TOP 3 Brokers that do not charge commissions (or are

TOP 3 Brokers that do not charge commissions (or are

A broker either broker It is an intermediary that is in charge of putting us in contact with the market and organizing the transactions between buyer and seller and in exchange it keeps a commission from the operation.

The problem with these intermediaries is that many times commissions could be very high and disminuye our profitability, which is why in recent times brokers have emerged that call themselves “without commissions” that are having a great boom.

In this articulo we are going to tell you everything you need to know about these brokers and how to trade with them.

Why do brokers charge commissions?

The reason why brokers charge commissions is basically because that is the price of your work; Brokers are fully aware of the market and its operation. They are in charge of advising and advising investments. They play a very important role in theto sale of stocks, bonds, and other financial services.

Their knowledge and resources allow them to carry out depósito operations with the maximum possible effectiveness and reach the largest number of sellers/buyers.

Are there brokers that do not have hidden commissions?

Actually all brokers charge some type of fee. These services cost money and therefore it would be impossible for these platforms to subsist without charging anything. But if they do not charge commissions… How do these brokers make money?

The key is to incorporate hidden commissions through the execution prices or spreads. In other words, even if a purchase and sale commission is not computed, the end customer will ends getting more expensive to buy shares because they have a higher execution price.

Suppose we are going to buy 10 shares worth €100 each and escoge to invest €1000. A conventional broker they charge us €3 commission per purchase, that is, we would pay €1003 in total.

With a no commission broker What usually happens is that the execution price is higher, let’s say €101 per share, so the total cost of the purchase would end up being €1010, that is, more expensive than with an explicit commission purchase.

The three best brokers with the lowest commissions

if you are a enthusiastic investor is essential what do you say with a good broker to make your investments. That is why it is essential find the platforms that offer the best service and that establish lower commissions to invest through financial products. Here we present you The top three brokers with the lowest commissions.

eToro Broker

considered the best popular trading platform leader in the world, eToro specializes in multiple financial instruments such as stocks, currencies, futures, options and cryptocurrencies. It has offices in Tel Aviv and the United Kingdom, which is why it is regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) the UK financial services regulator.

Etoro allows you to invest in ETFs and shares without having to pay commissions and it offers the possibility of making fractional purchases, that is, if the par value of a share is very high and you cannot or do not want to buy so much, eToro It lets you make fractional purchases to invest the amount you want in the company.

Thanks to its popular investment platform eToro OpenBookinvestors cánido see, follow and copy the best traders on the network automatically.

XTB Broker

Founded in Poland in 2002, XTB has become one of the most habitual brokers in the world thanks to They have managed to eliminate the custody, dividend and purchase-sale commission of actions. It currently has more than 200,000 clients and offers its clients CFDs, ETFs and shares.

XTB allows you to buy shares at 0% in the 16 major markets in the world (United States, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Finland, Norway, United KingdomFrance, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Czech Republic and Germany), in addition to almost 200 ETFs also without commissions.

Its platform has real-time quotes, system easy and intuitive investment process, price alerts on your mobile and 24-hour customer service from Monday to Friday.

DeGiro Broker

Rotation is a Dutch broker, based in Amsterdam, which has been operating since 2008 but which opened its doors to individual investors in 2013 and since then has not stopped growing, becoming one of the most important brokers in Europe.

He owes his success to his extremely competitive low-cost commission structure that allows you to save up to 72% compared to other brokers, but also to its platform considered the largest en línea execution broker in Europe.

In this way the investor Perro apply intelligent and independent financial decisions through a fácil platform with high-quality, efficient, transparent and accessible services.

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 TOP 3 Brokers that do not charge commissions (or are
  TOP 3 Brokers that do not charge commissions (or are
  TOP 3 Brokers that do not charge commissions (or are

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