TOP 3 Platforms to Invest in

TOP 3 Platforms to Invest in

With cryptocurrencies present in our lives, we need to find the best mechanisms that make it easier for us to manipulate them to generate benefits. There are many platforms that you perro get to carry out your investment in a safe, organized, reliable and productive way.

But, it is important to know the types of platforms that exist and if they are effective for both some cryptocurrencies and others. Also, there are fácil platforms that beginners perro use and in this way they cánido gain experience to handle other types of platforms in the future.

Platform Types

There are three types of platforms in the market that are used for cryptocurrency negotiations, each one has its particularities. When the usuario or investor knows them perfectly, he perro determine which one to use and at what time, for the best use and profit. They are:

1.- cryptocurrency brokers, by their nature they offer the acquisition of the same in a fácil and practical way. Basically, its operation is afín to that of a cryptocurrency store.

The broker buys the cryptocurrencies in bulk at a certain price (usually low), then offers them at a higher price, selling them makes a profit. The big advantage: great for beginners Your downside: higher cost than other alternatives. You will pay an plus price when buying and the commissions for the operation.

2.- Cryptocurrency trading platform, are the most used in the purchase / sale of cryptocurrencies. It consists of linking clients and providers of digital currencies, obtaining a commission for each operation carried out.

The advantage: purchase/sale of a wide variety of currencies with minimal commissions. Your downside: it cánido be stressful for beginners and you may not be able to exchange the coins you want.

This type of platform is usually more beneficial than the previous one (blockers) in relation to lower commissions and more conveniente exchange rates.

3.- Peer-to-peer platforms, this cryptocurrency platform allows direct peer-to-peer connection between people worldwide. Obviously the intermediary is the platform where the seller sets the price and the payment method.

The advantage: the purchase/sale is done quickly and anonymously. Your downside: it is possible to pay above-market prices and involves high risk.

Platforms for beginners free

Due to the profits generated by investment in cryptocurrencies, there are many people who currently want to document themselves to try their luck. Both Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are giving excellent profits and it is also not necessary to have more knowledge to use these platforms. They are:

eToro: For those who want to invest in cryptocurrencies, this platform is a good option, it does not require great knowledge to use it. The interfaz is fácil and intuitive, allowing you to invest in the main cryptocurrencies safely. The millions of customers worldwide have given it popularity.

Capex: This platform is quite solid and professional, it is perfect for beginners, it provides an Academy that explains each step to invest from the beginning to the configuration of the investment in the best way. It provides practical examples and a series of ideas that allow the dynamic understanding of cost trends.

Markets: Excellent platform for beginners not only because of its fácil and intuitive interfaz, but also because it offers the opportunity to start with just 100 euros. In the same way, it offers free vídeos to learn how cryptocurrencies work, from the simplest to the most complex.

Noting that there are many platforms that offer their services for free, however, only three were indicated as a reference.

Best platforms for ease of use and attention to beginners:

It is not a secret that in the cryptocurrency business there are any number of platforms that offer suitable tools for its better functioning. But, some platforms tend to be more complex than others or perhaps some are designed for the demand of beginners and others for the more advanced.

To know more details regarding the subject, it is advisable to carefully read the information that is shared below.


It is one of the platforms that inspires more confidence in the market, allowing send funds for free among the purses that make it up. It is ideal for beginners due to its fácil, intuitive and easy-to-understand interfaz. It has a wallet, Exchange and multiple useful tools for businesses that accept cryptocurrencies for the first time.

Due to its seniority in the world of cryptocurrencies, it offers cryptocurrency investment with a credit card and a profitable commission

push it here to access coinbase.


This platform that is dedicated to exchange and does it on a peer-to-peer basis It is very habitual in the Bitcoin market.. Such popularity has been achieved by offering services to various clients around 183 countries since mid-2016.

Its mechanism is quite fácil and is limited to working exclusively with Bitcoin avoiding distractions. In addition, this company has incorporated the loan service, fulfilling its objective, so it is possible to buy bitcoin or make bitcoin loans to other interested parties.

It is one of the platforms that has won the trust of millions of people since 2011. This has happened due to its massive way of marketing cryptocurrencies in the world. The acquisition of any cryptocurrency perro be done easily with a credit card, it also offers other cryptocurrency services for different institutions.


This digital cryptocurrency wallet, with the capacity to support around 100 recognized cryptocurrencies, emplees the integrated Shapeshift platform in the purse, for exchange. Because it is open source, it has received countless criticisms that have allowed it to improve.

In relation to security, it suggests that the keys, passwords are not stored on servers to avoid hacking, so it is recommended to store them on physical media.

With the information previously published, it helps us to understand that It is not so complicated to invest in this new campo. The important thing is to know how to select the right tools to work successfully from the beginning and enjoy satisfactory results.

Have you understood that to generate profits you have to carefully study all aspects of cryptocurrencies?

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 TOP 3 Platforms to Invest in
  TOP 3 Platforms to Invest in
  TOP 3 Platforms to Invest in

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