TOP 3 best role-playing games to earn money

TOP 3 best role-playing games to earn money

Role playing games, also known as RPG (Role Playing Game) are a type of game where the player controls the actions of a character who is immersed in a certain world.

I orinan, literally, it’s a role playing game.

However, in the world of vídeo games it involves a wide variety of play styles.

Today we want to introduce you top 3 role playing games to earn real money that are available on the web.

world of warcraft

flaunting the Guinness record of being the most massive en línea role-playing vídeo game and the one that has generated the most profits in history.

WarCraft has been around since 1994 and its legion of entusiastas has only grown.

In this vídeo game you have an avatar or character through which you explore the environment and battle against different mythological creatures and other jugadores.

As you complete missions you will level up.

In this way, you cánido get plus equipment and win prizes to continue fighting the new creatures that appear.

The key to making WoW profitable is getting gold in the game, either by buying and selling objects within the game, farming, being a bodyguard for other jugadores, among other strategies.

Then that gold perro be exchanged for real money.


This massively multiplayer en línea role-playing vídeo game is considered the main competitor of world of warcraft.

It currently has a community of more than 10 million jugadores.

runescape takes place in a fantasy world called Gielinor, which is divided into several kingdoms, regions and cities.

Jugadores, through their customizable avatar, cánido travel through Gielinor on foot, vía teleportation spells, and other mechanisms.

Each region offers different types of quests, monsters, resources, and adventures that challenge jugadores and there is no linear story.

As you conquer challenges and win battles, you earn gold.

You cánido use this to continue progressing in the game, but also cánido be sold to other jugadores for real money.

League of Legends

It is another classic of the multiplayer role-playing genre and with a huge community of jugadores.

This is a highly competitive action and strategy game.

League of Legends is inspired by Defense of the Ancientsa custom map for warcraft iii and from there he develops his own universe.

It has 140 champions or Avatars and consists of 3 running game modes: Summoner’s Rift, Teamfight Tactics and The Howling Abyss.

Games last between 15 and 50 minutes approximately and jugadores must work as a team to achieve victory.

To achieve this they must destroy the central structure of the enemy base.

In this way, the jugadores go up in level and those who manage to go really far and become professionals perro start to see financial returns.

Cánido get paid to teach other jugadores or to create content related to LoL on platforms like Twitch or YouTube.

You will also earn ad revenue if they generate a good number of subscribers.

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 TOP 3 best role-playing games to earn money
  TOP 3 best role-playing games to earn money
  TOP 3 best role-playing games to earn money

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