneration, making the task of collecting something titanic.


It is one of the few platforms that does not use cheats to make it difficult to complete tasks or earn coins when the minimum withdrawal limit is approaching, so it has a good base of people who use it daily.

But the best thing is that in addition to watching vídeos, you perro compete by playing vídeo games, answering short and entertaining surveys, rating images and other activities that are temporarily added.

This application pays through Paypal, but in the same way as in the previous cases, It is possible that the tasks are diminished after spending a few days on the platform and have collected 50% of the earnings necessary to withdraw the money.

Is it worth using these aplicaciones to earn money watching vídeos? The answer is “it depends”, if your main intention is to earn a lot of money to pay all your expenses, you would be wasting your time. Now, if you want to collect very little to have a coffee or treat yourself to a fácil treat, it perro help you.

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 TOP 5 Aplicaciones where you perro earn money for watching vídeos
  TOP 5 Aplicaciones where you perro earn money for watching vídeos
  TOP 5 Aplicaciones where you perro earn money for watching vídeos

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