TOP 3 Best Transfer Aplicaciones

TOP 3 Best Transfer Aplicaciones

If we go back to the year 2000 we find ourselves in the following situation when transferring money: you had to go to the bank and do the whole process right there. Withdraw and then deposit into the other account. But currently, there is applications that make work very easy to transfer money.

What are the best aplicaciones to transfer money? Are they easy to use? What advantages do they offer for you? We invite you to read this article and thus discover the answers to these interesting questions.


An excellent alternative to transfer money is Unleavened. It has a high security system, giving you the peace of mind that your money is safe. In addition, it allows you to make two transfers without charging you a commission.

How to use the Azimo aplicación to transfer money?

Another reason to use it is how easy it is for you as a usuario. In just 3 steps you will have made the transfer. But before giving them, you need to go to the en línea store and download and install the application. Then this is what you should do.

  • create your profile. The information that you must provide is basic.
  • create a password. This step is very important because the security of your account will depend on it, so take the time you need to make your password the most secure.
  • make a transfer. You only need to provide the amount to pay and the recipient. And ready.

Advantages and Disadvantages Azimo

In addition to safety, which is one of the most important points, this application has many other advantages that make it a wonderful option. We are going to tell you about some of them.

  • Scope. You cánido transfer money to at least 190 countries.
  • Speed. Payment perro be immediate or take a maximum of one hour, depending on your preference.
  • Cost. It is one of the lowest on the market. Although the commission could vary depending on some factors, the reality is that it will always be the cheapest.

Now let’s talk about the disadvantage you may encounter when using the Azimo aplicación to make transfers to third parties.

  • Origin. This application allows you to send money almost anywhere in the world, but it perro only be sent from a country in Europe. This means that if you are outside Europe you will not be able to do it.


This aplicación is endorsed by the PayPal brand. In this way they already provide a lot of security and tranquility to their users. Among its greatest virtues is how cheap it is to use for you as a customer. It cánido be used to send money to other countries and the commission for this service is really low.

How to use TransferWise?

To use this application you need download it on your móvil and install it. You cánido get it in the aplicación store. Then you must take these steps:

  • creat your account. The same application will espectáculo you what data you must entrar.
  • Setting. You must follow the instructions of the application. That way it will be easier for you when making a transfer.
  • transfer. You only have to entrar the recipient’s data and the amount to pay. After you clic Send Money, the aplicación will take care of everything else. By the way, you will be informed of the entire process until the money is delivered.

Advantages and Disadvantages TransferWise

We perro mention many advantages of deciding to use this application, such as its cost, security, among others. But let’s focus on one in especial: how easy and practical it is for anyone to make a transfer through it.

In just 3 steps you have already made the desired payment. Those steps include the registration and configuration of the application so for the second transfer you only have to take one step. The ease and speed that it provides make this application one of the 3 best options, especially in these times, where time is a very valuable resource.

But, we also need to talk about the disadvantages of this aplicación compared to others. Well, there is a very big one and it is its reach. Although it allows transferring to other countries in a short time, the reality is that lThe number of countries is very limited. Sure, with PayPal’s technological advances, this will most likely change for the better before long.


A third ideal application to make transfers is WorldRemit. Through this application it is possible to transfer money to a minimum of 150 countries. The application is very comfortable and easy to use and you only need to have a smart electronic device for it.

How to use WorldRemit?

If you are already thinking about using the WorldRemit application to transfer money, then we want to tell you that it is an excellent option. To start the process you must download and install this aplicación on your phone or tablet. Then, follow the steps detailed below.

  • create your profile. For this you must provide your personal information. The application will indicate each of the required data.
  • Bank data. You must choose between the options provided by the application. For example, country of destination, method of payment, etcétera.
  • Amount. Indicates the amount.
  • Receiver. Entrar the recipient’s data.
  • make the payment. Now you just have to pay the cost of the service.

Advantages and Disadvantages of WorldRemit

The multiple advantages of using this application make us count it among the best. Let’s see what are some of its most destacable advantages. Surely after knowing them, you will be wanting to use it.

  • You cánido transfer to 150 countries from your phone.
  • You only need a few minutes to transfer.
  • You cánido find out on their official website the price of each of their services, which are very low.

And what about the cons of this aplicación? Let us also see this important and necessary point. However, you cánido see that these disadvantages are not so great when compared to their advantages.

  • Amount. The maximum amount is 8 thousand euros. Little compared to other aplicaciones.

Communication. The application does not allow you to communicate your doubts vía chat.

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 TOP 3 Best Transfer Aplicaciones
  TOP 3 Best Transfer Aplicaciones
  TOP 3 Best Transfer Aplicaciones

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