TOP 3 – Platforms or websites to buy

TOP 3 – Platforms or websites to buy

In this article, I have brought you the three main platforms or websites to buy Bitcoins. Which have made their fame over the years, thanks to their security, investment capital, trust and easy handling of their interfaz. And that allow power acquire your Bitcoins without problemsor intervention of third parties.

So, you won’t find another crypto asset platforms that allows you to acquire your bitcoin more quickly. Therefore, this fácil instructive will help you to buy BTC in the main Wallets Worldwide.

Why (probably) you should buy bitcoins in 2023?

It is one of the main questions that people ask themselves. moment of want to acquire BTC. Well, the utility and the return on investment that it generates are important for the followers of this cryptocurrency. However bitcoin becomes a digital asset of great magnitude. Thanks to its accessibility and way of obtaining it. Allowing you to do many things that You will not be able to perform with a Fiat currency.

By using Bitcoins as a form of transaction, you avoid a lot of regulatory bureaucracy. As you also dodge technical impediments. Well, you only need to send your bitcoin to an address BTC wallet so that it becomes effective quickly. Although for many people it is a reserve for the future, thanks to the current capitalization.

Aside from being the first cryptocurrency created and the most widely used at present, deserves such a precious first place. Being the coger where others lean crypto assets for your listing. And it has come to stay.

The 3 best websites to buy bitcoins easily (and safely)

There is a lot of platforms or web to buy bitcoins, or also to sell or trade. But very few meet the requirements to be considered the best platforms for buy and sell bitcoin.

Therefore, the following three platforms that we bring you here are considered the more reliable, secureand what will your protected bitcoin savings. These Wallets work both in Spain and the rest of the countries.

Binance, Deserved First Place on Our List

Binance is probably one of the most recognized platforms globally. And hence one of the most used. It has been noted for having many options and services availableamong which allow you to hold, buy, sell, advanced trading, among many others.

It also has a banking P2P service to buy or sell between people. An excellent system of leverage, stalking and mining. You even have the option of the great novelty, the NTFs. Apart from that, his commissions for the use of their services are low.

It is a very interesting platform, in case you want to venture into this world of cryptocurrencies long-term. It has good instructions in case you find it difficult to use any of its options. In the same way, it offers more advanced services that make it interesting. Well, you won’t need to leave the platform to use your BTCs. Here is the backlink so you perro create your account directly on the platform

Go to Binance

Coinbase, adapted for the newest

The next platform is coinbaseis a website that is better suited to people who do not have much knowledge about the crypto world. Or that they are just looking for a Wallet where they perro safely hold their coins.

Commissions are a bit high when you withdraw from this platform to another Wallet. But it is 100% free when the cryptocurrency conversions are done by you within the same Wallet.

So if what you want is hold long term, here you cánido do it without worries. And as you perro see, its interfaz is very intuitive and easy to use. even if you need transfer your savings to Coinbase Pro, the two platforms are linked automatically. Allowing you to move your savings from Coinbase to Coinbase Pro and make your smooth trading.

Likewise, here is the backlink of the platform so that you cánido entrar and take a look for yourself. And I cánido see the options and functions that Coinbase offers you.

Go to Coinbase

Bit2me, a growing Wallet

Lastly, it’s Bit2me, it’s a company of Spanish nationality and that it is giving the size to the big Wallets worldwide. It is in full expansion, being accepted in all Latin America and Europe. It has a fácil interfaz, made for newbies who are starting out in the world of cryptocurrencies. perro make your bitcoin purchases quickly and without so many problems.

When entering you will see that it gives you many options and they already have a extensive cryptocurrency portfolio. And you will find the main ones in the market. Among its functions is to buy, sell, hold, exchange between digital currencies. as well send and receive from external Wallets. You perro also deposit directly from a credit card and then exchange it for the cryptoactive of your preference.

One of the pluses is that the support is entirely in Spanish, and they serve you immediately. If you like this Wallet, you would be supporting one of the few that are in Spanish. Also here I leave the direct backlink to bit2meso that you create your account, on the platform and you perro acquire your bitcoins comfortably. And totally in Spanish.

Go to Bit2Me

These are the best wallets to buy bitcoins in 2023

As a security measure, only create your accounts on platforms that are recognized and that they give you the security and confidence of being able to buy. Avoid Exchanges, which offer you wonders for acquire your bitcoin in them, because normally turn out to be scam. They steal your investment and disappear immediately.

If you already made your bitcoin purchases on any of the platforms that we offer you in this article. So you cánido leave them saved there that they will surely not be lost. Or if you’re going to send your BTC to another Wallets Verify the address where you are going to send it, and that it is from BTC as well.

If you still have doubts about which Wallet to choose, So here I leave you this vídeo tutorial which will help you select between the three exchange platforms What have I brought you?

Also, keep in mind that all the information that you will find here is for informational purposes only. Therefore, it will not be an investment obligation. So, if you want to invest it will be at your own risk. consult a professional to guide you on the best form of investment.

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 TOP 3 – Platforms or websites to buy
  TOP 3 – Platforms or websites to buy
  TOP 3 – Platforms or websites to buy

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