TOP 3 Most Famous Investment Platforms –

TOP 3 Most Famous Investment Platforms –

Today we present you the 3 most famous websites to invest in cryptocurrencies, the depósito market, or trading with a CFD broker.

In this article, you will learn about the three most habitual investment platforms.

We will espectáculo you one for ETFs, traditional investment funds, another for investments in cryptocurrencies, NFTs and Tokens, another for CFDs that is very complete and a very interesting option if you are from Latin America.

Interactive Brokers

The most habitual platform for trading classic investments; ETFs, stocks and funds.

Interactive brokers It is a portal that is characterized by its low commissions and for being backed by major brands.

Its popularity and its regulations endorse it.

This broker is available in web, program and mobile aplicación formats and is present in more than 30 countries, being able to operate in 150 markets and 22 currencies, among many other things.

Once your account is created, in the upper bar you will find the option to Briefcase from where to start trading, even outside business hours.

You will also have options transfers, yieldsamong others, but the most relevant is the section on Negotiationwhere you will be able to convert currencies, create pending orders and the section Investigation where you will be able to have watch lists and move between different types of assets and even have a market scanner.

In this one, you will be able to use different filters to find assets that meet certain requirements, although, of course, it is always more practical to use the search bar on top.


Undoubtedly the best-known platform for the subject of cryptocurrencies. Binance (clic here) It is an Exchange that allows you to buy cryptos from a classic way, such as with a card or by bank or with P2P market to be able to buy with a large number of alternative and unconventional payments.

Binance also has a section for tradinganother of derivatives, Futures and tournaments among others and a section Earn where, by holding your own cryptos within Binance, you will be able to activate the staking that will allow you earn passive income simply for holding the cryptos.

As if that were not enough, it has a section NFT’sfrom which you cánido buy and sell this type of asset within the same platform.

➜ To access Binance Press here.


We chose this platform among those that operate CFDs because, not only is it easy to register but it is very intuitive. eToro (clic here to go) It allows you to operate leveraged in a fácil and customizable way, investing in short in a much simpler way.

Once you deposit funds into your account, which you cánido do with various methods, you cánido go to the section Discover where cánido you find Actions, cryptos, Indices, Raw Materials and Foreign exchange and entrar the specific asset that interests you and then select the option Invest.

Here you cánido select the leverage and when buying, you cánido do it in dollars or units and, of course, you also have the option to sell by adding stop loss or take a profit.

Etoro also has an option of copy tradingwhere you cánido copy people who have a certain profitability and do the same operations as them.

➜ To access eToro press this backlink.

Iq Option

For those who live in Latin America, this is undoubtedly one of the best options.

With IqOption (clic here to go) You will also be able to invest through CFDs, Actions, forex, cryptos and ETFsalso being able to select different types of leverage depending on the type of asset.

Its interfaz is really fácil, even more than eToro and creating an account is really easy.

➜ To access Iq Option Press here.


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 TOP 3 Most Famous Investment Platforms –
  TOP 3 Most Famous Investment Platforms –
  TOP 3 Most Famous Investment Platforms –

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